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Genesis: "The Last Domino? Tour" ends in March

Rutherford confirms tour ends in London 2022

Genesis yesterday continued their The Last Domino? Tour in Chicago. The band will tour North America through mid-December, playing mostly East Coast shows. Genesis made slight changes to their set. If you want to know more, you can read about it in the Chicago concert thread (click here).

Genesis live 2021

At the same time Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford gave an interview to USA Today. Rutherford revealed that he was one of those who came down with Corona despite being vaccinated (which meant that the last four shows in the UK could not be played and the three London shows had to be moved to March) and the article also says that the London shows will conclude their The Last Domino? Tour. This means there will be no West Coast shows in North America, no further European dates and no shows elsewhere. It also remains unclear what will happen to the Glasgow show, which has not been rescheduled yet. Presumably this will no longer take place, when London will be their final shows.

We strongly advice everybody to take this seriously. The last chance to see the band is most likely now.

The USA Today interview with the band is available here.

published on 16.11.21 08:44 by Christian @ Genesis

Genesis: "The Last Domino? Tour" ends in March Comments:

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