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Genesis: "Together & Apart" broadcast schedules

90 minutes documentary to be shown in the UK and USA

Earlier this year, Genesis have "reunited" for a brand new documentary about the history of the band. The result ist called Together And Apart (for the BBC broadcast) or Sum Of The Parts (for the North American Broadcast and the DVD / Blu-ray release. The documentary is 90 minutes long, spanning the whole career of the band.

Genesis 2014

The new documentary will be premiered in London on 2nd October and broadcast schedules on TV will follow after that. In the UK, the BBC will show Together And Apart on 4th October at 9pm (Update: the documentary will now start at 9.15 pm). Details can be found on this website.

UPDATE: After Together And Apart, BBC2 will broadcast a series of Genesis-related Top Of The Pop appearances - so do not switch off your TV and / or recording devices!

Meanwhile, the North American broadcast with the title Sum of The Parts will happen on 10th October on Showtime at 8pm E.T. (click here for details). The documentary will be broadcasted shortly after the release of the new career spanning 3CD-set R-Kive, which will be released on 29th September. A review about that can be found here.

Sum Of The Parts will also be released on Blu-ray and DVD in November, details about that release are available on our info page.

UPDATE: A short video is now available - see below

published on 25.09.14 05:10 by Christian @ Genesis

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