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Nad Sylvan announces new album "The Regal Bastard"

Third album of the Vampirate trilogy comes in July

Steve Hackett's live vocalist, Nad Sylvan, has announced the release of his new solo album, The Regal Bastard. Nad Sylvan has already released a couple of albums. The new one and the last two albums Courting The Widow and The Bride Said No form a trilogy about the Vampirate subject and have all been released via Inside Out. Guest musicians on The Regel Bastard are Steve Hackett, Nick Beggs, Niuck D'Virgilio, Jonas Reingold and Guthrie Govan among others.

The album will come out on 5th July as 2LP, Digipak CD with bonustracks and digital formats.

Nad comments: "This album is very coherent. It really does excite me, and I am sure my fans are gonna freak out when they hear it."

And even more: "What I tend to do is put down my ideas, and then send these to the proper musicians, who are then free to develop them in their own ways. I can then cherry pick from what they subsequently send me. I have had to take a number of breaks, though, from working on this album, due to other commitments. So, it's never been a case of me devoting all of my time to the project. But what this has done is allow me to return to it refreshed after time away, and able to take a different perspective on it all." The record was finished over the last two-month period, with Nad working mammoth 15-20 hour days in order to complete it before his tour with Steve Hackett began. "The music to the title track was finished in early 2018, but the lyrics and the vocal delivery was all done in two days and finished on the same day I went to master the album. But it worked!"

He also says about the album: "For me, this is the best of the three records. I honestly believe it will delight the fans. It is maybe not as riff heavy as the others. I would describe the sound as coming from the notion of pop going prog, with R'n'B elements in there as well. It is very soulful. But that suits my style. I am a vocal chameleon, and you'll hear that throughout. It is the finest possible way to bring the trilogy to an end."

The album contains seven tracks and there are two bonus tracks:

1. I Am The Sea
2. Oahu
3. Whoa (Always Been Without You)
4. Meet Your Maker
5. The Regal Bastard
6. Leave Me On These Waters
7. Honey I'm Home
8. Diva Time (Bonus Track)
9. The Lake Isle of Innisfree (Bonus Track)

Nad Sylvan will be on tour with Steve Hackett this year. Details about the tour can be found here.

You can discuss Nad's new album in our forum in this thread.

Nad Sylvan The Regal Bastard
published on 18.04.19 13:19 by Christian @ Steve Hackett

Nad Sylvan announces new album "The Regal Bastard" Comments:

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