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New Djabe & Steve Hackett album: "Back To Sardinia"

Steve and Djabe continue their project

Steve Hackett and Hungarian jazz band Djabe have been friends for years. Besides several live shows, they have also recorded music together, such as the superb album Life Is  Journey: The Sardinia Tapes from 2017. A live album presenting material from that album followed. Djabe have recorded music on Sardinia this year again and Steve has contributed his parts later in Budapest. Back To Sardinia is the result and the album will be released on 6th December (once more by CherryRed / Esoteric Records) and it will be issued again in a CD/DVD-Digipak. The DVD contains the complete album in 5.1 surround sound and some extras: The documentary When The Film Is Rolling as well as selected live videos from the previous tour.

The CD/DVD Digipak can be preordered at CherryRed and amazonUK.

Tracklist CD:

Back To Sardinia
Lonely Cactus
Happy Tergu
Lake By The Sea
Stones And Mirto
Girl In The Palau Woods
Walking Around
Flying Kites
Purple Dream
Dancing In A Jar
Cinquecento Fragole
Bottles In The Water
Floating Boat

Tracklist DVD

Complete album in 5.1 Surround Sound, and additional bonus material:

When The Film Is Rolling
In The Quiet Earth
Castelsardo At Night
Turtle Trek

Back To Sardinia

published on 29.10.19 07:09 by Christian @ Steve Hackett

New Djabe & Steve Hackett album: "Back To Sardinia" Comments:

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