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Nic Collins' band Fifty Eight Hundred releases new single

"Somehow" available on digital platforms

Despite being on tour with his father since 2017, Nicholas Collins always find time to work with his own band and to develop his own musical identity. His original band WYK is now called Fifty Eight Hundred.

The band contains of four musicians:
Jacob Maicol - Vocals
Nicholas Collins - Drums
Joey Rodriguez - Lead Guitar
Yannick Waingarten - Bass

In 2018, the band has released their self-titled debut album. Today, their brand new single Somehow has been released on digital platforms. You may compare the music of the band with stuff from bands like LIVE, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers etc. It is more heavier rock music with dominant guitar sounds.

Their debut album and the new single are available on iTunes and elsewhere.

More band links: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Fifty Eight Hundred

published on 26.03.19 17:36 by Christian @ Nicholas Collins

Nic Collins' band Fifty Eight Hundred releases new single Comments:

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