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Peter Gabriel: New book "The Rhythm Has My Soul"

The stories behind his songs (1976-2023)

A new book about Peter Gabriel has also been published at the start of the new year 2024. In their book The Rhythm Has My Soul: The Stories Behind The Songs, Alfredo Marziano and Luca Perasi analyze the songs of Peter Gabriel - from 1976 to the present day.

Released on 1 January 2024, Peter Gabriel: The Rhythm Has My Soul. The Stories Behind the Songs (L.I.L.Y. Publishing, 330 pages) is a book written by Italian authors Alfredo Marziano and Luca Perasi on the subject of Peter Gabriel’s solo career. “This is the first reference book dedicated to Gabriel’s songs, something I think was really missing. Peter’s an artist whose importance in the history of rock and pop music cannot be overstated”, says Luca Perasi, the owner of L.I.L.Y. Publishing.

With a cover design by Tondo Studio (featuring a cover image by famed American photographer Aold Newman, renowned as the “Father of Environmental Portraiture”) and text/inner layout curated by Steve Lambley, The Rhythm Has My Soul tells the stories behind the songs Peter Gabriel released between 1976 and 2023, including his latest album i/o.

“In pure Peter Gabriel’s fashion, this volume has been a long time in the making”, says Alfredo Marziano, who worked for British trade magazines fono and MBI and currently writes for Italian print/online magazines Classic Rock, Rolling Stone and Coolmag. “His songs are multi-layered, cross-referencing pieces of art. They’re a map of subtexts and hypertexts relating to the worlds of politics, visual art and literature, science and technology, psychology and psychoanalysis, and to issues such as human rights and environmental protection. We’re talking about a true Renaissance Man.”

The book consists of 223 song “sheets” – including songs written by other composers as well as unreleased tracks – each providing detailed information about musicians and recording dates, including anecdotes, archive contemporary interviews and together with exclusive interviews the authors have conducted with key personnel and collaborators. It is enriched with over 600 footnotes and with some illustrations. Albums, tours and other events provide a background to the stories behind the songs.

The book is available in major stores, also online, i.e. amazonUK.
You can discuss this release in our forum in this thread.

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About the authors:

Alfredo Marziano (Biella, 1957) is an Italian freelance writer and journalist who has worked for British trade magazines fono and MBI and currently writes for print/online magazines Classic Rock, Rolling Stone and Coolmag. In 1998 he released his first book about Peter Gabriel, Suoni Senza Frontiere, and in the following years he has co-written two “travel guides” with Mark Worden about the Beatles (Penny Lane) and Pink Floyd (Floydspotting). With Worden he is also co-author of the English-language book Swingin’ London: A Field Guide.

Luca Perasi (Milan, 1969) is an Italian freelance journalist and writer for Classic Rock and, author and founder of L.I.L.Y. Publishing. In 2013 he published Paul McCartney: Recording Sessions 1969-2013, cited by Rolling Stone editor David Fricke in the book accompanying Wings’ Wild Life Deluxe Edition (2018). In 2021 he was appointed as one of the two official Italian translators, along with Franco Zanetti, of Paul McCartney’s The Lyrics. He’s credited with additional research on Paul McCartney’s compilation The 7” Singles Box (2022). In 2023, he published Paul McCartney. Music Is Ideas. The Stories Behind the Songs (Vol. 1) 1970-1989, the first in this series of reference books.

published on 08.01.24 05:57 by Christian @ Peter Gabriel

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