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Tony Banks: "The Wicked Lady" and other re-releases

New Facebook Page | Tony to re-release his solo albums

The Wicked LadyAfter Strictly Inc, it has become a bit quiet regarding Tony Banks' solo work. He did indeed release two albums with classical music (Seven and SIX), but Tony's rock/pop music solo career seems over. Now, one of his soundtracks, that was never released on CD, will come out on CD in April: The Wicked Lady. It can already be preordered at amazon-uk here. Following that release, there are also plans to release his other soloalbums (A Curious Feeling, The Fugitive, Soundtracks, Bankstatement, Still and Strictly Inc). No specific release dates are known as yet, also non information about possible bonus tracks or remaster work is available right now. The subject was also discussed in an interview we did with Tony a year ago (follow this link).

Also, Tony has started his brand new Facebook Page a while ago. 

The Wicked Lady tracklist:

01. The Wicked Lady
02. Portrait of Jerry Jackson
03. Caroline's Theme
04. Scherzo
05. Pastorale
06. Prelude to the Wicked Lady
07. Kit s Theme
08. Finale
09. Barbara
10. The Chase
11. Spring
12. Kit
13. Repentance
14. Caroline
15. Jerry Jackson
16. The Wicked Lady (Custom version)

Tony Banks - Interview with GNC (2012)
Tony Banks - album reviews
Tony Banks on Facebook

published on 13.03.13 08:56 by Christian @ Tony Banks

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