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The Last Domino? Tour
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Ray Wilson Un Tour

Ray Wilson - Un Tour: Live From Home

Special performances from home during the Corona pandemic

Like many people, Ray Wilson found himself stuck at home instead of being on the road. So he decided to do the Un Tour, a collection of live-performances from home every day. We have compiled all videos here.

Last update: 20th April 2020

01 Long May You Run (18/03/2020)

02 Lemon Yellow Sun (19/03/2020)

03 Fading Lights (20/03/2020)

04 Along The Way (21/03/2020)

05 Love On The Rocks (22/03/2020)

06 Change (23/03/2020)

07 Not About Us (24/03/2020)

08 Space Oddity (25/03/2020)

09 On The Other Side (26/03/2020)

10 Follow You Follow Me (27/03/2020)

11 Ziggy Stardust (28/03/2020)

12 First We Take Manhattan (29/03/2020)

13 Jersey Girl (30/03/2020)

14 In The Air Tonight (31/03/2020)

15 Leon (A Short Story About Fish & Chips) (1st April 2020)

16 Inside (2nd April 2020)

17 Another Day (3rd April 2020)

18 No Son Of Mine (4th April 2020)

19 Wish I Was At Home (5th April 2020)

20 The Airport Song (6th April 2020)

21 Carpet Crawlers (7th April 2020)

22 Sarah (8th April 2020)

Ray Wilson has finished his "Un Tour" with Sarah and has decided to play a full show from home for you soon!

One more video - Shipwrecked for Paul Holmes:

Un Tour performance 18th April

Ray Wilson

Ray Wilson & Stiltskin - SHE (CD)

Ray Wilson & Stiltskin - SHE (CD) Ray Wilson & Stiltskin - SHE (CD) Verse kaufen bei

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Steve Hackett - The Tokyo Tapes (2CD)

Steve Hackett - The Tokyo Tapes (2CD) Steve Hackett - The Tokyo Tapes (2CD) Verse kaufen bei

Live-Doublealbum with guest musicians such as Chester Thompson, John Wetton and Ian McDonald.
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