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20th anniversary of GNC / it - The Lamb Event in Welkers

In order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the German Genesis Fanclub it we put together a big jubilee special on our website, but also a fanclub CD, a special Jubilee edition of the it magazine and a two day jubilee event with which celebrations came to a close in March 2012.

The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway Event 2012 - the announcement

The event was announced in late 2011 and tickets sold quickly so that both day were soon sold out. This time we did not have a band member over, but Serge Morissette joined us. The Artistic Director of Canadian band The Musical Box is largely considered one of the leading experts for the cult album. He had shown a Lamb film he has assembled himself for the first Lamb Event in 2001, and he was happy to do show an updated version again for the 2012 event. 

Read the Event announcement here.

The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway Event 2012 - the development

Behind every Event and every convention lie months of work and preparation. We are often asked how much time all this takes, what needs to be done and how things go right or wrong. Helmut Janisch talks about planning and running a complex event weekend. 

The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway Event 2012 - guest reports

Many visitors came to see the event, and we asked them early on whether they would like to write a report about the Event. Two of them did, and we are happy to publish them here.

Event report by Christoph Laakmann (March 11)

Event report by Jan Hecker Stampehl (March 10 + 11)

The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway Event 2012 - photo gallery

Of course we also have a photo gallery for the Jubilee Event. Photos are courtesy of Peter Sch├╝tz, Anneke Reinsperger, Christian Gerhardts and Jan Kruse. This way to the gallery.