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    Have a couple of shoeboxes full of these not to mention a bunch on my hard drive that I have downloaded somehow, (I forget).

    I am curious does anyone still collect these and if so, just to collect or to listen to as well.

    I used to swap them by post with other Genesis forum members so long ago (happy days!).

    The effort some people have gone into to create them is awesome and I have received a couple from recent concerts I have been at, great for memories.

    Not sure what you've got? But willing to share other music to you. I use mediaFire to upload and download. Willing to share, but like the old days, if you can buy the music you like, do so!! :)

    • Mediafire is free!!!

    • I'll get back to you Noni, I have quite a lot of stuff, older Steve Hackett, PG, ancient Genesis concerts etc. Also a few others that I found and got (just because they were there)!