Glastonbury 2023

  • Of course there is! There are different curfews depending on the stages.

    I stand corrected. I've looked it up but am wondering when did that come in? Looks like I'm old and out of date but I guess I've known that for a while. Haven't been since 2004. We used absolutely love it and certainly no curfews! I'm pretty sure the other stage (the one Lana del Rey was on) had raves going after the headliners finished, that was before the dance and glade stages .

    One of our favourite moments was Portishead at Jazz World( it's called something else now) they were at least an hour late through no fault of their own and played a whole set. They were fantastic in the pouring rain! A lot people used to get up mid late afternoon and party till dawn or take stuff to keep themselves awake for 3 days. We were the sedate ones going to bed around 2 people. The place place just banged and raved all night . We used to love the theatre and circus fields in the early hours and we used to camp next to the Lost Vagueness field which was very loud untill about 6.

    I'm pretty sure that Glastonbury is still a 24/7 festival but maybe you're right about curfews for the big stages now. I certainly remember feeling the place was a little more sedate on our last festival there , or maybe it was just me. Certainly one of favourite places but certainly in the past.