Football Predictions League 2023 - 24

  • Will begin with the predictions for September 16 - sorry for the delay but will start with a few weeks of double predictions to catch up

    Well here we go again with the start of a new football season. Let’s see how good we are at predicting results this year (assuming there is interest!).

    If you want a prize at the end of it there are plenty of competitions available on the internet, this is purely for fun and enjoyment. Because of time constraints this is limited to a max of 8 (priority given to those who have played before).

    Rules are the same as before. 3 points for an exact correct score and 1 point for predicting the correct winner or draw but not exactly the correct score. Eight matches to predict each week. Since most people are familiar with the Premier league this will be made up of 6 Premier league and 2 Championship matches (occasionally this will change in the event of a week that is taken over by European matches or FA Cup matches).


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