Another Day in paradise, a song apart of her album ...But Seriously?

  • I open this topic, because i talk a subject i was fascined, the particular sound of her song Another Day in Paradise and i open the thread to many people to talk do you feel this song was apart of the rest of the album. Do you feel this song was apart of the rest of ...But Seriously?

    Because depiste this song was a political song (like Colours, Heat on the Street and That's Just the Way it Is), the sound not fit in the rest of the album. Many reason this song was apart of the album. I analysed this song

    First When i listen the track, little and also today, the opening was very dark, strange, mysterious and the feeling of the opening add a very moody feeling of this song. I was fascinated by the sound of this song, the particular of the guitar and the synthetizers add a darkness vibe of this song. This sound was very hypnotical, very dark feeling, particulary when i listen this opening. Also, after that, the particular sound of the guitar add dark vibe at this song. The guitar and the syntetizers add differents ambiances during all the songs. Unfortunatly, the radio version excluding the opening of the song.

    Also talk the drums during this song. The sound of the drums of the song (particular in the last half of this song), remain at the song In the Air Tonight and Thru These Walls. The fact he introduced this sound of drumming with In the Air Tonight, hugely help for Thru These Walls and this song.

    Also, and i analyse a another thing the differents styles used in this song. The first half of this song was a pop-rock ballad, but the drumming playing hugely in the last half add a RnB beat.

    I not analysed here the peformance of her voice, i just analysed her sound because his sound his very particular of this song.

    Because That's just the Way it is, depiste her dark subject, the song was very similar of the next song of the album (Do You Remember) in the arrangements and the melody.

    I love this style of sound of darkness and mysteriously. This is the reason why i love this song, Refuse to Dance of Celine Dion, Black and White of sarah mclachlan, Frozen of Madonna and Hello of Adele.

    And you?