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    I got my Fabulous Jacuzzi tie at Phil’s Hello, I Must Be Going show in Dallas in 1983. Four years later, I wore it to the Invisible Touch show (also in Dallas). After the show, I played a hunch the band would show up at the Greenville Avenue Country Club - a bar frequented by touring rockstars when in Dallas. Sure enough, Phil and the rest of Genesis soon arrived. I went up to shake Phil’s hand, and he flipped my tie up, saying “So YOU’RE the one who bought it!” I still have it, cherish it, and wear it every time I play out in my Phil Collins tribute band (

    I’m from Dallas! are you still living in the area?

    Peter Gabriel - 2016 Rock, Paper, Scissors Tour w/Sting at the Hollywood Bowl. It was my first time seeing the both of them in concert.

    Phil Collins - 2019 Still Not Dead Yet Tour in Dallas. It was special because it was my first and last time to see Phil perform his solo music, and it was great fun to have floor seats. Makes the experience completely different. It was surreal to finally see especially him, but also Daryl, Leland, Ronnie, Harry Kim and the rest band, with my own eyes versus through DVD.

    Genesis - 2021 The Last Domino! Tour in Charlotte. It was special because it was my first and last time to see Genesis in concert. I cried when opening notes played for Behind the Lines (never cried before at a concert but the emotion of the evening got me), the lighting was incredible. I'd always heard through books and documentaries about Genesis innovation with lighting, and screens, but it was another thing to actually experience it. It was wonderful to see Mike and Tony with my own eyes, and not on a DVD.

    I like "Come With Me", "It's Not Too Late", and "Can't Stop Loving You" the best. The other songs are kind of weak, and this album has always struck me as Phil's rediscovered and relied too much on his keyboards, and drum machine.

    The album really came to life when played live, like in the 30 minute Testify promo video about the making of the album. Also, I think, when these were played on tour, replacing the keyboard solo on "Come With Me" with a trumpet, played by Harry Kim, and performing "It's Not Too Late" acapella was a great decision.

    thern you must be double my age :D

    well, I saw them in 1992 for the first time, being 15 and I really was impressed by what they did. Two years later Pink Floyd staged a show that is till a standard today, so ....

    So cool, you got to see Genesis and Pink Floyd at that time!

    Were you at one of the PF shows recorded at Earls Court?

    Peter Gabriel - 2016 Rock, Paper, Scissors Tour w/Sting at the Hollywood Bowl

    Phil Collins - 2019, Still Not Dead Yet Tour, American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX

    Genesis - 2021, The Last Domino! Tour, Spectrum Center, Charlotte, NC

    I'm 31 so I missed the boat, by a huge margin, of getting to see them in their prime. I didn't become a fan of Genesis until discovering them in college, in 2011, through Top Gear. Of course, come to find out the band wasn't active and Phil Collins had just retired earlier in 2011, so I didn't think I'd ever be able to see them live. I have never cried at a concert before until Genesis came on stage and the opening notes of Behind The Lines played at the Charlotte concert on TLD Tour, and the tears flowed all the way through Mama.

    I wish I could've seen them in their prime and see Phil run around stage and play drums but I am forever grateful that they decided to do one more tour.

    I think it would be great to re-issue the albums with blu-ray audio in a similar way to Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin's super deluxe boxsets that they have done for the past 10 years.

    I became a Genesis fan in 2011, and thankfully discovered the boxsets when they were at the tail end of being available new in stores and online (except for the blue one which was out of production). I do not take these sets for granted because they helped me learn a lot about the band when I was a new fan, and so it would be great to have an updated reissue of these.

    I think there's a good case for them re-releasing When In Rome on Blu-Ray because Pink Floyd restored and re-released the concerts from the A Momentary Lapse of Reason Tour and The Division Bell Tour as well. I hope Genesis would do the same thing with When In Rome, besides I've got an ad in my DVD copy saying they will be releasing it on Blu-Ray ^^