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    Just my opinion. but the only think bold about it, is slapping it on a Beatles album. It could have been titled Revolution#8 and have whole different sounds and atmosphere and it it would have been the same…...Equally audacious. It was basically John AND Yoko goofing around. That said, if you like listen to it it's quite OK but let's not kid ourselves into believing there's some sort of artistic merit to it. We would do no justice to one of the greatest songwriters ever.

    Interesting, you begin by offering "just my opinion", but then insist on making a declaration to imply that a judgment of "artistic merit" must be some kind of consensus that conforms to your personal point of view.

    You can't have it both ways.

    You can like or dislike the piece of work, but you can't insist that your opinion has universal agreement.

    Yeah, certainly not unique, even for the time. Yes were playing entire new albums as well. In the case of Genesis & The Lamb, it was a full concept that would make more sense to play in its entirety. Plus, I would guess that after a long tour supporting SEBTP they were happy to play new material.

    Although, I'm not sure that the comparison with recent tours is apt, since these are meant to go back and visit well known, established, popular albums. It seems to be more of a marketing technique. Back then, I think bands just wanted to get exposure for their most recent music, regardless of expectations.

    on a previous genesis forum, there was a member who only posted to reply any time that someone said anything remotely negative about genesis later stuff. he was tiresome as hell.

    one day, someone started a thread comparing supper's ready and the 'duke suite'. he quickly said that he preferred the duke suite by a country mile. :rolleyes: but, since he was so "anti-prog" so to speak, it would have made much more sense that he denied the whole 'duke suite' concept. from the point of view of someone who isn't into suites or other similar progressive things, behind the lines, duchess, guide vocal, turn it on again, duke's travels and duke's end are just a bunch of songs from the album 'duke'.

    I remember a similar situation, but in this case the person would respond whenever someone would post a positive comment about later Genesis. Every...single...time...this individual had to counter with a criticism.

    Feb. 23rd, 1977 at Madison Square Garden. The first time the boys played the big arena and I was hooked for life. 8)

    Just an amazing show from the fist notes of Squonk til hearing Ethel Merman singing the exit tune while we sat back in our seats in total awe of what we just witnessed.

    Ha! Beat you by two days... ^^

    Feb. 21, 1977, Kitchener ON