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    Can't help but laugh at what has to be one of the most poorly written articles on the tour I've read. Phil Collins wasn't able to join this tour due to health problems?? Who was singing then? The audience doesn't realize Phil is sitting down? 😂

    This is a subject in which we are experts. What about other topics which are dealt with in the media? Caution is recommended!

    This reads as AI journalism, as opposed to an actual person writing it.

    I don't think this is the result of AI. This text was produced by a writer who really wants to be a journalist, but hasn't got the abilities to check facts and tell a coherent story. There are many others like this. That's why, in the areas of my interest, I go to the sources to try to find unfiltered information.

    The ex - band member keeping Genesis alive is Steve Hackett. To be honest, his band is much better on the tracks than Genesis with Phil, Mike and Tony. I hate to say it, but IMHO is true.

    That may be the case, technically. But there are quite a few Genesis tribute bands, and one of them is led by former member Steve Hackett. I saw a Genesis Revisited show by Hackett when he was in Stockholm a few years ago and it was a great experience, and I think I've managed to buy all live CDs he as issued during recent years. However, I definitely prefer the contemporary Genesis playing songs from their own past. In plain text Genesis in 2021 has three musicians who have been with the group for more than 50 years plus Daryl (40+ years). This means that when Genesis perform their songs there is the personal and emotional bond to these songs, that can't be achieved by putting together a tribute band. There's certainly nothing wrong when a solo artist performs songs from his former band, but it will always be a solo concert with things being a lot different than the mother band.

    Regarding Peter or Ray returning as singer both these options are extremely unlikely. Tony and Mike never even talked to Ray back in 1999 about his postponement as a singer, so they are obviously not going to be begging him to come back in 2022. When it comes to Peter, well, I think all has been said long ago about his unwillingness to commit to a Genesis reunion - for various reasons.

    I'm not convinced yet. The article is very light on full sentences and it's mostly a couple random words joined together by a lot of editorializing.

    And we all know very well by now how Phil talks during interviews. Tony and Mike are quite careful with what they say during interviews, whereas Phil seems to be literally thinking aloud as if it's a therapy session. That's simply his way of talking! Remember all those times from 2008 to 2019 when there were false rumours of a reunion, only because an ignorant journalist misinterpreted Phil! Well Phil may have his doubts now, after not having performed for two years, but that may change once he has experienced the love and appreciation from the audience at the upcoming UK tour.

    At least we will knw in 8 days time

    Well for those that want to know the setlist

    I don't know if I will be able to attend a concert during this most probably last tour. It depends on how long the tour will be, i.e. if there will be more concerts in Europe and enough dates to keep ticket prices down a bit.

    So, as soon as there is a full concert recording of decent quality available (on Youtube) I will watch it.

    What, no Turn It On Again medley with 60s music?!! Well, no, this is not the ticket for me! :D

    (Actually I like that medley and I can sort of understand why they did it in those days.)

    I watched the documentary a couple of days ago. It was not bad at all, I enjoyed it. After all, I'm delighted that our old heroes are actually doing music again. But the documentary in itself, I didn't think it was that special. It was quite short and too much filler material. I downloaded it from Youtube for future reference, but that's not the kind of content I'm willing to pay for. I hope that there will later be a lengthy documentary with lots of extras, like they released after the 2007 tour.

    Here are a few words of mine about the vaccines and the virus as a continuation of a remark I did in another thread.

    The vaccines have not been tested as long as is standard when developing vaccines. The testing scheme has been altered in order to be able to use the vaccines earlier.

    No one knows what side effects may surface after a few years. Don’t forget those who suffer from narcolepsy because of the H1N1 vaccine. Also, the mRNA vaccines work in a completely different way than the old vaccines we are used to, and the long-term effects of playing with the RNA are simply not known.

    Those who are vaccinated will get milder or no symptoms if they receive the virus. So those people need not to worry if other people are vaccinated or not.

    Those who are vaccinated can still transfer the virus to others, so the solidarity argument is not applicable. The logical conclusion of that would be that this vaccine is only for those who fear for their own health – and for the medical businesses who make a lot of money from it.

    Number of deaths are WITH covid-19, not FROM covid-19. People who are hospitalized because of a car accident or an overdose and tested positive at the hospital before dying are included in the statistics.

    People under 70 years of age and with no major health problems like overweight, diabetes, cardiovascular disease etc. have an extremely low risk of becoming severely ill because of the virus. Furthermore the risk of dying is much below the risk of dying in a car accident, from heart disease or committing suicide.

    Also, the WHO changed the defintion of a pandemic in May 2009. Before then there needed to be large amounts of dead and ill people to call it a pandemic. However, the new definition is that there is a new virus which people are not immune to, and not a word about illness and death. That’s why the governments and authorities count people who test positive and base decisions on that. It’s hard to find numbers of how many people are actually suffering severely or dying FROM covid-19. There have been massive lockdowns in certain countries only because of a very small number of positive test results.

    What I have written here is only a short summary of relevant facts that contradict the main narrative and deliberately without sources. All this information can be found in ordinary media outlets (not social media crap!), in scientific magazines or at the websites of authorities. However, these facts may not be profusely promoted (for reasons we can only guess) so there is a need to take one’s own responsibility to make independent and broad research.

    The risk groups are people over 70 years of age and those under 70 with bad health. For those it’s most probably a wise decision to get the vaccine. For younger and healthy people the vaccine and the virus may pose an equal risk. To vaccinate children and teenagers is completely insane and to demand people to vaccinate has no bearing on facts and is only authoritarian – in fact an assault on the individual bodily integrity.

    Some sites (e.g. louder sound) have the track for Domino listed as "Domino medley". I assume that just means it's the full version of Domino, but could possibly mean something else?

    On Spotify the full version of Domino on the IT album is called "Domino Medley". It seems a few years back there was someone who did not know what to do with the original song title with two named parts, and thus this annoying new title was created.

    I always wonder how many of the fans who bought albums like IT and WCD and were new to Genesis, are still die hard fans or was just a passing music phase in the 80's?

    Good question! I don't know, but today's loyal fans who are younger than 50 surely discovered the band through their IT and WCD hit songs. I am one of those fans. I discovered Genesis when "No Son of Mine" was released in 1991. During the coming year I listened to the band's back catalogue and quickly embraced the whole Genesis world. This autumn I will celebrate my 30th anniversary as an all eras Genesis fan.

    Any chance 'Jesus He Knows me' will be on the setlist ?

    The lyrics maybe a little controversial tbh

    Listen to the lyrics and watch the video! The song is about hypocrisy and double standards within certain groups of Christian preachers. It is not a criticism of the Christian faith in itself.

    TV-evangelists of that kind who want to enrich themselves by taking money from ordinary pious citizens while themselves living a luxurious and decadent lifestyle may find the song controversial. On the other hand, people who want the Christian church to be decent, honest and true to Christian ideals would surely agree with Phil Collins' sarcastic remarks in the lyrics.

    Today the Genesis Official Store sent out an e-mail regarding the anniversary of FGTR, the 52nd anniversary ... Regarding what the band thinks of this album and how little interest they have shown for it, I was very surprised to see not only the ordinary merchandise, but also the album itself (as an LP) for sale in the official store.

    Does this mean anything? Maybe Tony and Mike have finally decided to pay the price Jonathan King wants for the rights to the music? And maybe there will soon be another re-release, but a final one, by the band itself?…rom-genesis-to-revelation

    That was a nice listening. I'm glad they filmed it all professionally and I'm looking to seeing that film - either as a bonus to a concert release or as a stand-alone release.

    Of course I sincerely hope that the tour will take place sometime soon, but to be honest I don't see how that would fit in with the current political development in the UK and in Western countries as a whole.

    Woodroffe being phoned by Peter Gabriel during interview, well that may be a clever way to hint to loyal fans that some kind of reunion is being prepared. Or it means nothing at all. But I've said for years now, that if a reunion with Gabriel and Hackett should take place it should be short - only a few songs on a couple of concerts. Anything beyond that is unrealistic.

    Regarding the singing in Home By The Sea: no, that's not Collins, it has to be one of the backing vocalists.

    There's a film sequence with marching people wearing gags. What song could that be intended for? I came to think of a line in Carpet Crawlers: "There's only one direction in the faces that I see." That's how I perceive people when out on time – faces without expression.

    Or maybe Land Of Confusion will be illustrated with a scene from our present insane society?