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    Regarding physical releases versus streaming: There are some artists of whom I am a life-long fan and that’s Genesis and Pink Floyd, including most solo careers. Since I have been a fan for 31 years I’m pretty sure I will want to listen to this music for some more decades. A streaming service will always be a temporary tool to access music. Albums and maybe even entire artist discographies may appear and disappear arbitrarily. For that reason I always buy physical releases, because then I will definitely have it in my collection for future listening. However, everytime I buy a CD I immediately put it in my computer to produce MP3s of it. My computer is my jukebox and my CD shelf is my archive.

    When it comes to this BBC box set, I will have to look through my collection of Genesis bootlegs on CD. If I have most of the material in reasonably good quality I might skip this box set.

    Of course there are alternatives to buying physical releases. Tony's A Chord Too Far box set is ridiculously overpriced, but luckily the few box-only tracks were available on Youtube which made it possible to download them and file them into my digital archive.

    I chose my nickname a long time ago on a former forum, more than 15 years ago. I like the song “Anything Now” and by that time I wanted the band to release anything now. However, looking at this release I would rather prefer something substantial now.

    is there some sort of list of all tracks recorded by Genesis members from their earliest recording through Nursery Cryme. I'm looking to build a chronological play list from day one through Trespass and include everything done by the band members both together and separately. I could try to build one but wondered if one were readily available. Thanks.

    Maybe "The Genesis Discography" by Scott McMahan (available through The Internet Archive) could be of help? It seems to list absolutely all details about our band and the solo careers up to 1996.

    Fellow fans, hoping someone can help me track down the source of an old MTV broadcast of Genesis live in concert. I'm trying to locate it partially for nostalgic reasons, since it was the show that really "hooked" me as a Genesis fan, but also because I'd love to see & hear how it differs from Three Sides Live. I re-viewed TSL yesterday, assuming that was actually what MTV had shown, but with that fresh in mind it's definitely not the same footage.

    I don't remember if this concert was an MTV-unique airing, actually live from the show, or if it was edited & rebroadcast. I assume it was shown in 1982-3... nearly 40 years on some details are fuzzy, but I specifically remember Phil bantering with the audience about "In the Cage"... someone kept calling out for that song, and Phil eventually shouted something to the effect of "we'll bloody well play 'In the Cage' when we're ready!" Did anyone else see that broadcast?

    I'm too young, and in the wrong country, to have been able to see that broadcast. However, I listen to a lot of concert recordings (in audio) and I recognize this incident with someone in the audience shouting about "In the Cage". The guy in the audience himself calls it "In the bloody cage" and is eager for the band to start the song, and Phil responds something to the effect that they will play "In the bloody cage" when he's done with his audience participation. I will check if I can find the date of that concert. However, I am not aware of a video recording from this tour other than TSL.

    Can't help but laugh at what has to be one of the most poorly written articles on the tour I've read. Phil Collins wasn't able to join this tour due to health problems?? Who was singing then? The audience doesn't realize Phil is sitting down? 😂

    This is a subject in which we are experts. What about other topics which are dealt with in the media? Caution is recommended!

    This reads as AI journalism, as opposed to an actual person writing it.

    I don't think this is the result of AI. This text was produced by a writer who really wants to be a journalist, but hasn't got the abilities to check facts and tell a coherent story. There are many others like this. That's why, in the areas of my interest, I go to the sources to try to find unfiltered information.

    The ex - band member keeping Genesis alive is Steve Hackett. To be honest, his band is much better on the tracks than Genesis with Phil, Mike and Tony. I hate to say it, but IMHO is true.

    That may be the case, technically. But there are quite a few Genesis tribute bands, and one of them is led by former member Steve Hackett. I saw a Genesis Revisited show by Hackett when he was in Stockholm a few years ago and it was a great experience, and I think I've managed to buy all live CDs he as issued during recent years. However, I definitely prefer the contemporary Genesis playing songs from their own past. In plain text Genesis in 2021 has three musicians who have been with the group for more than 50 years plus Daryl (40+ years). This means that when Genesis perform their songs there is the personal and emotional bond to these songs, that can't be achieved by putting together a tribute band. There's certainly nothing wrong when a solo artist performs songs from his former band, but it will always be a solo concert with things being a lot different than the mother band.

    Regarding Peter or Ray returning as singer both these options are extremely unlikely. Tony and Mike never even talked to Ray back in 1999 about his postponement as a singer, so they are obviously not going to be begging him to come back in 2022. When it comes to Peter, well, I think all has been said long ago about his unwillingness to commit to a Genesis reunion - for various reasons.

    I'm not convinced yet. The article is very light on full sentences and it's mostly a couple random words joined together by a lot of editorializing.

    And we all know very well by now how Phil talks during interviews. Tony and Mike are quite careful with what they say during interviews, whereas Phil seems to be literally thinking aloud as if it's a therapy session. That's simply his way of talking! Remember all those times from 2008 to 2019 when there were false rumours of a reunion, only because an ignorant journalist misinterpreted Phil! Well Phil may have his doubts now, after not having performed for two years, but that may change once he has experienced the love and appreciation from the audience at the upcoming UK tour.

    At least we will knw in 8 days time

    Well for those that want to know the setlist

    I don't know if I will be able to attend a concert during this most probably last tour. It depends on how long the tour will be, i.e. if there will be more concerts in Europe and enough dates to keep ticket prices down a bit.

    So, as soon as there is a full concert recording of decent quality available (on Youtube) I will watch it.

    What, no Turn It On Again medley with 60s music?!! Well, no, this is not the ticket for me! :D

    (Actually I like that medley and I can sort of understand why they did it in those days.)

    I watched the documentary a couple of days ago. It was not bad at all, I enjoyed it. After all, I'm delighted that our old heroes are actually doing music again. But the documentary in itself, I didn't think it was that special. It was quite short and too much filler material. I downloaded it from Youtube for future reference, but that's not the kind of content I'm willing to pay for. I hope that there will later be a lengthy documentary with lots of extras, like they released after the 2007 tour.

    Some sites (e.g. louder sound) have the track for Domino listed as "Domino medley". I assume that just means it's the full version of Domino, but could possibly mean something else?

    On Spotify the full version of Domino on the IT album is called "Domino Medley". It seems a few years back there was someone who did not know what to do with the original song title with two named parts, and thus this annoying new title was created.