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    No. 80 minutes is the red book official time, though you can squeeze more on. The longest commercially produced CD is(was?) a Herbert Von Karajan disc on Deutche Gramafon, 81 and a bit minutes BUT over 80 you are not allowed to display the "Compact Disc Digital Audio" logo as it's not to spec and may not play on all machines.

    74 minutes was the limit back in the early days (till about 1988) due to the fact that, at that time, the only way of creating a portable master copy of the digital file was to copy it onto a Sony U-matic tape, using a video recorder and a PCM encoder. The CD mastering plant had to have the same equipment to decode it. The longest Sony U-matic tape? 74 minutes!

    Good to know! I knew a CD-R could be either 74 or 80, and the 80's didn't always play in every player, so assumed 74 was the standard.