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    Hello - was wondering if there were any Ant experts on here who would be able to tell me which tracks on the Archive collections have not appeared on any of the expanded album reissues? Not an easy task I know!

    Can't say I was blown away by this. My pressing is a little bit noisy (like a lot of modern vinyl, particularly from major labels) and the mastering is... I don't know, quite punchy and warm I suppose. But I don't recall thinking there was anything wrong with the original! Maybe i should do a comparison. I'll probably keep it but I really can't see why it was so expensive...

    I often like to think about what was in the heads of the guys in Genesis when they wrote lyrics / song titles / album titles. Some interesting connections I've only recently noticed (probably obvious to most already!):

    1. SEBTP ends in a cinema show... and TLLDOB begins in a movie palace. Surely deliberate?

    2. The title "A Trick of the Tail" is probably (?) a jokey reference back to the "now the lizard's shedding its tail" lyric from Watcher of the Skies (i.e. Peter has shed his tail and evolved... but there's a trick left in the tail)

    3. This one is more of a question I guess... That last part in the fade out of Los Endos where Phil sings, in tribute to Peter, "there's an angel standing in the sun... freed to get back home"... could it be that Peter was thinking of this (and Supper's Ready of course) when he sang about being taken home in Solsbury Hill - his song about leaving Genesis? Or had the band maybe already heard an early version of Solsbury Hill and were referencing that? Or is it just a coincidence...

    I think this album is hugely underrated. I don't quite know why I like it so much, but I genuinely think some of Ant's best melodies are on this album. Also amazed at how good the bonus CD is, some really lovely music here (and yes, more varied than the original album). They clearly had a follow-up in mind as some of the extra tracks were recorded a few years later. Shame it didn't happen. I guess the original wasn't successful enough. I wonder if it would have been more successful if they'd just called themselves Invisible Men - and I wonder if this was the original plan, as the first American release was just called "Invisible Men" with no artist details except for a sticker describing it as "the new Anthony Phillips band". Anyway, I do like this more than many other of Ant's albums, including Slow Dance - which is pleasant enough but doesn't really go anywhere interesting enough for me.

    It doesn't suggest it, nor do I, Tony did. He ended up using the edited bits on From the Undertow on ACF. As for you never noticing anything strange about it, nothing wrong with it and it 's as usual subjective. To me it sounded immediately off and I think we can agree it is certainly not Tony's MO, when it comes down to his most epic songs. Even something as basic as Many too many has a short intro.

    No, I know all that about the song. I just meant - were you aware, before you ever heard the song at all, that there was originally meant to be an intro to it? If so I imagine that influenced the way you felt about it. But as you say, it's purely subjective. Like you I think it's a brilliant piece of music, lyrically and musically.

    I beg to differ, imo the song does need an intro, in fact it had one. I've always struggled with that, It's a typical Banks songs: intro, verse chorus, repeat, instrumental break in two parts with crescendo, reprise verse, chorus and coda. It was conceived and written in that way and then edited, to my ears it felt sort of mutilated.

    This suggests you knew the song originally had an intro before you first heard it? I didn't, and I never noticed anything strange about it. To me it feels right as it is.

    I would probably do it backwards:

    Calling all stations

    Jesus he knows me

    Do the neurotic (b-side but same sessions!)


    Me and Sarah Jane


    Down and out - seguing into...

    Silent slumbers / quiet earth (during which Hackett joins the stage)


    (And enter Peter for:)

    The Lamb lies down on Broadway / it (two songs cos it's a double album, and this would be more like a medley with some musical quotes from various lamb tunes between)

    Dancing with the moonlit knight

    Can-utility and the coastliners

    The musical box

    (Hackett passes the baton to Ant Phillips)


    Silent Sun

    - then a surprise encore -

    Supper's Ready (couldn't resist!)

    This has probably been asked before and I missed it, but I was just wondering if anyone knows why Tarka was skipped in the Cherry Red reissue series? Are they saving it for the big finale release or something?

    What about TSL on vinyl? And 'Live' (and maybe TWWW1/2) on vinyl?

    I don't know why they don't put e.g. Live at the Rainbow and Lyceum 1980 on vinyl. Maybe limited releases for Record Store Day. I'd be over the moon. So many major bands do things like this, but Genesis seem to have no appetite for it at all. It's so odd.

    I bought music on cassette from about 1973 to 1982, when I got a turntable. None of the albums up to Abacab ever came out on Chrome. Many, as happened in those days, had tracks shuffled to even out side lengths, Silent Sorrow was on "side 2" (ie/ the second half of side 1) of the tape, somewhere near counting out time, as I recall.

    Just found this on Discogs:

    So it looks like Foxtrot at least was reissued on chrome tape, in 1986. Surely wasn't the only one? Might make it my mission to collect any/all Genesis chrome cassettes!

    Was just wondering if there are others like me who first encountered Genesis on cassette? In the early 90s when I was a young teenager it was the most popular format, and tapes were easy and cheap to get second hand. I had most of the Genesis albums (except Duke for some reason) on tape at that time, and for many years that's the only way I heard them. FGTR, Live and Seconds Out I had on LP.

    I recently got myself a decent cassette deck again and am quite tempted to get all the old Genesis tapes again for nostalgic reasons (i got rid of them over 15 years ago). Does anyone know if any of the early albums were ever reissued on chrome tape? I know Genesis, IT and WCD were on chrome. Would be nice to get the others if they exist.

    A lovely song, but I agree that the studio version is a little bit restrained. I don't recall ever thinking very much about it until I heard the live version on the Secret World DVD.

    I always wonder if the line "seeing things that were not there" is a kind of veiled reference to Supper's Ready, which was supposedly based on a vision he and his wife had (if I recall correctly?). Probably not, but I do like the idea!