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    Wow, we're finally here...

    I liked this song simply from the first time I heard it on the bootlegs on YouTube, it was so nice to finally hear the two studio versions. This time my favorite is the Bright-Side Mix.

    I'm going to miss these monthly i/o releases (I really want him to continue releasing new and old unreleased material in future full moons.) Despite all the initial stress due to the lack of information, it was interesting to have something new every month, to see the reactions from each one... THAT'S IT. WE DID IT.

    Live and Let Live is beautiful. It’s quite emotional that the i/o journey is over — and it’s culminated in this great track. I’m going to miss the full moon releases as well. Peter has stated that What Lies Ahead will be on the next record, but as always, that could be near or far away. 2023 has been the year of Peter Gabriel, and we should treasure and be very grateful for the gift of i/o ❤️

    A bit strange he decided to play "What lies ahead" again towards the end of the tour. I thought he dropped that one early on because he knew it won't be on the album ... :/

    I thought the same. I really like the track though, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he might release this on the final full moon of the year (December 27th) as a kind of bonus 🤞 It’d be a bit rude to release a track on every full moon of the year apart from the very last one 😅

    It’s interesting that the running order of the CD and digital versions of i/o is different and is as below. Doesn't this track list match exactly the full moon release order?

    1. Panopticom

    2. The Court
    3. Playing for Time
    4. i/o
    5. Four Kinds of Horses
    6. Road to Joy
    7. So Much
    8. Olive Tree
    9. Love Can Heal
    10. This Is Home
    11. And Still
    12. Live And Let Live

    What Lies Ahead is such a gorgeous song. To think that he's releasing his first album of new material in over 20 years and a song like this doesn't make the cut! (I know it would have dipped the scales had it been included, and it might have even come down to decision between two sparse songs like So Much and this one.)

    Agreed; I love What Lies Ahead. It’s good to know that Peter hasn’t lost faith with it, too. I love the lyrics and how it builds to a mini crescendo, like the New Blood version of San Jacinto. It also features the Orphei Drangar male choir that appear on This Is Home. It’s great to finally find out who the first verse was inspired by as well ( I’m still hopeful that it may be included on a deluxe version of i/o 🤞

    An image we've seen before (cover of Uncut Magazine, or at least the special edition) but it seems fitting for the themes of i/o. I was a bit worried the cover would be very neon. This is a pretty striking image.

    Looks like a Hipgnosis cover. I like it.

    I wasn’t expecting this photo to be honest — I was thinking it might be a variation on the artwork for the track i/o by Olafur Eliasson. It’s definitely interesting and unique. For me, it’s very reminiscent of Peter Gabriel 2 and 3, which is probably why Peter chose it.

    i/o comes in December, more new music in 2024.


    Great news. If it’s December 1st, that’d be before all mixes of the final track have been released. But that’d allow more time before the Christmas period. December 15th (after the new moon) is also a possibility. Nevertheless, we’re finally very close to getting our hands on i/o and, if we really will be getting even more new music in 2024 via the full moons, I can’t wait! 🙌

    Very interesting Full Moon video. Peter referenced the change in artwork. He also said he probably carry on with the Full Moon releases ‘next time around’… whether that means for the surplus stuff after i/o or when the next album is ready (in 1-20 years 😃), I’m not sure. The middle section of This Is Home is interesting; I don’t recall this being played on the tour.

    Who knows what happened to the lyrics written by PG during the Lockdown period. :/

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    I think maybe as a whole they’re too specific to the pandemic to be used anywhere else, but it could be where the line “It’s time that wears the crown” from Playing for Time came from.

    A clip of Love Can Heal from the WOMAD Festival listening session has been posted on Peter’s social media — and his vocals are much more prominent at the end of the track. It sounds beautiful, and reminds me of Curtains (Broad Mix), with the whispered vocals as well.

    It’s curious that Peter decided to use both Tchad Blake and Mark Stent for mixing this time around — and that he’s often leading with the Bright-side Mixes by MS, when the majority of people, myself included, seem to prefer the Dark-side Mixes by TB, where the instruments and vocals are enhanced/more prominent. Stent seems to favour a more polished, radio-friendly sound, which I don’t like. In fact, I prefer all of the Dark-sides and only listen to these; my only issue is that the guitar on Road to Joy was completely removed, which was a shame. Back to Love Can Heal: I’m also expecting to prefer the Dark-side Mix, for the same reasons as everyone else.

    I have a strong feeling that the song we will see released next will be Love Can Heal.

    Given the pattern they've been following so far, any other option would be very much a deviation from what they've been doing, as it compares to the WOMAD performance and everything else.

    That's also my bet

    Then "This is home", then "And still" and the last one will be "Live and let live".

    "What lies ahead" could be a bonus in December

    To be honest, I thought This Is Home would be next, followed by And Still, Live and Let Live — and, last of all, Love Can Heal, with the video. Having said that, I’m ready for the magic of Love Can Heal now. I can’t wait to find out…

    I have a feeling that rather than just another track, he might actually release the album itself on the full moon at the end of November (the 27th I believe it is?) That would make sense; he will have already released just about all of the songs that are to be on the album, he'll be finished with his tour by then, and it would be just in time for holiday shopping!

    But more logic to me would be end of November. The full moon releases of the album would been through, the album could come out and end of December we would get What Lies Ahead as a non album track for the last full moon of 2023.

    This would be awesome. I reckon the remaining songs will be released in tracklist order: This Is Home, And Still, Live and Let Live; and I have a feeling that Love Can Heal will be last of all, with the video by Antony Micallef and Aardman Animations (see below); but rather than just the song, maybe the entire album will be released on November 27th, and the video will be used to promote the record?…m_source=ig_web_copy_link

    Having What Lies Ahead at the end of December as a non-album track would be amazing, too. I’m kinda sad this hasn’t made the album, as I like it a lot.

    It’s interesting that, so far, the songs have been released in tracklist order, with the exception of ‘Playing for Time’ and ‘The Court’, which maybe suggests that it was a late decision to swap these around? I read somewhere that there’s going to be a video for ‘Love Can Heal’, so I’m now thinking this will be the final track to be released — and could function as the ‘lead single’ for i/o.