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i/o Peter Gabriel new album
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Peter Gabriel: "i/o" album comes this December

More new music next year, no news about live shows

The latest issue of the UK's MOJO magazine has an update on Peter Gabriel's plans. In December, i/o will be released as a "real" (physical) album. Until then, all twelve tracks of the album will be available digitally. It is not yet known which formats will be available. However, the article suggests that all mixes will also be released physically, i.e. all songs in the bright-side mix, dark-side mix and in-side mix. Even though the article dowsn't say anything about the specific release date, we think December 1st is the most likely release date.

Foto; Luca Biondi

Gabriel also revealed that after the tour he will "be a family man for 6 months" before returning to music: "There's still more stuff in the can and I might keep releasing it on other full moons".

There is no information on whether the tour will continue in 2024. However, given his statements, it is unlikely that there will be any concerts in the spring.

The new album i/o contains the following songs:

01 Panopticom
02 Playing For Time
03 The Court
04 Four Kinds Of Horses
05 i/o
06 Love Can Heal
07 Road To Joy
08 So Much
09 Olive Tree
10 This Is Home
11 And Still
12 Live And Let Live

You can get Mojo magazine via direct subscription, with a time delay (especially outside the United Kingdom) in well-stocked railway bookshops or via digital services such as Pocketmags (where it should be available in the next few days).

In our i/o website special you can find out all about the album, including detailed reviews of ALL the songs.
In the forum you can discuss the album in this subforum, there is also a poll for your favourites of the ten songs released so far ...


Peter Gabriel has revealed the cover image for the i/o album, see below

i/o cover

Live-Photo: Luca "BluKaos" Biondi

published on 13.10.23 16:44 by Christian @ Peter Gabriel

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