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    The thread that won’t go away

    …and it won’t until the 3 CDs are released! 💿💿💿

    Going on a different tangent from those above, was anyone here on the old forum for the official website for The Police when they had their reunion tour back in 2007-08? There was a never-ending thread there called “Re-selling Tickets”. It started off exactly as advertised: a thread that was created for forum members to sell tickets to different shows to other forum members. However, it didn’t stay that way…for hundreds and hundreds of pages. 😆 It was one of the greatest collectively-written stream-of-consciousness threads I have ever seen on the Internet, bar none. After a short while, the only thing that wasn’t mentioned on it was the reselling of tickets.

    Will that happen here? (Or will the 3 CDs come out first?)

    Just FYI - there is an “R.I.P. Thread” on the site here:

    RIP Thread!!

    That saves the possibility of each member of the music world getting a new thread here; however, I realize that you may not have known about it, and David Crosby certainly deserves his own thread. I loved his work in The Byrds and CSN/CSN&Y. He will be missed.

    Bit the bullet and bought tickets for this Saturday’s Genesis Show concert in Philly. I watched the Lyceum 1980 concert again this week, which got me excited to see a Duke Tour show. Also, once they released the NFL playoff schedule and I saw Baltimore is playing Sunday night instead of Saturday that sealed the deal for me (yeah I’m a sports masochist: with Lamar Jackson still hurt I know Baltimore will lose by 30 points minimum, but in the immortal words of David Puddy: “You gotta support the team” lol). We usually stay overnight after the show but will drive home this time. It’s 6 hours round trip for us but I’m sure it will be worth it.

    It was worth the drive, wasn’t it? 😎

    As usual, the show was outstanding AND, despite the show being on a very cold Saturday night in the middle of January, it was completely sold out! The Philadelphia area loves Genesis any time of the year.

    The setlist was the customary “Duke” tour setlist, and there was an extra surprise! The actual guitar and bass that Daryl Stuermer used on the “Duke” tour are now in possession of the band, and the guitarist and bassist used each for much of the show! These can also be seen being played during parts of the TSL video/DVD. It made the “Duke” songs extra special.

    I’m sure they will squeeze in an extra Scottish Rite show during the summer - they usually do. If so, I’ll be there again! 🤘

    Are you listening to it? ;)

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    You can still listen to this in the US before the day is out! 😄

    Since Xmas has now passed, upon examining one of my gifts more closely, I have come to realize that I am now an owner of a release from Concord!

    The new (from about September 2022, that is) “Creedence Clearwater Revival - At The Royal Albert Hall” CD was released by Craft Recordings, a label whose recordings are manufactured and distributed by Concord. I guess this means that CCR must have sold at least some of their back catalogue to Concord.

    It was also newly mixed and restored by Giles Martin and Sam Okell, the team behind the more recent releases from The Beatles - most notably the recent “Revolver” boxset and the “Get Back” BluRay/DVD set. So, Concord isn’t shy about getting good talent behind the mixing board. That was reassuring to find out!

    Merry Christmas to all Genesis fans, and a special dedication to all who run this site - thank you for providing us the digital space to honor and keep alive the memory of a band whose music should always be appreciated in perpetuity (or as long as we can do collectively anyway). 🎁🎅🎄

    I may well be wrong but I believe Nick mainly does remixing, as opposed to remastering?

    Indeed that was where the 5.1 versions went pear shaped: Nick's rather good remixing was wrecked by extreme compression in the remastering process that he had no involvement in.

    Also, the primary reason for the boxsets was the surround versions. Reducing the six channels to two for the stereo versions creates the possibility for compressed sound if it isn’t done carefully. Yes, Nick ought to have been involved in the mastering process as well back then.

    The reason I brought up the mastering for this release is that, in order to do a new remastering, one would have to have the master tapes. If the person who remastered this upcoming release had the tapes, he must have had permission to have them - unless we somehow know that he obtained them illegally. So, if the person remastering had the tapes (assuming no crime has been committed) and this person had permission to have them, that would make this release at least semi-legitimate. I just wonder if there is any way to find this information out for certain and not draw potentially false conclusions in the mean time.

    Well, this whole topic has generated FAR more attention than I thought it would! ^^

    I’ll add a few details as to why I posted this here in the first place. If I had discovered this release on Amazon, I wouldn’t have posted it here at all. However, since it was on Burning Shed, that made me think that the appropriate due diligence had been undertaken and, thus, this was an official-ish release. With the extra discussion posted so far, this now seems to be quite doubtful.

    I promise I made this post with the best intentions! 😄 I completely agree that the artwork is disappointingly amateurish. I’m still quite curious as to who did the new remastering for this release, though - if Nick didn’t do it, who did? 🤷‍♂️

    Is this likely to be the same material that Nick Davis was recently teasing us with re a forthcoming release?

    The most honest answer I can give is that I don’t know. I started this new thread instead of posting in the other thread about archival live releases is that I couldn’t figure out if this release was part of the promised releases.

    However, Foxfeeder’s detective work in the other thread about the catalogue number certainly seems to suggest that this release is most probably one of the releases Nick talked about. (And with that in mind, if Christian or someone else from the moderation team wants to fold this thread in with the other one, I wouldn’t mind that at all. It would probably be more efficient that way, if this release is part of the releases Nick talked about previously.)

    We are now pleased to confirm that the author of the new book on the history of "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway" , which was published in German just over a week ago, Dr Mark Bell has begun translating his book into English. As the author has read for a Master's degree at a British university, he usually writes British English. He would therefore be interested to know whether a version in American English would be preferable to you. By the way, the German version of the book is selling very well and we are receiving first very positive feedback from readers who have devoured the book, which has more than 450 pages, in a very short time (a bit like Rael did with the Lamia, but we are sure that none of the readers will turn into a Slipperman).

    For what it’s worth, this American Genesis fan would prefer the English version of the book to be written in British English.

    If he has a Master’s Degree from a British university, and he is accustomed to writing in British English, he should write the English version in it. Besides, the band is English - thus it just seems more authentic to me for it to be written in British English.

    The differences between the two dialects are not impenetrable. We’ll be able to understand here. 👍

    You summarized the show very well - Brett acted just as madly/enthusiastically in Philadelphia; I suspect he does this at every show. It’s probably something beyond his complete control. 😄

    That was what really impressed me about the show, i.e., he and the rest of the band were as tight and energetic as they were 30 years ago. He sang as if it were still the 90s! So much power!

    I can tell you when the show really lifted off was when you heard the Oakes rip into the opening chords of “Animal Nitrate” - good lord! The show was excellent before then; however, once that guitar opening was played, it was a full-blown out-of control madhouse in the venue! I felt like I was in a good old-fashioned 90s mosh pit - the energy in the crowd (and on stage) was just that high! The other time it seemed like the crowd was in full pandemonium was when they launched into “My Insatiable One” - I didn’t even know they had even considered playing that song. The whole crowd belted out every word, with many (including me) pointing at Brett during every line. It was deafening loud during that song, mostly from the crowd. Our acoustic song was “The Wild Ones”, which was great because it’s one of my favorite songs of theirs, and he performed it on the part of the stage that was right in front of me. Just wonderful…

    I’m going to hope that the “ever” in Brett’s quote was a mistake (meaning instead that it was the last American show for this tour - the last show overall being in Toronto), or that you misheard him. 😄 I don’t know how the band could have it proven to them so blatantly that they have a devoted American fan base that wants to see them and acts as enthusiastically as any crowd as they get anywhere. Still, in today’s world, I guess you can’t take any act’s choice to tour for granted. If the worst case scenario proves to be true, I have actually (and finally) seen them, and the show I saw was simply awe-inspiring.

    I’m with you about the Manics. They were good, but they didn’t do a lot for me personally. I’m very glad Suede closed both of our shows; I wouldn’t have stayed for the whole Manics’ set had the order of appearance been reversed. Having said that, they did play both songs I knew and liked by them, and they did a great cover of The Cult’s “She Sells Sanctuary”. Those were worth hearing.

    I also agree about “Can’t Get Enough” and the “Head Music” album in general. For me, “Head Music” was their 4th great album in a row, and the last of their original classics. Since they’ve reformed, I really liked “Bloodsports” and I really like the new album “Autofiction” too. The two in between (“Night Thoughts” and “The Blue Hour”) weren’t really my cup of tea, although the latter was better. I hope they keep going - the new album and this tour prove that they still have what it takes to remain an active band.

    AND, I also saw Simon Gilbert outside The Met in Philly! 😄 I wonder if this is a thing he does regularly, i.e., goes outside of the venue to chill with the fans for a few minutes. I was too shy to go up to him, but I did get a picture of him. Just a spectacular evening from start to finish. 😎

    Yes, I will also look for a recording of the LA show - that show just had a dream setlist. However, the show I saw definitely scratched my “Suede itch”, to coin a new phrase! 😄 I hope they come back again; if they do, I’ll be ready! 😎

    It’s PG instead of Genesis proper, but Toyota in the US has been using “Solsbury Hill” (sans vocals) in their ads on TV.

    I was quite surprised when I heard it. I guess I’m ok with it.