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    Without being influenced by reading the many previous posts, my 3 selections are:

    Selling England by the pound - The Lamb lies down on Broadway - Duke

    Hands down. Although I was fortunate to have seen all three album tours live, I also am passionately driven by their musical excellence. In fact for me, these are among my most fervishing and highly loved records of all time.

    .... or imagine Collin and Hackett never joined the band.

    That was my thought when I read in Steve's book that he could have lived his youth and adulthood in Canada if it were not that his parents got homesick and returned to England. Then, he would have never joined Genesis. He fulfilled his destiny!

    For Steve:

    Since you briefly lived in Canada as you described in your book, did you ever consider coming back and how disappointed or happy were you with your parents decision on returning to England?

    Anticipated thanks if you introduce my questions to Steve and hope that the interview is soon!

    I switch from cable DVR, live TV, DVD & Blu Ray player, live streaming like Netflix or Prime to my IPTV App (which includes SKY channels). But not enough time, work comes first, so I enjoy that only during evenings.

    Due to not being able to afford premium TV subscriptions at the time, I was unable to see Game of Thrones when it came out in 2011 and was popular on HBO. So now much later, I bought all 8 seasons and have been watching them with passion and excitement. The locations and visuals are stunning as is the storyline and characters. I keep craving for more and although I know how it will all end but love seeing how it all unfolded. It is complicated to follow all the different Kingdoms, leniages, origins, battles and even languages but that states how broad this series was. And yes, my favorite character is Tyrion Lannister.

    I bought Steve's book, also Mike's and Armando Gallo's I know what I like, in digital format from Amazon Kindle 3 weeks ago. No paperbacks, that is not practical anymore dear folks.

    What I've read in the book and read fans comments so far, it is very unfortunate that Steve does not delve more on touring and composing music. I found his childhood narrative days in England very boring and lack of substance.

    Going from Kim Poor covers to the ones on his latest Premonition Box set artwork by Roger Dean is a huge improvement. But Steve should have shared the stories behind all of Kim's paintings but I'm sure he does not wish to be reminded of the painful divorce and prefers to appreciate his wife Jo. Fortunately, Kim's book provides that void:

    This one does call for a hard copy!

    Why could they not postpone till next year. I can't see it happening anytime this year

    Totally agreed. This announcement is exciting but they should have waited for Covid contagion level to go down from RED as it is now to ORANGE at least. Mutant strains are STILL surfacing globally.

    Just noticing besides there being only one drummer who is playing a conventional style, all the members are seated except for Mike and the background singers.

    But I wish the well!

    I did not find a thread dedicated to the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway album so I'll post here.

    if the administrator wishes to move it, that's fine by me. But let me know if moved please.

    So, coincidentally yesterday I walked in a local CD/DVD store in Dartmouth Canada and not only found this T shirt but also a double CD bootleg of the Lamb concert in Rochester recorded from a FM broadcast at the Auditorium Theater on December 17, 1974. And that is roughly two weeks after I saw this same show at the Montreal Forum! So I gladly purchase both (rather pricey though). The CD seems to be legitimate and sound quality I would sayo is B+

    Huge The Lamb Fan

    All this going back and forth on pessimism or optimism, is pure baseless conjectures.

    Even now almost ending August 2020, all I hear are more and more cancellations even for early 2021.

    And it looks like it will keep creeping into the spring :(

    Bottom line: It will all depend on getting a reliable vaccine by the end of 2020, then we can all say "Yes, there will be live music in 2021"! But as it is now, the present unstable situation is too volatile and unpredictable.

    News! This release is the latest from Steve's Live series, fantastic:

    Steve Hackett announces the release of

    Selling England By The Pound & Spectral Mornings: Live At Hammersmith. 2CD + DVD live

    RELEASE DATE: 25 September 2020

    Limited Edition Deluxe 2CD+Blu-ray+DVD with Artbook; 2CD+Blu-ray Digipak; 2CD+DVD Multibox; Limited Edition 4LP+2CD Box Set and Digital album.

    Just to resurrect this thread:

    As I shared with the forum members at the beginning of a thread about our own Genesis concerts, I was fortunate to have seen Genesis 11 times since 1973 through 2007. Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to see landmark concerts such as Knebworth, Milton Keynes and Earls Court like a few lucky Brits like Serpent. Even if this Last domino tour would cover other regions besides the UK, like him I would not attend any shows in 2020.

    I have lost the enthusiasm that I felt in 2007 when I made hard sacrifices to go see them for the Turn it On Again tour. But now, the flame of excitement has been extinguished and even worse with the global pandemic that has made travelling a health risk instead of a pleasure.

    And lastly, for me who saw Phil who was once a dynamic performer pounding his tambourine and the drums, it would be painful to see him now sitting on a chair for the whole show and not being able to vocalize with full range or play drums.

    And there are more reasons for me like not having the amazing Chester Thompson but as they say, everyone has a freedom to choose and I will pass on the Last Domino if it comes across the pond.

    But I certainly wish that all the younger fans who have never seen Genesis or the ones who only saw the '92 and 2007 tours, enjoy and have a great time.

    This time around will likely be the last domino indeed unless you are the Rolling Stones.