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    Like most of us here I’ll be glad just to see them together on stage. But if this is an indicator of the set list it confirms my fears about the unadventurous nature of things. Basically a re-hash of the last few tours. Hopefully there will be at least one surprise and I’d be very disappointed not to get a bit of Supper’s Ready, which they wouldn’t put on this CD I suppose, so there is still hope.

    that is really well thought through and the kind of thing I’d love to see them do and perhaps they should do. But they probably won’t! There has to be a lot of playing safe with Phil’s voice but maybe they will take the chance to highlight the playing of Mike and Tony. I do expect the backing vocalists to open up possibilities for great great harmonies, eg Afterglow

    I think quite a few of the quieter songs or more likely bits of all sorts of songs could have done because on the early albums all sorts of writing combinations happened to produce bits that were then stitched together. But the Banks/Gabriel partnership had gone and the realignment meant that one bedrock of early writing had gone - just as the Phillips/Rutherford went before and then the rehearsing/arranging/polishing stages became different, until eventually most things came out of jams. So lots of bits but perhaps not many whole songs?

    Welcome and enjoy whatever you listen to. I’d say A curious feeling, feels like a darker track from Wind and Wuthering extended over a concept album. Steve’s first three are all superb. Voyage like a lost Genesis album a little like Selling England but definitely Steve. Please Don’t Touch is a wonderful and very varied album. Spectral Mornings is probably his best all round album and his favourite j think of his early ones. I’d also strongly recommend Ant Phillips’ first The Geese and the Ghost, very pastoral with lots written and performed with Mike Rutherford and Phil on vocals for a couple. Have a great time!

    I assume you heard the last album Under A Mediterranean Sky?

    I did and really like it as an acoustic,

    travelogue sort of album. I think those acoustic albums are great, in the way that Ant’s Private Parts series are great. I’m a huge Steve fan but I am wearying of the sameness of the last flurry of albums. There’s no denying his sincerity, work rate and talent but I just wish he’d vary things a bit. His early albums, like Genesis, had variety within and between albums. The last three or four rock albums sound like one big album. Hopefully, as Christian has hinted, that may be about to change, but this track doesn’t show it yet. I’m really hoping for something memorable this time.

    It’s a latter day classic. A stunning piece of work musically and lyrically. It’s one of the best examples of their later, more economical, writing, whereby the song lasts just as long as it needs to and the music is straightforward but complex enough to carry the emotion of a deep story. It also benefits in reflecting the fact that in some life situations, things do not resolve. It feels like a like a long song in a short format.

    Funny, out of all tracks, Wingbeats was the only one I would NOT have chosen to be a video single (apart from the first and last track, which are short instrumentals). It's also the track on the record that sounds most like previous Hackett. The album has far more to offer.

    I’m glad you said that Christian because I watched it and thought ‘ here we go again, another painting by numbers track, same harmonies, same guitar sound and an off the shelf world theme, this time ‘African’ . So I braced myself for another album of the same. Hopefully it won’t be like that this time, much as I like Steve and admire his work ethic. I long for some simple stuff and a bit of variety. A ballad, a straight ahead rocker, an ‘English’ world track if he must think in those terms. I wish he’d dust off the twelve strings from

    time to time. Then, he could put these tracks in and they would stand out more.

    I’ve seen several of the tributes in England multiple times, always a great night out. The Musical Box do what they do better than anyone else ever could. But I’ve probably had even better nights out at Regenesis and G2 gigs. Looking forward to seeing G2 again and would love Regenesis to have another go. Now I’ve retired I intend to try as many as possible.

    Good spot, there are more similarities than I thought. I prefer Epping because of the Reverend section but both good tracks. I suppose from Nursery Cryme to Wind and Wuthering and probably beyond, there was always a story track with a bit of humour, and lots of characters - Harold the Barrel, Get ‘em out by Friday, Epping Forest, perhaps Counting out Time (arguably the whole of the Lamb), Robbery, Mouse’s night. But Epping and Robbery do have a lot of overlaps.

    some sounds familar, some sounds different. Overall, it's stunning what Steve plays (fast playing) and his vocals are really great on some of the tracks. So in a nutshell, while it is of course a Hackett album with some typical Hackett stuff, he also explores new ground and the sound is also quite powerful on several tracks.

    I will need more time to evaluate the album, but it was indeed a pleasant surprise.

    Thanks Christian, sounds promising!

    Surely one of the points of joining a forum is to chew the fat over Genesis nonsense that others would be baffled by. Like when football fans sit in the pub and pontificate for hours about things they have no control over. The bizarre views and controversial arguments are what it’s all about, or am I missing something?

    Whether we like it or not vaccines work by percentages and numbers. There’s our individual feelings and stats and there are communal stats. They are linked but not the same. Many people in the UK and other places are vaccinated, so, many things have loosened up. But until a critical mass have been jabbed, we are a bit stuck. If we hadn’t worked though these issues in the past we would still be losing our loved ones to preventable disease. The NHS system adds a particular flavour to this. With pandemics the big stats rule and the individual ones are useful to a point, for individuals. Until a large majority in the UK have been jabbed, large scale indoor events run the risk of pushing up the rates and overwhelming the NHS, at a time when they have huge backlogs to clear. That’s why they may not happen when we wish. Of course, these are very much first world problems. Other parts of the globe would love to be wondering if they could go to a gig.

    It seems to me to be quite simple- if horrific. The virus is real. The only real way out is by vaccination. Vaccinations require most people to have them to work. I count my blessings I live in a country where I can get hold of a vaccine and I am the envy of my friends and acquaintances in countries where vaccines are a distant hope. Anything else is secondary for now and whilst I am sure politics will be being played along the way, and freedoms curtailed, possible unnecessarily at times, that can wait until we are all (across the globe) as safe as we can be

    It’ll be a great show, no doubt about that. Yes it will be different, better in some ways, not so good in others but well worth going to. It will be a great light show, great material to choose from and a lot of talent on stage with an enthusiastic crowd. I suspect it will start in the US and get to us in the UK next spring with maybe a couple of tweaks to the setlist and a DVD to follow. Phil’s voice will be up and down and on and off but the backing singers will cover that and the drums are in good hands. Be interesting to see what time has done to Tony’s dexterity and I don’t think Mike will push himself unnecessarily but Darryl and Nic will be top flight. What’s not to like?