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    I went for Dance, Entangled and Ripples.

    Dance is vibrant, clever and dynamic and a re-birth for the band so it has a natural exuberance. Ripples is just an achingly beautiful set of chords and melody, superbly sang and performed by all musicians, with a solo from Steve that does what we'd come to expect from him by adding to the atmosphere and drama - taking its time and understating itself. Entangled was one of a number I could have chosen in third place but won for similar reasons to Ripples and is very evocative. I have a real soft spot for the title track as I used to sing my kids to sleep with it, with a voice that wouldn't stand up to any scrutiny beyond home but didn't traumatise them too much. I liked that Genesis could produce a little whimsical number, a bit like the Beatles did with Yellow Submarine, Octopus's Garden etc

    No need to apologise but thanks anyway. Love the Clive James quip, a very funny and clever man, sadly missed. Yes, Phil was best man at Peter’s 2002 wedding. Peter’s choice of wedding song seems more appropriate than Phil’s but it must be quite something to see any of them perform in such intimate settings. It’s all gone quiet on the reunion front so it may only be in private gigs at they perform in various combinations I suppose.

    I went for Behind the Lines and The two Duke closers. The opener is upbeat, holds the interest and has a great rhythm section. The two closers are a tour de force with a bit of mystery thrown in. I like a lot of this album. Turn it on again is a later classic short song and there’s not a bad track on it although I always felt the vocals of Man of our time were buried too deep in the mix.

    My first go at starting a thread so hope it’s in the right place etc.

    I seem to remember reading that members of the band performed at the more recent weddings of Gabriel and Collins (not to each other...) but I have not found any detail as to who performed and what they played. Can anyone enlighten? Thanks in advance

    Lots of great stuff on here and it highlights what a loss Hackett was to be. I think the whole album holds together well without being too samey. In the CD era, Inside and Out would have been included, though Pigeons and Match of the Day probably best left as pleasant B-sides. If they could have continued to produce albums of this quality, a good balance of long and shorter songs with enough to reward repeated listenings, I'd have been happier. But I don't blame them for the changes that were to come and they did still produce some great stuff. But Wind is the last album where I really liked every track- even Your Own Special Way, despite the bland solo.

    One of their weaker albums for me. I favour all the albums up to this one bit I do think Down and Out is a great start (incidentally The Musical Box did a stunning version of this in Birmingham). The Undertow is a lovely, sad and poignant piece and Follow You Follow Me is a really well written and performed short song. The rest of the album is pleasant enough but I expect more than pleasant from this band.

    Three very strong tracks in what for me is one of their weaker albums and one I hardly ever play. In my 123 order - No Son of Mine, Fading Lights and Driving the Last Spike. That makes the length up of fabulous second side of an old vinyl LP (although you’d have to change the running order as finish with Fading Lights) but I’d struggle a bit to make up a first side. But to me these three stand up with any era of their work.

    Without hesitation Supper’s Ready. Certainly

    it started out as a collection of shorter songs but builds into possibly the greatest epic in prog. Only The Musical Box rivals it for proggy passion and that song possibly achieved in less than half the time what Supper’s Ready does over twenty odd minutes. The Duke suite would have needed a lot more crafting to make a whole to rival Supper’s Ready but, having said that, I like it a lot, either separately or as a suite. It would have made for a weak second side to Duke but I still would have liked them to try it because live, even strung together as a collections of bits, it worked well.

    My 24 year old son has accompanied me to many gigs since he was about 14, including Steve and also tribute bands. He has a fantastic and broad taste in music, mainly from the 60s to 90s. Now, if I can get him into Dad’s Army and some classical music, my work here is done.....