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    As announced this morning it will take until autumn to offer vaccines to all over 18s so I think late autumn is the earliest viable date for large venue gigs. Smaller theatres etc might be able to open sooner with various measures in place. So I think Genesis have choice of going for spring 2022, or deciding that it’s too far away and cancel and maybe do a streamed gig now that they have rehearsed. Personally, although nothing beats a live gig, I’d be happy to get my money back and have a streamed gig or DVD of new live stuff. Then, if they are fit and willing, they can always announce a new tour later on. It’s a great shame but obviously there are much bigger issues to worry about and I think they would be better trying something online now to make the most of the rehearsals and cheer us up. It also makes guest appearances much more viable for whoever is up for it. It also means they can reach the whole planet in the same way and not just the UK.

    sorry to be slow getting back to you, I wanted to check the record myself, but I can see you have already bought a copy! Sounds like you may not listen to the vinyl copy, but for clarity- it is the mix with the strings-in both the mono and stereo albums. There is also a third album of tracks which are available elsewhere, but nice to have them on vinyl. The package is good, looks nice and plays well. Enjoy!

    I have the Abbey Road pressing and really enjoy it. The sound is excellent and I haven’t had any issues with clicks etc

    Hope that helps. There was a thread about it on this forum when it came out that might be worth looking at

    I like it. Match of the Day is a bit embarrassing - you wouldn’t want it to be someone’s introduction to Genesis, but I suppose is a reminder of simpler times- although it was very lightweight even then. The drumming is great on all three tracks. Pigeons is a nice little ditty and a bit of a change for them. Inside out is very strong. Maybe not quite right for the album as it might have made it a bit dark overall had it replaced a lighter track. But it’s good enough in terms of quality to have made the cut. My main feeling is that I’m glad it was the vinyl era. In CD times they might have put them all on Wind and Wuthering and diluted one of their best albums. I think of that when I listen to We Can’t Dance, which as a vinyl album could have been one of their best, but to me is too long and has too much filler. I’d have like it to be a shorter album with an EP of the lighter songs, very much like Spot The Pigoen.

    Great question. I don't want to set the next question though, so please give it to one of the others! I think there were four in the horns but didn't Bill Bruford join them for part of a gig?

    That’s a great suggestion but then could there be some doubt as to where Duchess begins or is it definitely at the end of the drum machine passage and parts of sides three and four of The Lamb blend a bit

    Thanks! That was a great question. I messed up a bit on my first go so I’ll try and phrase this in a way that can be flexible if my answer is wrong!

    Name all those who have drummed on record or on stage with Genesis.

    Hints- it’s a lot more than I first thought. I’m classing Chris Stewart as the first and not counting Nic Collins because he’s not started yet apart from rehearsals. Good luck.

    I’ve read something somewhere about bass pedals being played by hand on I don’t care anymore but don’t think that applies to Ripples? Maybe playing a bass and bass pedals at the same time but that wouldn’t be unique? After that I’m stumped!