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    That’s a tough one- a very even yet superb album with no poor tracks and a very consistently high level of quality control.

    Huge jump forwards from the debut and had the feeling of being well crafted and finely honed. Went for the Knife, Stagnation and White Mountain but could have gone for any. Dusk is lovely and Looking for Someone is also outstanding. This album has everything and even though Collins would have elevated it in some ways I really like the drumming - very derivative of King Crimson but also very apt.

    SH - met him twice, lovely bloke, first four albums brilliant then uneven, now a little samey but superb live and VOTA the great lost Genesis album

    AP - first album superb- maybe the second great lost Genesis album. Lots of lovely stuff and good variety after that

    PG - first four and So excellent and the rest a mixed bag becoming too intense and a bit dull

    TB another superb first album and some good classical stuff. Still is a good pop album. Rest uneven and sometimes very poor

    PC yet another brilliant opener and some classic hits after that, too bland for me much of the time

    MR again brilliant first album very poor second and M&M too bland for me

    RW great voice - didn’t like CAS and haven’t listened to other stuff yet

    The first albums by all of the above (don’t know about Ray) make a superb little collection in my opinion.

    Thanks to StillCan’tDance and bromleybruce for their encouragement and offer of help. Having a complicated lockdown just now with some health issues with older relatives but once I get time I will have a crack at the downloads. As for the box sets they are really nice to have and sound great and I wonder if there’s any way, as a collective, this forum can make contact with the band’s management and see if an small scale reissue could happen? They don’t seem to like issuing new products or live material but surely making official product available would be to everyone’s benefit? At least they could cost it out?

    Believe me, it's worth making the effort to learn how to download the 'live' material. I don't consider myself to be especially IT savvy and when someone first sent me a batch of recordings I so frustrated that person so much with my inability to decode the files that they told me they were sorry they'd sent them in the first place! That was many years ago and I haven't looked back since. Up until recently, there hadn't been too much activity on the Movement site but recent uploads have included an exclusive collection of Phil Collins material previously only available through his official site, an upgrade to the Genesis show recorded at Knebworth 1992 and a new source for one of Phil's shows from his first tour. And a cursory look at the site today reveals yet more new goodies.

    If you're currently in lockdown mode, now would be the ideal time to subscribe to the Movement site and get downloading!

    Thanks for that, I’ll have another look at it and see what I can do. Cheers!

    I agree, but I’ve always thought it poor that Genesis don’t keep up a website. I also would like some live releases. You are quite correct about the Movement but a complete IT plod like me finds that a bit daunting and I couldn’t follow the instructions- completely my fault and no one else’s.

    So I would pay for the convenience of ready made live material. For now it’s YouTube for me and there is a lot of good stuff on there. The box sets are superb and I also like the remixes, they ought to be readily available and it’s a shame they are not, but with the new tour- if and when it happens- there will renewed interest so maybe they will put some ‘product’ out there.

    I’ve sometimes wondered about Phil and set lists. As someone who nearly joined both the Who and Yes he must have been aware that they managed to keep all eras of fans satisfied and so I think his idea of doing Supper’s Ready was an excellent one and I would have preferred it to the medleys - especially as they tended to be similar and revolve around ‘in the bloody cage’ as he once jokingly called it, a track I love and it was brilliant live but was wheeled out time after time. His pop sensibility and arrangers brain plus his understanding of an audience meant it wasn’t unwise to ignore him on such matters.

    My favourite Genesis album, one of the first I bought and as the ‘record player’ was in the room where mum, dad and nan watched telly I played it each night under heavy 1970s headphones and relished every note. I think it’s brilliantly played and produced, a real step up from Foxtrot. Lyrically very absorbing- a bit cluttered by modern standards- but hey, this was the seventies. Not a bad track in sight for me, I am surprised Tony berates After the Ordeal which I think is very evocative of the aftermath of the Battle of Epping Forest and Aisle of Plenty suits the theme of the album beautifully. Also my favourite album cover,

    their first ‘hit’ single and at least three of their best tracks. A real peak.

    I don’t think they’ll have too many hang ups about doing Hacketty stuff.

    I think the bit about mixing him down for Seconds out was a joke (I think English public schools and single sex education lends a certain flavour to banter and they will not have realised the potential hurt - see Mike Rutherford’s book for similar ‘dry’ comments about e.g. Tony’s solo work) and Seconds Out is very blandly mixed all round in my opinion, improved by the most recent half speed 180gm vinyl. It could be that that is the way they sounded on stage then but it is all a bit flabby. Stuff on YouTube from the same tours often sounds more dynamic. I think this time they will end up with a reasonably balanced set, whoever wrote what.

    Last time, as well as the obvious hits they seemed to do a lot of Selling, Trick and Duke, which is a fine spine for any set list, so may do so again. I don’t think Phil will mind sitting on stage whilst instrumentals go on in order to ration his vocals and he may play a bit of percussion. Although he’s my favourite drummer I’d hate him to jeopardise his health and the tour by overdoing attempts to drum. I think the five of them is enough and keeps it nice and tight so I wouldn’t want any more on stage. With all the technology at their disposal, hours of catalogue to go at, plus their evident determination to give a good, professional show, whatever they come up with will be worth seeing

    I went two thirds the same as Nanunami, but with Chamber and Fly instead of Light and Counting. The four we have in common picked themselves for me, with the live versions of In the Cage and Carpet Crawlers being even better. Chamber really showcases Gabriel at his most soulful and Hackett’s Lamia solo is just the sound of a human soul breaking to my ears accompanied by some of Phil’s finest and most sympathetic drumming.

    Well I took the plunge and paid well over the odds for pre pre sale tickets. I share the same emotions as everyone else. It’ll be great to see them again but I’m apprehensive as to how it might go. Ultimately I wanted my son to see them after he has clogged round England watching various tribute bands with me, it was the least I could do. Hopefully they can all stay healthy and enjoy the tour and give us a treat.

    I have to say I love the production on Duke. Very open, lots of space. True, the remix is superior even though some elements of the music got lost in transition (I'm thinking of one of the guitar lines in the "horrible" ^^ Misunderstanding) but I still think the essential Mr Hentschel did a sterling job with the music.

    Agreed. I listened to the 180gm vinyl yesterday at high volume and it performed very well. Man of our Times is the one that sounded odd to my ears on the original pressing and whilst my ears haven’t got any better- that track certainly has in the remix.

    I agree with Still Can’t Dance but I wonder if they might feel that they are known for big productions and that screens and lights might distract and compensate for Phil being stationary. Would also be strange but not necessarily bad to see a post-Peter gig without double drums.

    So they need a re-think at least on that level but then the same could have been said for Phil’s solo tours. Whatever they do I’m sure it will be very well done and good luck to them. For me I’d want a very different set list with new arrangements so we don’t get pale imitations of what went before. I hope they enjoy rehearsing if that’s what they do and then go out with positive finale to what has been a superb career