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    Thanks for this reminder. It’s better than I remembered it. The video seems to start well and fade a bit in my view. Also, quite a few images of Peter, Phil and and Mike, one silhouette of Tony and none that I can see of Steve. Would’ve have been easy to balance that out I would have thought.

    Welcome to the forum Snowbound. I think it’s a good name by the way. Your set list is very well thought out as a prediction of what is likely to happen. I’ve not worked out the timings but it feels it might be a bit longer than we can expect. I much prefer material up to and including Duke, but I recognise the band won’t feel the same and neither will much of the crowd, so I think most of your list will be accurate

    I'm not sure if this fits and I think if you did ask him the genuine answer would be no, but you'd get an "we'll see where the muse takes us" answer but I'd love to know the answer to this-

    Steve's recent rock/prog albums have had a "world" feel to them, as has the recent acoustic venture, and they are all great and very enjoyable. But does he feel he might do something more 'English/pastoral' in the future and might that ever involve Ant again?

    My reason for asking is that, even though I really like his recent output, I yearn a bit for the old twelve string Genesis and also the Steve that gave us 'The Virgin and the Gypsy, and Voyage of the Acolyte, where a piece could breathe slowly without having to nip round the world - musically speaking. I feel he could make some very original music, by exploring those sounds within the context of songs and song cycles which would bring out the talents of this band without having to fly in via the internet exotic instruments from all over the globe every time.

    Anyway, he's a smashing bloke and you'll have a great interview Christian. Enjoy!

    I agree with much of what Justalawnmower says. You can disguise a lot with backing singers (ask Steve!) but I think Mama may well be off the menu - a real shame as it’s one of the very best in my opinion. I think instrumentals and medleys will feature more and I doubt Phil will pick up a stick but will play some hand percussion. I hope the set will be balanced but I think that means a reasonable balance of post-Gabriel with fleeting nods to the early stuff- that wouldn’t be my choice but it makes sense.

    Not sure what ‘town flashbacks’ was meant to be- other than I’m at the wrong (or right) end of a nice bottle of red after an agreeable day with Mrs Lawnmower. I. meant to say odd flashbacks I think. Either way I think you are on the right lines.

    A shrewd set of guesses and I fear you may be on the right lines. If they wanted to play a set that was truly truly representative of their career it would look very different. I think you are correct on going for a similar spine to the 2007 tour with some town flashbacks. Nic’s drumming is likely to be a highlight so I hope you are right with Watcher. I’d be happy with whatever they come up with, but to be really excited I’d want one or two never performed gems, or very rarely performed gems, and that is understandably unlikely!

    It is a shame, but maybe we sometimes have a rosy views of bands all being mates for life. In fact it’s a bit more like Phil and Chester had a row at work and don’t keep in touch. Genesis generally do very well to be professional and remain on good terms and seem to be well known for looking after roadies etc and no-one is perfect. But it does seem as if Phil had almost a personality change, to the point where Chester didn’t feel able to sort it out with him in the spot, as mates would have done. An interesting insight into band politics and dynamics and I think Chester seems to have handled it all well over the years.

    Agreed. I have every confidence that Genesis will always put on a cracking show and Phil has been the utmost professional in terms of value for money with live shows. They have to take account of the passing of time, Blue Girls and all that, and that’s probably why we are getting backing singers. It may not be just Phil’s voice that is suffering with the ageing process, it could be Mike, Tony and Darryl as well. I agree with others that we need a few new/rare tracks in this time and I think we will get one or two.

    I’m not at all sure it will be in 2021 however, but we have to be optimistic I suppose. I think if they do move them again to, say, April 2022, they should make that the last move and refund if they get postponed. If they are serious about September/October I guess we might see some ‘product’ released or re-released as suggested in other threads as Spring develops.

    That’s a good, comprehensive analysis. I think the band are right not to endlessly repackage the same material. What I find disappointing and in contrast to the service that a lot of other major bands provide for their fans, is that people younger than me were not able to buy the box sets and get access to some of that material. If the band saw those box sets as the definitive round up of their canon they should make them available to new fans, younger fans and people who want to update their collections. I’m sure that is expensive to produce but at least some effort could be made to analyse the cost effectiveness. Maybe one big box set, offered directly though an official website. Furthermore, it may be that there is only a small demand for live shows so I think there should be a cheap way of offering official downloads that do not cost the band too much to offer. Finally- Genesis have not had an effective official website for many years, if ever. This of itself is suggestive of a lack of concern for their past and their supporters. If there was such a website, some of the material we talk about on this forum could be offered I’m sure.

    I really like this version of Your Own Special Way as well, and I enjoyed Hackett's versions of Genesis classics with orchestra. Without wanting to labour the off-topic bit too much, I had visited the TGA website recently and struggled with it - but I was on my Iphone. I've just been on it on my laptop and it was very simple to navigate and also to expand the pages. I have a lot of issues with my eyes in terms of reading clearly and age isn't helping, but for what its worth it was fine, looked great and I'm looking forward to exploring it now I've discovered it, so thanks to all!

    As announced this morning it will take until autumn to offer vaccines to all over 18s so I think late autumn is the earliest viable date for large venue gigs. Smaller theatres etc might be able to open sooner with various measures in place. So I think Genesis have choice of going for spring 2022, or deciding that it’s too far away and cancel and maybe do a streamed gig now that they have rehearsed. Personally, although nothing beats a live gig, I’d be happy to get my money back and have a streamed gig or DVD of new live stuff. Then, if they are fit and willing, they can always announce a new tour later on. It’s a great shame but obviously there are much bigger issues to worry about and I think they would be better trying something online now to make the most of the rehearsals and cheer us up. It also makes guest appearances much more viable for whoever is up for it. It also means they can reach the whole planet in the same way and not just the UK.

    sorry to be slow getting back to you, I wanted to check the record myself, but I can see you have already bought a copy! Sounds like you may not listen to the vinyl copy, but for clarity- it is the mix with the strings-in both the mono and stereo albums. There is also a third album of tracks which are available elsewhere, but nice to have them on vinyl. The package is good, looks nice and plays well. Enjoy!