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    In a way, what might have been. A great opening, stunning drums and fantastic vocal. The unusual rhythm drives it along with a certain tension and it whets the appetite for an album which is going to challenge and explore. Sadly that doesn’t happen and it all gets a bit safe. But it proved that they could still produce music that stood out and made you sit up to listen. When The Musical Box performed this live they needed all hands on deck to get near it. Great stuff

    For what it’s worth I think a sensible discussion about the pros and cons of the cruise was perfectly reasonable in this thread and was invited by Christian’s (also perfectly reasonable) opener. Inevitably that discussion will widen into other things ecological, or else it wouldn’t be balanced. I wouldn’t take part, as, despite teaching about ecology for a number of years, I don’t feel qualified any more to make any statement about it until I’ve done more research, but I thought some interesting points were made along the way. I also think we need to get back to a situation where people can explore, discuss and have a good old argument about things without descending into disrespect or being stopped in their tracks. That’s the only way reasoned argument will ever displace strife.

    He didn't leave on particularly good terms (Phil feeling personally snubbed by the way he quit), then he went on to say bad things about the band to the press and instigate legal proceedings against them... It's not surprising they were a little cool towards him just four years later in 1982 (and beyond!)

    I wasn't aware Steve instigated legal proceedings against Genesis? Could you say a bit more or point us to the info please? Thanks

    Spoiler alert!!!

    Great but of footage, which captures well the atmosphere at the gigs. To complete my last comments, the Liverpool gig was also outstanding and enhanced by Amanda’s appearance, who brought even more energy to events, as well as beautiful vocal work on Heirophant. Also, the shift from starting Los Endos off with drum solo rather than Myopia worked well, in effect giving each member of this talented band a chance to shine individually at some point. Nad has developed into a powerful presence and sang with strength and conviction throughout.
    These tours really have arrived at a sweet spot now and I just hope we can have a good few more.

    pawciob1 I love your enthusiasm, but I think you are grossly overestimating how much money Concord would make by releasing a concert video or CD. There's a very small niche market out there of hardcore Genesis fans, and I don't see casual music fans rushing out to buy something like that.

    P.S. I would certainly buy it

    I agree, although I wish it were different. Still, we are only talking about the three man era. The early stuff is still in control of Genesis. Really needs someone like Cherry Red, who are doing wonders with Ant’s albums, to curate it all. But I’m not optimistic about anything of great interest seeing the light of day. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

    Saying at the outset that I’ve no real idea about these things, it strikes me that Tony Smith said they were going to tidy up the catalogue and now they have sold the rights to the three man era. He would have known that at the time so maybe he was thinking of the earlier material? Or perhaps his view of tidying things up is to get rid of them, the approach my wife took to the clutter in our children’s bedrooms when they were younger.

    Went to see Steve and the band on Sunday in Birmingham and last night in Gateshead (Liverpool still to come).

    Have to say they still manage to get better each tour, even though they already seem to playing at an almost perfect standard in terms of technique.

    This tour works because it feels like a fifty fifty split solo/Genesis, even though with encores it’s more like 40/60.

    The solo first half is brilliant, it is heavily weighted to early albums, which makes sense in terms of quality I suppose but I’d like to see a little more of the middle and later period. Foxtrot really works when played in its entirety and I hadn’t quite realised that would be the case. There’s much more light and shade then I’d realised as I still think in terms of album sides, but when played as a whole new aspects are revealed. The drama of Watcher is offset by the simple romance of Timetable, followed by a vaudeville GEOBF, then a mid set crescendo of Can Utility. A timely breather with Horizons and then the epic Supper. In this context the extended guitar solo at the end really made sense, before it finally has a live fade. Amazing stuff, science fiction, medieval romance, knockabout storytelling, historical narrative, Bach-like guitar and the apocalypse set to music.

    Steve gives each musician a chance to shine and is very humble and selfless in treating them as a band. Nad is really shining now. The two venues might have the best sound of the tour, I don’t know, but his voice is now very strong and powerful and he is really occupying the songs and the stage. Don’t know how much longer the ride will go on but catch it if you can.

    As a rule I don’t like ‘look how clever I am’ solos on any instrument and wouldn’t bother to listen to them on record. Live I think is a little different, if it’s done well. I still wouldn’t like to endure some of those self-indulgent ‘highlights’ of the seventies, where the rest of the band can have a pint but in Steve’s shows it seems to me there are two or three spots where he and/or the band can stretch out a bit. The end of SR and IKWIL being the main ones. I think it’s good for Steve to let rip for four minutes or so during a two hour show and the end of SR is as good a place was any, although I think the original ‘live fade’ had to be better. And IKWIL is a nice singalong but given he has to play it every time really he might as well jazz it up and let the band of top flight musos have a little spot. I did email his team and suggest they did Twilight Alehouse on the Foxtrot tour for similar reasons and I thought including a session leftover would work well as it did with Inside and Out on his W&W tour. But generally I agree that he should avoid what we’re always the pitfalls of seventies Prog.

    I agree, the perfect album for them at that point. I have seen cds adverstised from the sessions but they seem to have early versions of the Abacab tracks e.g the long Abacab and the working titles of other tracks. I suppose it may be that they didn’t throw everything away but went back to ideas and completely re-arranged them to make new songs. However I’ve always understood it as throwing everything out and starting from scratch

    When I listen to this it sounds ok but I rarely think to play it and when I do I don’t relish the thought of listening to it. I think Ray’s voice is outstanding and I think they have every right to call it Genesis so it’s not as if I had a poor attitude to it to start with. I just find it dull and samey with one or two exceptions and that makes it feel like another band to me. I prefer earlier Genesis but even on WCD and IT it felt like Genesis because there was a brightness and humour and experimentation. CAS sounds to me like bits of a Mechanics album bolted on to bits of latter Tony Banks solo stuff with the same singer, which it is in some ways and they did say they unexpectedly missed Phil bringing them together to make something new. Banks/Rutherford as a duo was never really a writing combo throughout Genesis until this point. I wish they had carried on but then Ray would have written with them and that might have made it even worse from my point of view. But I fully recognise its quality in places and I’m glad others like it.

    Reading what Choccy and Winstonwolf have said has made me wonder how Phil is doing these days. I don’t expect to hear anything from Genesis again, or Phil solo for that matter, I would also imagine he would be glad never to do another interview, but is there anyone connected with this forum who is due to interview one of the guys or management in the near future who could ask them, firstly how did they enjoy the shows and secondly how is Phil now? I know we’d probably get fairly bland answers but it would be nice to try.