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    Yes, that got me thinking, but I think it means you can't lend it or pass it on in any other form than that in which it is published i.e. you shouldn't put another cover on it or change it and then pass it on. So I think you are safe! I've just started reading it and I think it is very well researched and put together. There are little bits I didn't know and some interesting theories. I know the fact that it was written in German and then translated shows through - I suspect the original German is very well written and sophisticated, which can make for a tricky translation experience. But overall I like it and glad I bought it.

    13 from me. It’s a cracker. Very complicated and possibly only works because Phil’s arranging skills rescued it. The sort of stop/start chopping and changing suits the little playlet style of the lyrics and different characters so it doesn’t become clever for its own sake. My intro to Genesis came from a hand me down copy of Genesis Live and it does pack more of a punch there than on Foxtrot. Likewise, Steve’s recent live version is excellent. Great playing and vocal performance, a complex structure needing tight playing and a vocal tour de force from Gabriel. I really like the flute as well!

    I am similarly placed. Would love to do this but have never been able to follow the various layers of instructions. I suspect this is partly because a tech manager where I used to work advised against it as you leave your PC open to threat whilst downloading and uploading. Now I may have misunderstood him and/or he may be wrong but it was enough to put me off, alongside my technical incompetence. Any enlightenment gratefully received!

    One thing I will ask is what does 2nd Home By The Sea sound like to anyone else. Specifically during Mike's guitar solo. Can't make my mind up if the CD is glitching, if there is a glitch on the recording or there was glitching as Mike performed the solo?

    Have listened to that solo a bit now. Sounds fine to me in that it is as played and was a rare moment of breaking loose a little bit. The guitar is good, rough and not too anchored to the beat which is how Mike wanted it I imagine. He’s a totally different player to Steve and it works well here (although I’d have liked to hear what Steve would have come with…). There is an odd half drum lick which I’m not sure was intended or perhaps was abandoned before it got going and it is a bit naff. It follows a really nice sort of shuffle with the beat a few bars before but this time doesn’t do anything other than provide a slightly jarring little skip which probably would have been better left out. Maybe a little error, perhaps starting to go somewhere and realising it wasn’t the right place, more likely just a slight improvisation which wouldn’t be repeated. But I like the slightly spontaneous feel to the section.

    Yes, a good track, nice, upbeat mood with a bit of class shot through. The drumming is a highlight for me and I liked the involvement of Earth, Wind and Fire. I agree about the keyboards, it’s what makes it sound like Genesis as opposed to Phil. Not quite as punchy as No Reply so I thought the EP was the ideal place for it. Good to see them Top of the Pops as well, with Phil drumming and miming singing.

    I enjoyed listening to this today. I met Richard at a Musical Box gig and had a long chat to him, lovely bloke. He comes across on this show as charming, knowledgeable and a bit scatty. Amanda was great but I’d have liked

    to hear more from her. Richard chatted a lot and perhaps could have allowed her to say a bit more. She chose some great tracks, all in all a good listen.

    Very early days and I’ve only listened to the Lyceum stuff so far but very happy with that. Sounds is as good as I’d expected/hoped. I’ll have a good listen to that Rutherford solo but he can be a bit rough round the edges- not a problem, in fact it’s part of his charm, but I don’t know until I hear it if that’s all it is. I’ve got a lot of this stuff already but I’m very pleased with the package so far. Like most others here I’ll always want more!

    Good. One of the more successful modern Steve tracks which is able to stand out from a very samey crowd by virtue of the opening verses and some nice dark humour. It then loses itself in the instrumental passages a bit but these do follow some patterns which stick in the memory after a few listens. Nad sings well, the deeper tones bringing out the character in his voice. It worked very well live and the organ sound and general over the top chaos made sense. In that respect a bit like Watcher. The difference being that Watcher is an outstanding track on record and even better live. This one is a good track on record that becomes very good live.

    13 from me. One of the best solo tracks by any of the band. It all comes together here, great sound and rhythm. The horns sound wonderful and a superb sax solo. Poignant lyrics of ‘damn - another missed opportunity’ that don’t become maudlin and work as a nice counter to the punchy sounds. That classic Motown drum lick is perfect here.

    Indeed, I don’t think I made it clear enough I was agreeing with you and using those other two songs as contrasts. Moon is a potentially epic track which loses its way, whereas the others are developed in ways which tolerates the grandiose. The production values of the 80s have a lot to answer for.

    Agreed, they’d probably do it differently now I think. Some songs are so cheerfully over the top it’s wonderful - Bohemian Rhapsody being the obvious example.

    Not sure where I’d put John Miles ‘Music’ - certainly more at the Bohemian Rhapsody end of the spectrum. It’s so over the top it’s quite glorious and is anchored to a good tune.

    Saw them in Newcastle. We were probably in the highest seats I’ve ever been in in a theatre which meant we couldn’t see the screens but had a great view of the keyboards and drums. The sound of the instruments was superb- most of the vocals were muddy and quiet which spoilt it a bit but that was because of where we were sitting. I thought it was a great performance. The drummer got carried away and knocked a couple of cymbals over which halted the whole performance for a few minutes but that added to it in a way. I read somewhere that Denis feels too old to be running around topless and that’s fair enough. I know they don’t want to change anything about the performance so I respect the fact he doesn’t just stick a T shirt on but it’s a shame we won’t see this again. I guess if they do more extravaganzas they will do a lengthy Lamb stew but I’d like to think we haven’t seen the last of the props for the Lamia and Slipperman. All the musicians were spot on as usual but special mention to the superb drummer who I think also did amazing harmonies but I couldn’t hear them much. Good to be reminded that back in the Gabriel days they could still have a meaty, punchy sound.

    Simultaneous hiring and firing.

    "Great to have you here, welcome on board. This'll be your desk here. Hey most importantly, kitchen's there, toilets just down the corridor there on the left. OK, now we've covered that, meet Stewart here, he's with our security team. He'll show you straight out. I'm sorry, this is never easy and there's no nice way to do this so just grab your things, hand your pass in at the desk and leave. Now."

    Maybe the gap between hiring and firing is so infinitesimal they co-exist in both states. Oh my god they're Schrödinger's marketing team!

    Just played it again and quite enjoyed it. It’s by no means the strongest track on Duke but neither does it let the side down. I like Tony’s sometimes impenetrable rambles and the melancholy nature of his chord structures suits the words well. I think it adds a good bit of balance to the drama of the suite, the immediacy of the singles and the directness of tracks like Please Don’t Ask. I’d expect Phil to struggle to ‘get behind’ these lyrics but you’d never guess as it’s one of his best performances I think. 12 points from me.