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    Quite right. I love seeing him live and he's a nice bloke as well. I just mean that I think in live performance the main bits should start out live, if they are treated and enhanced and improved that's OK, especially when Steve is a guitarist, not a lead singer. I've seen him throughout his solo career and always thought the bit of echo etc and layers of harmonies work fine, he doesn't need to do anything else. Personally I'd prefer the odd fluffed note, it's all part of the live experience. Either way, as you say, he gives great value and entertainment.

    Erm, I’m a little confused/ignorant about this. I’ve no problem with Steve treating his voice live or on record— I would if he was a lead

    singer, but it is clear that he is not and his voice is like an instrument, and a secondary one for him. But miming would be quite different. Can anyone tell me how much miming is going on here please? If he is singing along to a recording of his own voice I think that crosses a line into Karaoke, but heavy treatment and auto tune in his case would be just about ok for me

    It’s a great album, but I agree with foxfeeder that it slips a notch from heights of the previous three, although beats most of what has come since. I think there is just a little less light and shade with no truly outstanding track but an almost full set of very strong material. I think Hammer in the Sand though maybe an overlooked minor classic, I find it achingly sad and have to be in a fairly strong frame of mind to listen to it. After such a strong opening four albums I suppose it would be unreasonable to expect the same quality for years to come. But I think Steve hits the highs at least once or twice on most albums afterwards whilst never really producing another classic - yet.

    A really thorough and balanced review, which has whetted my appetite for Gateshead in November. I had been really disappointed when Gary left but it sounds as though Steve has found a more than able replacement, although I know what you mean about Phil’s drumming on SEBTP, it is subtle, dynamic and full of seemingly effortless, complex little wrist and finger driven touches on cymbals and snare. Thanks for the detail Christian

    Eventually voted for Selling England, Trick and Foxtrot but it obviously can change by the day. Selling is always my first choice, I like the feel of it as well as the depth and quality of the music, lyrics and imagery. Trick is up there because it has the same qualities but is a little more accessible and dramatic perhaps, almost went for Wind and Wuthering which has higher highs but lower lows. Foxtrot has to be there for Supper's Ready, otherwise it would have been a toss up between Wind, Nursery Cryme, the Lamb and Trespass for me.

    Let’s not be picky. He’s entitled, he’s having fun and making a living. The band are great and the Genesis stuff sounds superb. Nad is a little underpowered at times but he is never put centre stage and is clearly meant to compliment the music and not dominate it. I’d like to see Steve do more of his own classics a so it seems to me that if he does a classic Genesis album, a classic Hackett album and a few new ones all one show, what’s not to like? So I’m really looking forward to the show.

    I was introduced to Genesis in 1978 and I suppose always had the feeling I’d missed the glory years, which did appear in flashes afterwards. ATTWT always feels to me to be a warm album, no challenges or great highs or lows. I like the first two tracks and follow you follow me. I also have soft spots for Snowbound and Scenes.. Many too Many is a great song. The remainder I could do without, which odd given that they are a little proggier. Alll in all it’s great that they carried on and I can find things in most of their post-Steve output to enjoy, but never again was there a whole album where I could immerse myself in every track. Maybe an age thing but then again could immerse myself in at least one solo album by each member after that time. The cover sums it up for me, nice look and warm colours but in the end doesn’t quite hit the spot. I know what Blacksword means in his/her poignant comments and I can see it would be a good album to help get you through tough times.

    Hi Christian, enjoy the meeting, can you thank him for keeping the flag flying for Genesis and imaganitive music and for the value he gives to us. I’d like to know if he will continue a bit of a trend and showcase his own classic albums on future tours. Also, will he keep playing Blood on the Rooftops now Gary has left? Finally, any possibility of further work with Ant?

    Thanks and good luck

    There's the oft mentioned fact from Steve Hackett that Lennon listened to Selling England a lot and liked it, and don't forget David Gower - England cricketer. He was know to be a Genesis fan and if memory serves IKWIL featured in his desert Island Discs.

    I love Steve’s work and Genesis became diminishing returns for me when he left. I’ve spoken to him briefly and he seems a lovely guy. His first four solo albums were great and then the last few I’ve really enjoyed....but it saddens me to say that the feeling I had on hearing The Night Siren is coming back to me on first hearing of this track, namely it’s a bit dull. Too much reliance on rhythm and unusual sounds and too little melody and space....time to breathe. Tellingly, the quieter passages of this track interest me most. But what do I know? He’s got more talent in his little finger than I will ever have. I just hope the album has a bit more light and shade or else it will just merge into the last one. Am I getting older or is it harder to distinguish some of these tracks in the memory? Anyway, I wish him well and look forward to the album.

    Selling England By The Pound

    A Trick of the Tail

    The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway

    Wind and Wuthering



    Nursery Cryme




    ....And then there were three...

    From Genesis to Revelation

    We Can’t Dance

    Invisible Touch

    Calling all stations