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    Just an aside... .did you know Trump wanted to give the award to .... you guessed it... Trump?!

    Yes, I knew of this. He also lied to the world (for the millionth time) when he claimed to have been awarded the Nobel Peace prize...twice!!. He released a hack video of himself on a White House balcony with the Nobel committee. Over the video, he had photo-shopped the Nobel Peace Prize. It's unbelievable that this clown of a man is actually preparing to run for President in 2024. The January 6th committee needs to step up the pace and get this guy incarcerated.

    No decent person could support the fact that Jones claimed those kids who were murdered at Sandy Hook elementary school were in fact not actually killed. That it was a Democrat conspiracy to implement gun control. Can you imagine being a parent who lost their beautiful child to murder having to deal with a fuckface piece of shit telling the world that he or she wasn't murdered. That it was all made up. They needed to lock him up and throw away the key.

    I fervently hope that walking sack of shit that goes by Alex Jones is very, very unhappy right now.

    Yeah, me too. Before Alex Jones, there was an equally horrible conspiracy theorist radio personality named Rush Limbaugh who was one of Trump's croneys. As President, Trump even bestowed the nation's highest honor on Limbaugh, the Medal of Honor, which completely blew my mind. These guys don't deserve to breathe the same air as decent human beings. Scum-sucking pigs, the lot of them.

    One of the more disturbing elements that broke out during the "Trump years" was the birth of numerous anti-government militia groups across the country, which were emboldened by Trump and other leaders of the Republican Party. Part of their agenda is to recruit members of the community and radicalize these people into holding grievances against the government, and they often express their conspiracy beliefs through intimidation and violence. They have recently started showing up in their military fatigues at wildfire sites as the affected communities are being evacuated, acting as though they've been recruited by the local authorities to assist in the evacuation. On one recent occasion, they set up camp in a parking lot and provided food and beverages for evacuees, but their agenda involved recruiting new members to their ultra-right wing anti-government militia. These groups act on their own and are not affiliated with any government groups, which frustrates local authorities as they try to legitimately coordinate order out of chaos during these emergency situations. Most states have National Guard and military groups ready to help during wildfires and the last thing they want is for these militia groups to show up uninvited and start recruiting citizens into their fold based on lies and unfounded conspiracy theories. It's a sad state of affairs that on top of everything else going on in the world you have asshole anti-government groups showing up during a natural disaster with the sole intent of recruiting victims as they flee their homes, instead of providing them with what they truly need.

    Just to point out the obvious, only one of the 3 you mentioned were really chosen by the electorate, Trump and W lost the popular vote.

    On the topic, I wonder who the candidates will be in 2024. Biden will be seriously old for running a campaign. I can see DeSantis or the like coming out on top in the republican primaries. But who on the Dems side? Warren or Buttigieg maybe?

    How about this for an idea? A Republican and Democrat must run on the same ticket, guaranteeing that something gets done for the people and not the party.

    My first choice for running mates would be Joe Manchin (Democrat) and Susan Collins (Republican). They are both as close to being each others' party as you can get. And I don't care which one runs for President.

    Together, they just might get something done.

    I was a bit upset this morning to get a text message from David Saunders (Ned Flanders) who passed away suddenly in 2020. I don't understand how mentally depraved individuals can be allowed to send their spam mail using the names of dead people. The world has gone mad. Makes me sick. Nothing is regulated anymore. I heard this week that phone companies are now going to be responsible for any hoax where an individual has been scammed and lost money due to these incessant marketing calls. No matter how many I block, they continue to harass us at an alarming rate. RIP David. 🙏 You are greatly missed.

    We have the same problem here in the states. Vendors are setting prices that are in no way commensurate to the current economy. You're right, it's outrageous. Sad that people have turned to greed in times where common sense and understanding are what's needed most.