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    gang of three back to their old tricks again.

    if you get triggered by a (one word!) trigger warning, maybe you should get off social media for a while - can't be good for your blood pressure.

    hate/hatred ..... what on earth are you talking about? (This is coming from someone who spends their day calling complete strangers "gammons". (a lefty twitter insult aimed at fat people of a different political persuasion for those not familiar)).

    It's "Curb your enthusiasm" btw, boredatwork, new series is rather good imo, it's on YT. From the same stable as Seinfield, which is the only reason I mentioned it.


    (fresh) fish supper I think

    Not sure what you're still moaning about.

    At this time, on the dashboard screen

    All 25 of the lastest posts are Genesis related (it's a Genesis news forum btw, those people browsing as guests aren't coming to see what a stranger is listening to on their Samsung)

    12 out of 15 on the Unread threads are nothing to do with Genesis, much like the old dashboard used to be. - Seinfield (Curb is far funnier, but not for those of a woke disposition), song titles and the like dominate.

    And the never ending recent activities list with the display posts button for continuously scrollability is a mixture of the two, (but still mostly off-topic trivia at present.)

    If you aren't seeing that, maybe it's your settings, try logging off and clearing your cookies. It's all there on one page, and should please everyone.

    The naming of these sections could be better btw Christian


    Now, what shall I have for supper....

    Same reason I don't stay logged into bank/utility/any sites, privacy and security, and it's not necessary - this is a source of news for me, not a social life. I occasionally post if I have something to add, or some new media to mention.

    Another Padgham interview up on youtube for anyone interested.

    A vast improvement, especially for us types with a low attention span (or perhaps more important things to do). Thankyou. The good stuff is starting to float to the top.

    Recent posts and likes about song titles, rips, or what you are watching on tv still appear on the dashboard under recent activities.., so you already have the best of both worlds.

    As already mentioned muting doesn't work if not logged in, and at any one time most users of this forum are not logged in or don't have an account. This change may encourage more to join and contribute.

    "Six Of The Best became seven when guitarist Steve Hackett, who left the group in 1977, emerged to an overwhelming ovation"