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    You'd think with nothing else to do, and your business potentially going down the pan, customer service would be something they could concentrate on. How this has been handled has put me off attending some venues ever again.

    I'm of the opinion, (for anything under £100 and not covered by CC regulation) get your refund requests in now before they go bust, or you're stopped from entering due to some (as yet unannounced) covid regulation.

    There is one company many would like to see go under.

    Brandx Uk dates postponed again: No official (and timely) statement of course, just a random answer to a punter who asked what's going on.

    "all the April-May 2021 for the UK are not happening. We are looking at shifting them to Oct-Nov of 2022"

    Would be nice if the bands, venues, and ticket agents (who are still selling tickets for dates that legally can't take place) had the decency to update their websites.

    These directives are being floated by an inept govt machine, who rule out something happening to see how that floats on twitter, various polls, and in the newspapers, and then rule it back in weeks later, with knobs on. The uncertainty and constant backtracking is not doing much for the health of the nation.

    If they rule out swathes of an audience because they haven't been vaccinated or had a test, or are a bit hot because it's a sunny day, that's a nice bit of automatic social distancing via the backdoor. I doubt the ticket agents, or the venue care if people are left out on the concourse, they've been treating customers with contempt for ages.

    The promoters should put it back to summer 2022, NOW. So the prospective audience can relax until these rules are sorted out properly.

    The "we've offered all these people vaccine's" spin, is not all it seems. NO GP, no jab, for a start.

    Bit of a pattern developing with Tony Smith connected bands and Manchester clashes.


    Mason/Brand X


    Talkers, dancers blocking peoples view and refusing to sit down when asked, phone fiddlers, chair kickers, are all annoying.

    Clean toilets is the canary in the mine for me when it comes to venues. There is often a level of contempt for the customer experience throughout the organisation if they can't clean the toilets.

    The last half dozen tribute bands I've seen have ranged from disappointing to thoroughly unpleasant experiences, not because of what was going off on stage, but the surroundings. Can't be bothered with hot sweaty bruising overcrowded stand up gigs in sticky carpeted grotholes anymore. I suspect covid might improve some things, whilst increasing the aggro getting through the door in the first place - it's another excuse for bouncers to get a little too big for their boots.

    Even the bigger bands at large venues can't get it right, the last time the musical box played at the bridgewater hall, people were walking out because the sound was so bad. If the audience cant hear the vocal, you may as well pack up your kit and go home. The toilets were spotless and door staff friendly however.


    One thing about the Watch, they always give the impression they are enjoying it as much as the audience, rather than going through the motions like another trib who shall remain nameless.

    Re watch: All older Genesis, apart from one of their own songs, whenever I've seen them. Worth seeing

    Re brandx - 8th May is a no no legally, the venue has changed once, so who knows where it will be. Sure I saw something hinting that tour dates were going to be put back to the autumn - whether this includes UK remains to be seen. They are not particularly forthcoming with timely information regarding their gigs, you have to hunt for it. There's also the little matter of Covid restrictions which will affect attendance even if it is allowed to go ahead.

    Hopefully covid will put an end to the horrendous sour beer, pile em high and stamp them with dirty ink attitude to the customers in some of the pub/club venues up and down the country. Some soap in the toilets would be a nice change too.

    The media does have a tendency to generate pointless tittle-tattle out of nothing. Perhaps Oprah can interview them to satiate the demand to live someone else's life.

    Turn the question on it's head, and the answer would be remarkably similar, but the blame is shifted.

    Q. Has Phil talked to you at all in the past 10 years?
    A. No. Not at all

    Q. Have you talked to Phil at all in the the past 10 years.

    I don't know of any other sidemen who get their own drum cam angle in a dvd release, The drummer who replaced Chester on the Bee Gees tour film was unidentifiable as he was so far in the background.

    9Million views for Take me Home drum cam, he's considered part of the band and quite rightly loved by the fans.... (apart from the person who said he doesn't know how to hold the drumsticks in the comments)

    CAS had two new drummers, which injected new energy and live drumming into the writing (and live) process


    90 minute interview with NIc on YT recently, with tour set spoilers.

    This is like teenagers getting upset about the storyline in a soap.

    Why do Genesis fans endlessly speculate and ruminate over the most inconsequential of events, and then start making facts up? Just to carry on the conversation?

    Picking out a throwaway line from an interview, and then extrapolating that to some great conspiracy isn't at all sensible. Imagine that life where every word you say is going to be pulled apart by complete strangers.

    I have heard Chester say something along the lines of .. he didn't like Genesis music, he was just there to do a job, (similar to Brufords comments), so him not feeling part of the band is a two way street.

    Men don't tend to keep in touch with anyone outside immediate family. If you're sending cards to everyone you might have worked with decades ago, that's a little eccentric.

    "He's prone to using The Fword (shock horror), when he's drunk, losing his temper, throwing chairs?", whatever next, licking his knife and burping at the table? What are your sources for these nuggets of gossip?

    Racist? - ridiculous - he's dated/married/admired and employed countless people from a different race. Chester would never have been in the band if PC was racist. What do you think Colours was about.

    Life's too short for mights.. the shows might go ahead, they might not, they might play X, they might play Y. As if SH is going to say, hey folks, you don't mind if I cut the last hour of my show at the Apollo, so I can pop down the road to play IKWIL with my old colleagues at the Arena. My expectation is both dates will be rescheduled anyway.

    This weird connected world makes money out of people's unhealthy addiction to clicks, social media and news speculation.

    News reports used to be this happened today, and here's a panda at the zoo story to round things off... Just facts, no opinion, now it's this might happen tomorrow. Just in the last week every newspaper has run the this age group will be vaccinated by this date speculation, every story was completely different.- it's just pointless wasting time thinking about what might happen.

    History shows, the band don't vary setlists much or at all. For such a short run, the most you might get is a one song variation from night to night.

    Nothing extraordinary revealed, hardly anything about the lighting technicalities, which was a bit odd.

    Mike and Tony make a brief appearance.

    2hrs, 20-24 songs have been rehearsed, included snippets or mentions of FOF, HOYH, HBTS, LOC, and Domino (obviously).

    Bits of audio of (presumably a backing singer) singing HBTS (solo), which may feature a dry ice effect (remember that?)

    The show has been professionally filmed (over 2 days), just in case it never happens again. The audience consisted of Angie and Margaret.

    PG rang up Patrick while he was being interviewed, why wasn't expanded upon .. pointless gossip.

    People still moaning about the promoter not rescheduling earlier, or not pulling the tour and giving automatic refunds. Have you not noticed there's a bit of uncertainty about the future of gigs at the moment, they know as much as you. Summer 2022 if you're lucky. If you want a refund, ask for one, the ball is in your court.

    The idea that this (or any) tour is going to go around the world in a not dead yet fashion is pie in the sky fantasy at the moment - the laws on movement and gatherings are changing almost daily - you can't plan anything or get insurance in that environment.

    Don't like backing singers, don't go, stop moaning. They probably have a much better singing voice than Tony, Mike or Daryl.

    Never understood the point of setlist speculation - but it's getting rather dog eating it's own tail when forums are speculating on setlists, based on "press" speculation about setlists, which was based on uninformed gossip from forums about setlists, based on what appears to be on a screen. A Genesis fan should know better - look at who is playing what, and the shape of the image should give you a clue that some of these guesses are wide of the mark.

    The SH response about the Manchester clash is a little naive about how ticketing works, he's going to be playing to a half empty venue unless it is addressed or moved again.