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    I've heard enough of this. Genesis or no, I'm heading to Buffalo to check out this Charlie the Butcher character. And eat some, or possibly all, of his beef. I don't know what a weck is, but if it enhances the flavor of the beef then fine, I'm all in.

    Here's a video of Charlie the Butcher at a trade show in Chicago:

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    I'm ashamed to admit that I've been traveling to Buffalo since the mid 80's and just discovered Charlie a few years ago. There is a shop about 1-2 miles from the Buffalo airport so it's handy for a pre-departure fix or a welcome home weck. Enjoy!

    That Toronto show was fantastic! It had been raining all afternoon, but it turned into an absolutely beautiful evening for an outdoor show.

    For me, Paris and Amsterdam were divorce presents to myself (people buy you wedding presents, but you're on your own for divorce gifts), in part because after the '97/'98 CAS tour of North America was cancelled, I wasn't risking it. Toronto, because why not, Pittsburgh 2 days later, because I was going to be there for a Cubs game anyway, and then home in Chicago. Such a great summer!

    And actually, speaking of the Buffalo area, the night between the Toronto and Pitt shows, I stopped in for a beef on 'weck at Schwabl's in West Seneca. People can keep their wings; beef on 'weck is Buffalo's true gift to the culinary world.

    The Paris and Amsterdam shows must have been a blast. We really enjoyed being in Germany for the two shows and the Dusseldorf show was an indoor stadium show where we had tickets for the floor which was standing only. The Berlin show was at the Olympic Stadium which was a really interesting venue with the history there. We were in Stuttgart the day of that show and even walked outside the venue and could hear part of the soundcheck. I was hoping some magic would present us tickets that afternoon, but we needed to drive on to a hotel just outside Munich that night so I didn't push it.

    I remember driving up from Buffalo that afternoon and thinking we were going to be out in the rain all night and I think there were some thunder storms brewing. We stayed at a hotel near the water and we took a bus to the venue, which was relatively small for an outdoor show.

    If you're back in the Buffalo area you should try this place too:

    They make a pretty decent beef soup too.

    I saw the XRT email this AM too, and was looking at tickets for Tuesday night. I was close to pulling the trigger on a pair, but in the end, decided that it was more than I really wanted to spend. I was crazy / fortunate enough to see them 5x in 2007, and right now, I'm feeling okay letting those continue to be the last shows I'll see. Maybe I'll be kicking myself come September when the Europe shows start, and November when they open North America here in Chicago. But right now, I'm feeling okay about it.

    For folks that are going, Have a Great Time!!

    I completely understand where you're at. I saw them 4x in 2007 and although the setlist remained unchanged each experience was different. I started by buying Stuttgart and Munich before I made travel plans and ended up buying Dusseldorf and Berlin for three of us. At one point my desk drawer was overflowing with tickets. I was able to sell the Munich & Stuttgart tickets for just under what I bough then for. Then they announced the NA leg of the tour and I ended up seeing them in Toronto and Ottawa. Toronto with my wife and Ottawa with my then 16 year old son who thought I was crazy. Those shows are the absolute peak of my concert history and I was really thinking about skipping this tour and leaving it at that. My wife is from the Buffalo area and we have gone there every Thanksgiving for the past 30+ years and the show there is the Sat after. When I saw the timing of that I had to buy two to avoid kicking myself that night. I still expect more announcements, more likely additional shows in existing cities but possibly other cities. The band probably looks at this as probably the "last" one for a number of reasons. Although I think it's cool that Phil has his son playing with him I will truly miss seeing Chester up there. He was there in 1978 when I first saw them and has always been part of the Genesis experience for me, even if he was not a "member" of the band.

    It feel a bit left out. I'm a huge Genesis fan, obviously since I'm on this site, but I was not chosen for the presale. 50% of me is worried I will have to overpay for seats and the other 50% of me is thinking it will just work out.

    I was not able to attend PC Not Dead Yet show something came up at the very last minute and gave away my tickets. I'v have been regretting not seeing the show and don't want that same feeling again.

    What city are you looking for tickets in? Hopefully you come up with some options in the General Public sale or they add a show to a city (which they announced some already) you can make it to. I was considering being more aggressive price wise for tickets but the tickets really close were just laughable and some of the other "Premium" deals were far enough away from the stage that I didn't think it was worth it. At the Ottawa show in 2007 I ended up with 4th row seats in the Fan Presale and actually made it up to the first row for the second half of the show when some young women who were sitting there disappeared??

    Extra shows announced for Chicago, Montreal and NYC…-2021-all-dates-s772.html

    Is my memory correct in that for the Turn It On Again Tour in 2007 they not only added shows to cities in the initial announcement, they also added additional cities?

    I remember buying tickets for Hartford and ended up selling those and doing the Toronto and Ottawa shows instead. Also saw them in Dusseldorf and Berlin, so live in the U.S. and didn't get to a show in the U.S. on that tour. I came close to going to Albany, which I believe was one of the later additions, but couldn't pull it off and had seen four shows on the tour already.

    Buffalo floor tickets now appear to be $1,000 to $1,800 for a scattering of seats in the first 10 rows. Beyond that $300-700. Lower bowl $220-$350. Upper sections $150-$220. There might be other prices beyond these, but thats a sample of most of the areas.

    I started out about 1600 in que for the Buffalo show at 10. Was able to see tickets at about 10:05. Browsed around to see what ticket prices were like in a few different areas and then tried to buy 4-5 different pairs only to be told that someone had beat me to them. Finally got two on the first level directly out from the stage. Tix were $220 each and then Ticketmaster added on $115 in fees.

    First show I saw on the ATTWT Tour in 1978 were $5.50/$6.50/$7.50.