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    This is why Tony Smith is a rich man.

    Imagine how rich he could have been if only he was not stuck to his fax machine and understood how social media or the internet works. Anyway, I wish him good luck, of course.

    Regarding "foreigners" travelling to the UK shows, it seems fully vaccinated people from any EU country are now welcome with a couple of PCR related caveats. There are other "green" and "amber" countries too where such travel is permitted.

    As some venues and the NHS let me know also 2nd class people are welcome. Everyone coming from outside the UK must provide a negative corona test and book the second test in advance before entering the country. Green country people do not even have to quarantine whatever their vaccination status is.

    The bad thing would be that anyone who travelled with someone who tests positive on day two must quarantine. That is my latest information from last friday.

    Hopefully, we all get as rich as Tony S. when we make it and visit every single show in the UK.

    So disappointing that they remove it silently. I desperately expected the usual empty phrases like: Due to underwhelming demand and unprecedented idiocracy Genesis confirm their unspectacular departure from Ireland for the first time in 100 years. Stay tuned and hold on to your fax machine for even less information because we do not know how internet works.

    Funny times.


    Of course that's you forgetting that bands and touring are business's. They need to follow what their insurance company tells them, what the venue tells them etc.


    Some "foreigners" as you put it, are in red list countries. That is why they cannot travel. Not a decision by the band or the band's tour insurance company.

    That is right. No one has the responsibility for decisions because everyone is told by someone. Like a Domino principle A tells B tells D tells E tells A. Finally, we do what we're told just like in Milgram's experiment. No surprise so far. Do not have to think about it. Just follow. Still, they are not dead yet. So, maybe we will really see some concert.

    No problem. Now we all know that one can get covid and pass it on to others even if vaxxed. Anyway, the real problem is mankind being split apart in two parts. Friends become enemies. The bad nature of all of us is revealed once again. Humanity is showing its true colors right now in a crisis. That really is the worst possible outcome.

    Are you questioning the veracity of the story?


    Did this poor guy really utter this following lie:

    In 6 months, we’ve gone from the vax ending the pandemic—to you can still get covid even if vaxxed—to you can pass covid onto others even if vaxxed

    sad sad sad

    if ever there was a story for the times we live in. A Texas GOP official, anti-vaxxer, called an MD promoting good vaccine news "an enemy of free people", accompanied by a # of something like "shove your vaccine where the sun don't shine". This was in April. He just died of COVID-19 at the age of 45, leaving a wife and infant child behind (who also have COVID). The GOP released a statement mourning his passing with no mention of the virus in it. No highlighting the risk of going unvaccinated.

    The shocking thing is none of this is surprising, tragic though it may be.

    So. That is all true?!

    02 still sending me emails about upgrading my tickets, as well as other looking like they are expecting the go ahead.

    Well, they only want to collect money because they are running out of it. So you cannot expect anything but having transferred money to another person or company.

    Yes I've heard similar things. The place I work will mandate it once it's approved I believe. Seems like the only way some people will take it.

    It will only work if people are so stupid as to accept such rules. I had my third dose but I would never ever want anybody else to do something they just do not want to do.

    Reading about this possible collapse of the Atlantic Meridional current whilst a pandemic rages on has me feeling a little of the old existential dread, and fearing for the world I'm gifting my kids.

    Mother earth already got rid of the pandemic called human being several times. Anyway, one does not need to be afraid because we all must die. And do not whine because having (to many) children is the main problem. If not so many people were so selfish to starting an own family, we all had more space to breathe on our small ship. And therefore I also would not call the world a gift anymore today. Sadly, I know many selfish parents who seem to ignore their children's future and are bad parents with the prospect of obvious problems coming.

    Quote from a random mother or father

    But who cares?! Now I have a sweet little child. Now I am happy. So do not dare to tell me about the future and get vaccinated because that is the only problem I can see. I, I, I, Me, Me, Me, My, My, My.

    … Still no statement from the band. Or did we miss something?

    Patience you must have young padawan!

    But does this really surprise you? I mean, Genesis' online presence is rather a joke than anything else. So I think you get their "news" via fax machine. Mail or Web is just way too new technology, isn't it.