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    In Montreal, it took me a good 15 minutes to get in. I was in line at 7:15 and in the Bell Center around 7:30. I'm curious to see how it will turn out for the folks in Toronto.

    The problem in Toronto is the owners of the arena [Rogers].

    They are cheap basters how are paranoid about getting sued. This arena is not fan friendly.

    However , good luck everyone and enjoy. i cannot wait. Tonight , Tonight , Tonight.:):thumbup::love:

    I am going to tomorrow night's show. Still have to download the tickets to my phone as apparently they want to check them electronically.

    Oh yes! That is the only ticket that they will except. Have all of your Covid vaccination proof on paper or on your phone [2 vaccinations]. You can bring in small cameras with out a removable lense. You cannot bring in bags with straps , only very small purses They are cheap bastards. Be there early at the gates. Gates open at 6:30pm.

    Who knows how long it is going to take to get in.?=O

    It's a terrible format isn't it. It was made at a time when live music films were mucked around with, as though the makers felt that just showing the performance wasn't enough and it needed to be interspersed with other stuff. One of the worst bits is just before that exultant climactic segment of M&SJ it cuts to another interview and doesn't return.

    I think it is what it is, there's no 'show-only' version, sadly.

    thanks :)

    RUSH , The Tragically Hip , Max Webster , The Guess Who , YES , The Rolling Stones , The Beatles , The WHO , Pink Floyd , Led Zeppelin , Leonard Cohen , k. d. Lang , Sarah McLachlan , Jeff Healey [RIP] , Celine Dion , Shania Twain , Neil Young [born in Canada] , The Band [4 out of the 5 members where born in Canada including , Robbie Robertson ] , Peter Gabriel [solo] , Phil Collins 1st / 2 solo albums. Joni Mitchell , Jethro Tull , David Bowie and early Supertramp. AND many others.

    I’m a little surprised they didn’t add a few US shows—maybe Los Angeles, Dallas or Houston, and Denver or Kansas City. Could be the band wants to head back home sooner rather than later as Christmas looms.

    How about more Canadian shows.? We are not America and the Covid situation is less crazy here in Eastern Canada.

    For my Dutch friends , I am glad that they are going to Holland.

    All in all , I just happy that every one seems healthy in Genesis Land and the tour is back on track for most fans. This could have been a whole lot worse.

    I am not saying that Waters wasn't very important to PINK FLOYD. He was a key creative force.

    Just as Peter Gabriel was in early , GENESIS.

    I remember when Gabriel left Genesis the music media and some fans said that Genesis was finished.

    Some fans only like the Gabriel era Genesis.

    Then Genesis came out with ATOTT & WAW. Most of the songs and lyrics were written by Banks , Mike and Hackett. While Gabriel was still in the band the whole band wrote the songs. The only album were Gabriel wrote all the lyrics was for , THE LAMB. Peter was a singer , song writer and an incredible front man. Phil Collins , didn't didn't write many songs until much later after Hackett left. However , because [like Gabriel] Collins was the front singer [and was having a huge solo career] some people thought that it was Collins wrote most of the songs.

    It wasn't until MAMA when the whole band stated writing songs again that Phil wrote more songs with the rest of the group.

    Waters , to this day is still doing interviews where he says the rest of FLOYD treaded him like crap and that the rest of then band tried to take credit for more that they did.

    He has even called PF with out him ,

    " a Pink Floyd cover band "

    When I saw PINK FLOYD live with out Waters I didn't miss Waters at all on stage.

    I saw Waters first solo tour with Eric Clapton of lead guitar.

    Clapton is a great guitarist but he couldn't do Glimours guitar style at all.

    The Floyd songs sounded strange and off.

    Roger Waters left PINK FLOYD decades ago and he is still whining in public about how he was all of Pink Floyd which is completely untrue.

    It is no wonder that the rest of Pink Floyd don't like , ROGER.

    Imagine if Peter Gabriel told Genesis that they can't use the GENESIS' name and still whined for decades about how the other bands members really did almost nothing in the band etc...? And he did it all in a public forum???

    1. I don't listen to Pink Floyd to hear Roger sing and play bass. I listen to Pink Floyd to hear Glimour's voice , guitar , Mason's drumming and Wrights' keyboards.

    That is the Pink Floyd , sound.

    2. Glimour and Wright wrote the music for some of Pink Floyd's greatest songs.

    One Of These Days and Echos. The whole band wrote mostly all the music for , Dark Side.

    Wright wrote the music for the songs Us And Them , Great Gig In The Sky and Any Colour You Like.

    Glimour co wrote Time , Breath and other songs. The only songs that were totally just Waters were Money and Brain Damage. Yes , Roger wrote all the lyrics. A lot of them , I find depressing.

    Then you have , Wish You Were Here. Glimour and Wright wrote the music for all of Shine On and the song Wish You Were Here.

    Roger only sings on 1 song , Welcome To the Machine [his song] and he didn't sing his own song , Have A Cigar. The singer was , Roy Harper.

    Animals , is all Rogers except for the song , Dogs that was co written with , Glimour. What would Animals sounded like with out Glimour's guitar and Wright's keyboards???

    As for The Wall the 3 best songs [in my opinion] Another Brick , Run Like Hell and Comfortable Numb were co written by Glimour.

    Roger can have , The Final Cut. One of PF worst albums.

    Roger Waters , didn't make any of the Pink Floyd films , album covers , light shows and puppets etc...Pink Floyd had many creative people working for them.

    As for using other musicians PINK FLOYD used back up singers and Sax players many times.

    If you need any more proof that Glimour , Wright and Mason were the PINK FLOYD sound listen to the album mostly instrumental album , ENDLESS RIVER.

    ROGER WATERS , is rich and famous. He is on his 5th marriage and he doesn't seem to like mostly any one.

    Roger , there is a saying.

    If every one at a party is an ass.... , then YOU are the ass....||

    Just thinking this evening... If Phil didn't get it and four others did... Is he going to be thinking "man, I dodged a bullet there"? Should we be thinking that? I want to see them so badly, and I'm confident the show will go on, but maybe putting a 70 year old diabetic in front of thousands of cheering/singing/shouting fans just isn't a brilliant idea.

    The recent adding of the rescheduled in London and adding more dates in the U.S. is a very great sign that all will be Ok in Genesis Land. :thumbup::)

    Key words: "within the band". My biggest fear is Phil given every other health issue he has and also the other guys given their age (71). Not to be a downer but I"m not terribly surprised given how contagious variants are and how bleed through cases (vaccinated people contracting Covid-19) are popping up all over the place. Hopefully, their vaccines will prevent any serious health issues requiring hospitalization (which is their main intent).

    I also feel bad for people that had tickets to these last UK shows. Hopefully, they will be rescheduled. I am, however, considerably less optimistic for those of us on this side of the pond. Given quarantining rules and such, I have a hard time seeing how all NA shows will proceed. I hope to be proven wrong 100%.

    I hope that they are ALL alright.

    Apparently there may be a new variant that is more dangerous than Delta in England. I saw this on CNN from the US in Canada.

    I hope not but please get fully vaccinated every one. I am getting my 3rd shot [booster] this Tuesday.

    My thoughts and prayers are with every one.

    Take care. Music is great but lives are so much more important. Covid 2019 is not just another common Flu.