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    Not trying to pick a bone at all but if I had watched a Genesis video from 1973, 1976, 1980, etc., at the time, should I also have not judged the performance and just "see them live"? I have tickets for Genesis too this time around, let me clear. But my level of enthusiasm is at about a "1" on a 1-10 scale, after seeing these videos. You can delude yourself into thinking that they sound great; they don't unless you're tone deaf. Phil Collins can't sing anymore, period. His timbre is horrible, he's off key a good chunk of the time and he can't sing to the tempo (just watch the damned videos). Yes, the visuals are great, yes, the musicianship (mostly) is ok but that's not enough for a professional show that's charging $150-$500 a ticket. Come on! You wouldn't accept this from any other act! Now if you want to enjoy the company of other G-fans and have fun for one night, I get that. But to push the argument that they sound great? Not even close, unless you're completely delusional or your only experience of them live is 2007.

    I had all the same reservations you did, I really did. I had seen all the teasers and clips prior to going and I really thought Phil couldn't carry this off. You're right his tone and timing is off. It was a bit painful and worrying at times.

    Then I went to Manchester and admittedly I was 10 rows from the front, but they blew my mind. I was literally buzzing for days.

    Was Phil a bit off? Yes. Was he terrible? Not at all. Was he trying his best? Absolutely. Was he winning the audience over? They were in the palm of his hand.

    The band honestly sounded as good as ever (albeit with undesirable key changes which didn't bother me in the end). In the instrumental sections you could close your eyes and it was the same old band, as tight as ever. The mix/PA was excellent too, total clarity.

    I also watched the Newcastle show the other night and Phil had noticeably improved in just a week or so and was in good spirits. I bet by the O2 he would've been pretty sharp.

    Remember the concert films from the 70s and 80s were all well rehearsed deep into tours, professionally shot and mixed. It's just not comparable to smartphone footage in the early stages of a tour after a 14 year break at the age of 70!

    Would I want to listen to this tour as a pro recording? Well I don't think it does anything the 2007 recording doesn't do. Yes the vocals will be better from that. Or from Seconds Out or Three Sides etc. But this is first and foremost a live performance, and in that respect it 100% delivers.

    I think it's good you have low expectations, you'll be pleasantly surprised! I'd reserve judgement a little until you see them.

    Of course it's not 1978 or whatever. I wish it was. But it's this or nothing. And believe me this version of Genesis still knocks it out of the park in a way not many bands can.

    Phil wasn’t tested positive, our sources say. But anyway, they had to do it. Whether or not they knew before the show on the 7th is subject to speculations. Their behavior during that show might indicate they knew. Maybe they learned about this just before the show.

    Sounds like something like that happened and explains the hasty exit. They must be gutted, they've had a bumpy ride on this tour so far but they've been killing it on stage!

    I read that too. From my vantage point right at the front, I didn't see what I'd call "storming off". At the point I'd expect them to take bows, TB simply got up from his stool and walked off. The others simply followed. I suppose as he's nearest the exit, his leaving dictated that the others had no choice but there was no exchange of confused looks between them or anything like that. In fact, it had the air of something that had been agreed beforehand. Why that would be, only they'd know.

    It certainly wasn't as though Banks looked furious, slammed a fist down on his keyboard, kicked his stool over, threw his arms in the air and stomped to the exit swearing loudly. Had he done so, it would've been worth the ticket price on its own.

    It sounds like something was clearly amiss last night but they soldiered on.

    I don't mean to sound disrespectful by posting this but after listening to the Glasgow video.... Eeeekkkk. Phil's voice was horrible, off-key, off tempo, etc. I'm willing to give the guy some love and slack (lower keys, change in tone, etc.) but this was beyond the bounds of what a professional musician should be able to deliver, especially at the ticket prices charged for this tour.

    Also with no disrespect but I think there's a lot of confusion with people watching videos and making judgements about the quality. Remember it is first and foremost a live show and live shows are rough and ready at the best of times. They're also very forgiving in a way that videos aren't (particularly phone videos on youtube).

    The atmosphere in that room was electric and Genesis on 50% functioning power is still better than most other bands on 100%. Also this is the first time Genesis has toured in the smartphone/youtube era so people are seeing them in a whole new way. I bet the early shows in 2007 were rough too but by the time they filmed them they're on fire.

    It's 2021 and you have to set different standards, but really the show isn't diminished by the situation, it just forces us to confront new realities and appreciate that somehow they used to be even better!

    I predict they'll just tack these make-up shows, along with Ireland, onto the schedule of the inevitable 2022 tour dates.

    Yes I know Phil said they would not be continuing next year, but I do not believe it. I still fully believe they'll do a few months' worth next year, before wrapping it up.

    We shall see.

    I would guess 2022 shows are now more likely too. But it may still just be playing out existing obligations. Might spur on some extra dates though to make it more worthwhile. I saw the show but I'm genuinely gutted for those that won't for the time being.

    I'm surprised they're doing as many dates as they are tbh.

    In the 2007 documentary Phil says "you can do more than 20 shows if you want but you'll be doing them without a singer"...

    But in the recent documentary, Tony or Mike says something like "no doubt our manager is working on other dates".

    From accounts posted here, Phil's voice appears to be improving with the tour. And I dare say that has bolstered his confidence.

    But I can't see them doing much more if any. I really don't think Phil is in a good way in himself. I think he's doing this tour primarily for his son.

    Quite what Phil will do with himself after this is anyones guess. I don't think it's going to be healthy for him.

    A shame they didn't use lockdown to write just one new song... a swan-song. Floyd did Louder Than Words and whilst it didn't change the world, it didn't hurt either.

    Enjoy it while it lasts, the show was great and I'm still debating going to London to see them again!

    Show was 1hr 15mins late owing to generator failure. But they played the full show finishing around 11:30. The crowd were very appreciative as there was some concern at the beginning.

    Band sounded great as you’d expect. PC was on good form and playing the showman. Definitely struggling at times but in a live context fine (Would be different on a live recording I think). The key changes didn’t bother me as much as I thought they would.

    The set list was the same as Birmingham as you’d expect but for me it really was very 80s/90s heavy. The few 70s tracks weren’t enough to re-balance it for me. One or two surprises like Dance on a Volcano or One For The Vine would’ve been nice. Especially with the lack of Los Endos.

    Would love to have seen some of those 70s shows but we take what we can get. The atmosphere was great.