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Amanda Lehmann releases first solo album

"Innocence and Illusion" comes this August

Amanda Lehmannm, who has worked with Steve Hackett a lot in recent years, will release her first solo album Innocence And Illusion on 20th August. The first track from the record, Memory Lane, was already released last year (see here).

The new album contains contributions by various members from the Hackett band, i.e. Roger King, Rob Townsend and Steve Hackett himself. Nick Magnus is also part of the project.

Amanda comments: “I am incredibly proud of this album. There is a wide variety of music, all weaving around the central thread of life's journey; the twists and turns and all the stops along the way, the innocence, the illusions, the hopes and dreams, reflecting on what is, what was, what could be. These songs have been bursting to be heard, and I hope that they speak to everyone who listens to them.”


1) Who Are The Heroes?
2) Tinkerbell
3) Only Happy When It Rains
4) The Watcher
5) Memory Lane
6) Forever Days
7) We Are One
8) Childhood Delusions
9) Where The Small Things Go

Preorders are available here.

UPDATE 11th August 2021: A detailed album review is now online here.

Innocence And Illusion

published on 19.07.21 10:02 by Christian @ Steve Hackett

Amanda Lehmann releases first solo album Comments:

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