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Anthony Phillips: Archive Collection I & II boxset announced

Lots of extras and previously unreleased stuff

Esoteric / CherryRed have announced a new 5CD set from Anthony Phillips. This time the two Archive Collection albums are upgraded. There are reviews of the original releases of both albums on our website (Volume I | Volume II).

The 5CD box set comes in the usual "clamshell" packaging with some extra tracks. For example, the second CD of Volume 1, which had only five tracks in the first edition (called "Special Limited Edition EP" at the time), now has 13 additional tracks. These are mostly early versions of familiar stuff - we finally get to hear the 1970 demo of Stranger (it it not the Genesis version, though, but was recorded soon after Ant left the band). Also Lucy: An Illusion is now available as a 1978 demo. Both songs we know so far only as 1990s new recordings from the Private Parts & Pieces series.

But there are also some completely unknown titles in the tracklist: Make The Best Of A Bad Situation (1982), In Absentia (1971) and also another demo from the sessions with Mike Rutherford from 1969 called Master Of Creation. The final track is also a little surprise: Pennsylvania Flickhouse, the only studio recording of the Genesis precursor Anon, which we know well by now through the CD release of the German fan club from 2011 (still available). It is the same version of the song.

The tracklists of CDs 1, 3 and 4 are identical to the first editions.

Even more interesting is the extra CD: Here we get for the first time the demo tapes of the complete Masquerade musical, which as we know never made it to the stage. There are 15 pieces in total, recorded between in 1980 and 1981 with Richard Scott. Three of them are known in piano solo versions, here they got new titles, Moonfall (co-writer is Rupert Hine) became Moon's Lament For The Sun, sung by Lindsey Moore (not Sally Ann Triplett, as always assumed).

It is also exciting to ask which version of the musical we will get to hear, since there seem to have been at least two, but possibly also three editing stages with respective demo versions. The track list of bootleg we are aware of (from 2008) includes only 14 pieces, of which only half match by name.

Archive Collection Volume 1 & Volume 2 will be released on 28th January 2022 and is available at CherryRed.

Anthony Phillips Archive Collection Set

Complete Tracklist:


Archive Collection Volume One: Disc One

01. Back to Pluto (1987)
02. Promenade (alternate version 1986)
03. Take This Heart (demo 1972)
04. Beside the Water's Edge (demo 1977)
05. The Geese and The Ghost (kiddies mix 1975)
06. Which Way the Wind Blows (alternate version 1975)
07. Rowey Song (1972)
08. Lucy Will (demo 1978)
09. God If I Saw Her Now (demo 1970)
10. In Memoriam Ad (demo 1970)
11. Hunt Song (demo 1977)
12. Rule Britannia Closing Theme (1981)
13. Exocet (instrumental mix 1982)
14. Study In G (1978)
15. Holy Deadlock (vocal mix 1978)
16. Catch You When You Fall (1978)
17. F Sharp (demo 1969)
18. The Geese And The Ghost (demo 1969)
19. F Sharp 2 (demo 1969)
20. Rowey Reprise (1972)
21. Slow Dance (single demo 1990)
22. The But-Out Cattle Truck Hits the Road (1991)
23. The Women Were Watching (instrumental mix 1982)


Archive Collection Volume One: Disc Two

Tracks 6-18 previously unreleased

01. KIP PJ (1978)
02. Queen Bettine (demo 1972)
03. What Is the Meaning? (demo 1969)
04. Farewell (demo 1969)
05. Cradle Song (1978)
06. Master of Time (instrumental version 1973)
07. Lucy: An Illusion (1978)
08. Henry Goes To War (guitars only mix 1975)
09. Sleepfall Celeste (1976)
10. God If I Saw Her Now (alternate version 1975)
11. Make the Best of a Bad Situation (1982)
12. Regrets (initial orchestral run-through 1977)
13. Nightmare Link (1978)
14. Greenhouse (instrumental mix 1977)
15. In Absentia (demo 1971)
16. Stranger (demo 1970)
17. Master Of Creation (demo 1969)
18. Pennsylvania Flickhouse (The Anon demo 1966)


Archive Collection Volume Two: Disc One

01. Guitar Song (demo 1973)
02. The Anthem from Tarka (demo 1988)
03. Deep in the Night (demo 1977)
04. Bleak House (instrumental mix 1978)
05. Our Man in Japan (library piece 1979)
06. Child Song (demo 1973)
07. Old Wives Tale (solo version 1976)
08. Scottish Suite II (i) Leaping Salmon
09. Scottish Suite II (ii) The Witching Hour
10. Scottish Suite II (iii) Two Truths
11. Scottish Suite II (iv) The Letter
12. Scottish Suite II (v) Walpurgis Night
13. Scottish Suite II (vi) Sweet Reaper
14. Scottish Suite II (vii) Why Sinks This Cauldron?
15. Scottish Suite II (viii) Her Last Sleepwalk
16. Sally (instrumental mix 1982)
17. Windmill (demo 1971)
18. Tregenna Afternoons (demo 1973)
19. Lofty Vaults (library piece 1979)
20. Variation on a Theme of Fantomas (demo 1973)
21. Picardy Pictures (demo 1972)
22. Polar Lights (library piece 1979)
23. The Ridolfi Plot (demo 1978)
24. Falling for Love (instrumental mix 1982)


Archive Collection Volume Two: Disc Two

01. Highland Fling (library piece 1979)
02. Prelude #1 (1981)
03. Siesta (1981)
04. Bubble and Squeak (1981)
05. Guru (instrumental mix 1982)
06. Shady Arbours (1974)
07. West Side Alice (1983)
08. Vic's Tango (demo 1983)
09. Seven Long Years (instrumental mix 1976)
10. Romeo and Juliet (library piece 1976)
11. I Saw You Today (1978)
12. The Anthem from Tarka (alternate mix of demo 1988)
13. Quadrille (from Alice) (1983)
14. Desert Suite (i) Sand Dance
15. Desert Suite (ii) Pipelines
16. Desert Suite (iii) End Theme
17. Fantomas Opening Theme (film music 1973)
18. Sistine (instrumental mix 1982)
19. Sisters of Remindum (basic mix 1977 / 1978)
20. Will the Last Man Off the Ice Rink (Please Turm Out the Lights) (1973)
21. Finale (instrumental mix 1982)


The Masquerade Tapes - previously unreleased

01. Overture
02. Moon
03. Sun
04. Tara's Theme
05. Craw
06. All Horrors Of The Night
07. Penny Pockets
08. Hare B Minor
09. Destiny
10. Fire
11. Yellow Carpet
12. Masque Moon
13. Moon's Lament For The Sun (Vocal by Lindsey Moore)
14. Last of the Heavy Hares
15. Only A Dream

You can discuss this release in our online form in this thread.

published on 02.11.21 09:16 by Christian @ Anthony Phillips

Anthony Phillips: Archive Collection I & II boxset announced Comments:

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