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Anthony Phillips: "Missing Links" I-IV 5CD-Boxset

Boxset with all four albums plus bonus material

Anthony Phillips and Esoteric Recordings have announced the release of Missing Links I-IV, a remastered 5CD clamshell box set comprising the four original Missing Links albums - plus a disc with bonus material.

The Missing Links series was begun as a way to fill in some of the gaps in Ant's commercially released musical output and allow fans the opportunity to hear some of his Library and Television music. The series began in 1989 with the release of the first volume Finger Painting (initially made available as a limited edition cassette release) which featured selections from various projects that Ant had written and recorded over the previous ten years. A second volume - The Sky Road - followed in 1994, featuring a further selection of Library and Television pieces alongside previously unreleased album pieces and archive tracks.

The third volume - Time & Tide - was released in 1997 and brought together for the first time on a commercial release the best of Ant's collaborative work with Joji Hirota, much of which has been featured on award-winning programmes in the long-running Survival series. 2009 saw the release of the fourth volume - Pathways and Promenades (also check our review here) - which brought together many of the individual tracks by Ant that had previously only been released on various artist compilations alongside some unreleased tracks from his library output.

Anthony has worked with his archivist Jon Dann to prepare this new boxed set edition of this wonderful music, compiling a new additional 27 track CD Extra Missing Links of previously unreleased and rare archive material exclusive to this set. Release date is 27th November 2020.

You can preorder the set at amazonUK or CherryRed.

Missing Links


CD1 - Missing Links Volume One: Finger Painting

1 Force Majeure
2 Mountain Voices
3 Lord Of The Smoking Mirror
4 Sea Horses
5 Dungeons
6 Between The Rings
7 Evening Ascent
8 Streamer
9 After The Rain
10 Rottweiler
11 Sad Fish
12 A Song
13 God's Chosen Car Park Suite (Processional - Meditation - Cave Painting)
14 Tropical Moon Over Dorking Suite (Estrangement - Myra's Dream - Reconciliation)
15 Fountain Pool
16 Q.
17 Three Piece Suite (To The Shrine - Through The Forest - Towards The Light)
18 Boulevard Of Fallen Leaves
19 Land Of Dragons Suite (Land Of Dragons (Part 1) - Kites - Harbour At Sunset - Dance Of The Crabs - Sand Octopus And The King Crabs - Do The Shrimps Know They're Chinese - Land Of Dragons (Part 2))
20 And A Prayer
21 Tierra Del Fuego
22 Paradise Found

CD2 - Missing Links Volume Two: The Sky Road

A Collection Of Archive, Commission And Unreleased Album Material

1 Exile
2 Lifeboat Suite (Opening Theme - Sunday Moing - Another Shout - Across The Sandbar - Storm Warning - Kim Waits - The Rescue Of The Janet C - Let Not The Deep Swallow Me Up - Closing Theme)
3 The Bitter Suite (part 1 & 2)
4 Across The River Styx
5 A Flock Of Souls
6 Along The Towpath
7 The Sky Road
8 Tears On A Rainy Day
9 Tiwai: Island Of The Apes Bats - In The Firmament
10 Wild Voices, Quiet Waters Suite Twilight On The Lake - Winterloons - Waterstar - Serenita
11 Timepiece
12 Field Of Eteity (Excerpts From The Original Version)
13 The Beggar And The Thief

CD3 - Missing Links Volume Three: Time And Tide

A Collection Of Television And Library Music 1992 - 1997

1 Amazonas
2 Peruvian Plains
3 Manatee Garden
4 Turtle Race
5 Indio Wedding
6 Underwater Forest
7 Fiesta Del Charangos
8 Slow Hand Sloth
9 River Chase
10 Sacred Kingdom
11 African Dream
12 Bedouin Train
13 Sandstorm
14 Kalahari March
15 Songoku
16 Schuan Jouey
17 Slow Boat To China
18 Back In The Land Of Dragons
19 Shadow Puppet
20 Sea Jewel
21 End Theme For Five
22 Minnow Dance
23 Sunken Galleons
24 Haunting The Dark Sea
25 Time And Tide
26 Okavanga
27 Under Desert Stars
28 Lost In A Desert Night
29 Blue Lagoons

CD4 - Missing Links IV: Pathways & Promenades

1 The Golden Road To Samarkand
2 Promenade
3 Sceptred Isle
4 Danza Cucaracha
5 Fallen Idol
6 Cascades
7 Sky Dawn
8 Misty Mountains
9 It-s All Greek To Me
10 Haven From The Sea
11 Heavenly Gene
12 Ironclad
13 Water Gardens
14 Night Train
15 Sleeping Giant
16 Sombrero
17 Irish Lament
18 Aurora
19 Without You
20 Sad Exodus
21 Summer Of Love
22 Light Rain
23 Halcyon Days

CD5: Extra Missing Links

1 Opening Theme For Five
2 Empire Of The Elephant
3 Great Rift Valley
4 Dwellers Of The Deep
5 Exile Link
6 Freeway Dude
7 Sumatra
8 Tears On A Rainy Day Link
9 Is There Anyone Out There?
10 Antibes Cocktail
11 Tropical Moon Romance
12 Sitar Pastoral
13 Wings Over The World
14 Stakeout
15 Bush Babies Suite
16 Sky Road Link
17 Citizens Of The Coral
18 Estrangement (Piano Mix)
19 Night Search
20 Granada
21 A Noble Spirit
22 In The Heart Of Africa
23 Malve Hills
24 Flight Of The Snow Geese
25 Never Meant To Be
26 New Alchemists Suite
27 The Beggar & The Thief (Instrumental V)

published on 05.10.20 17:25 by Christian @ Anthony Phillips

Anthony Phillips: "Missing Links" I-IV 5CD-Boxset Comments:

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