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Genesis: 45th anniversary of "The Silent Sun"

DECCA released The Silent Sun on 22nd February 1968

Genesis The Silent SunIt's been a long long time ... hasne't it? Yes, indeed: Today, we can celebrate the 45th anniversary of the very first Genesis release. The Silent Sun was released on 7" by DECCA on 22nd February 1968. It was not successful at all, but it became the inspiration of what was to come. More than a year later, the song The Silent Sun was also released as part of the debut LP From Genesis To Revelation (click here for our review), which also was not successfull. In any case, history was made on that day in February 1968, when a couple of boys, hardly grown up, released their first ever record and started a long, fascinating career. Happy Anniversary!

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published on 22.02.13 18:09 by Christian @ Genesis

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