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Genesis: Reunion & Trespass feature in PROG magazine

22 pages - background stories and interviews

Prog Magazine #109 contains a cover feature about the Genesis reunion and the 50th anniversary of Trespass. Ten pages deal with the background story about the upcoming reunion tour, including new interviews. Additional twelve pages (!) are about the 50th anniversary of Trespass - this was mainly taken from the book The Peter Gabriel Years by Mario Giammetti (Italian title was Gli Ani Prog, review available here, English book available at Burningshed here.

PROG magazine #109 is available from 7th May and can also be purchased in digital format via Apps like MyFavouriteMagazine or Pocketmags.

published on 02.05.20 08:51 by Christian @ Genesis

Genesis: Reunion & Trespass feature in PROG magazine Comments:

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