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Genesis: Tour documentary DVD release

DVD release in North America - also for "When In Rome"

A documentary for the upcoming Genesis tour was broadcasted recently in North America. It will also be aired in the UK this weekend. The documentary is called The Last Domino?, is available on YouTube (see below) and has been discussed by fans in social media, but also here in our online forum.

When In Rome and The Last Domino? DVDs

The documentary will be released on DVD in North America on 2nd November, exclusively by KINO LORBER at this link. This documentary is only available on the North American market and won't be sold elsewhere.

In addition, the concert film of When In Rome, directed by David Mallet, will also be available on DVD via the same source, see here. Running time is only 90 minutes, including a trailer but no further extras. This is the shorter broadcast version which was done in 2008.

Duke's Intro (3.35)
Turn It On Again (4.13)
No Son Of Mine (6.34)
Land of Confusion (4.52)
In The Cage (7.58)
The Cinema Show (3.02)
Duke's Travels (2.40)
Afterglow (3.48)
I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) (7.46)
Mama (7.27)
Domino (11.14)
Conversations With 2 Stools (4.19)
Los Endos (6.11)
Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (2.50)
Invisible Touch (5.10)

When In Rome (DVD) is also an exclusive KINO LORBER North American release.

Both DVDs will NOT be available on Blu-ray.

You may discuss this with other fans in our online forum here.

published on 08.09.21 09:43 by Christian @ Genesis

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