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Jack Hues: "Electro-Acoustic Works 20:20" is out today

Second solo album after "Primitif" in 2020

Jack Hues was the voice on Tony Banks' band project Strictly Inc. For many fans he is also knows for being the front man in Wang Chung. Last year, Jack Hues has released his first proper solo album Primitif (see our news item here). A Live-EP followed and Jack quickly announced the release of a new album in 2021. This has been delayed by a couple of weeks, but now he has released Electro-Acoustic Works 20:20 today!

Jack Hues

The album is available at bamdcamp (Vinyl & CD and a digital album) and some digital music shops. Electro-Acoustic Works 20:20 contains ten tracks:

We Gotta Work Together (04:40)
Don't Waste Words
Slow Gyrs
We Don't Go Out
iNyenga Part I
iNyenga Part II
iNyenga Part III
We Gotta Work Together
(Reprise) (02:33)

The music can be described as independent / experimental singer / songwriter music.

Jack Hues album 2021

published on 24.09.21 15:08 by Christian @ Jack Hues

Jack Hues: "Electro-Acoustic Works 20:20" is out today Comments:

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