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New Genesis books by Robert Ellis

Robert Ellis will publish two photo books this year

A new Genesis book called Genesis 5 by Robert Ellis will be released this spring. Robert Ellis is a photographer and journalist and took photos at many Genesis shows and tours. He has already published a book about the legendary The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway show a few years ago.

The new book Genesis 5 will come this spring (it is called Genesis 5 as it deals with the 5-men-era of the band). It contains photos from 1972-1975, plus 1977 (the last tour with Hackett and Robert identifies Steve with the five-men-era) plus photos from their reunion show at Milton Keynes in 1982. It does not contain photos from the Trick tour, as Robert Ellis simply did not take photos during that tour due to other commitments. The photos about the Lamb-show are different from the ones he had chosen for the Lamb-book a few years ago.

Genesis 5 contains 282 pages and comes in a hard cover. It will be published in late April / early May and is available for preorder (95 Pounds) on his website (the regular price will be 105 Pounds once it's published).

A follow up to this book, called Genesis 3, will come out later this year and deals with the 3-men-era from 1978 until 1987.

Buch Buch 2 Buch 3

published on 28.01.20 06:02 by Christian @ Genesis

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