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Peter Gabriel: More rarity releases on Bandcamp

Full Stretch is complete and anothe early demo

Since last year, Peter Gabriel has been releasing alternative versions of well-known songs, demos, live recordings and other rarities every month for subscribers to his Bandcamp Full Moon Club. After the end of the i/o phase and until he resumes releasing new songs in the spring (according to his own statement), subscribers will receive rare and/or unreleased recordings.
January saw the release of Topping The Mountain, a track from the Full Stretch EP, which was published in 2011 as a supplement to the Spanish art magazine Matador. Full Stretch consists of four tracks and around 45 minutes of ambient music. The recordings are all from the New Blood sessions and have been slowed down considerably for Full Stretch. Topping The Mountain, for example, has its roots in the recordings for the song San Jacinto.
Two days later, for the January full moon, there was a real surprise: the track Funny Man comes from the session with Martin Hall that took place after Gabriel left Genesis at the end of 1975. This is the first time the demo has been officially released, although it was already known as a bootleg in fan circles. However, the Bandcamp version is slightly different from the one we know from the bootlegs.
After yet another longer break, somewhat surprisingly, all three further Full Stretch tracks were released just before the full moon in February: Slow Blooded, Deep Heat, Warm And Alive.
For the February Full Moon some might have expected another track from the first Martin Hall session in 1975, but then Firebird was released, a demo from the summer of 1974, also made with Martin Hall. Anthony Phillips (piano) and Phil Collins (backing vocals, percussion) were also involved in these sessions. You can find more information about these sessions in the Recording Compendium by Peter Gabriel, Part 1 (click here) and also in the Compendiums (Part 1 each) by Anthony Phillips and Phil Collins.
The Bandcamp "Full Moon Club" contains exclusive material only available there and costs £3 per month. A subscription can be started and cancelled at any time (monthly) and can be purchased here. An overview of all exclusive Bandcamp releases can be found in this article (this article will be updated frequently).

Firebird Demo

published on 25.02.24 10:53 by Christian @ Peter Gabriel

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