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Ray Wilson: New album "Song For A Friend"

Two albums to be released this year

The original plan was to release a double album called Backseat Drivers this year. The concept behind Backseat Drivers was to have two separate styles on one album. Ray has written and produced a whole album with more acoustic tracks and another one with full electric arrangements. Now, things will turn out differently:

Ray Wilson - Song For A FriendTwo separate albums are now scheduled: The first album, Song For A Friend, will be released on 3rd June 2016 and contains 10 Tracks. This album has an acoustic atmosphere and reduced arrangements. Ray dedicates this album to a close friend, who died in 2015. The following tracks will be on the album:

01 Old Book On The Shelf
02 Over My Dead Body
03 Cold Light of Day
04 Song For A Friend
05 How Long Is Too Long
06 Not Long Till Springtime
07 Backseat Driving
08 Parallel Souls
09 Tried And Failed
10 High Hopes

All songs were written by Ray Wilson and Uwe Metzler. The last track, High Hopes, is a cover version of the legendary Pink Floyd Song (Gilmour/Samson). Besides Ray, the following musicians appear on the album:

Uwe Metzler (guitars)
Lawrie Macmillan (bass)
Ali Ferguson (atmosphere guitars)
Kool Lyczek (piano, mellotron, hammond)
Nir Z. (drums, track 5)
Marcin Kajper (tenox sax, track 9)
Steve Wilson (backing vocals)
Mario Koszel (percussion)
Peter Hoff (percussion loops)

The album will be available in retail stores in early June. Pre-orders are also possible on Ray Wilson's website shortly. A detailed review will follow within the next weeks.

Later this year (October), another album will be released. It will be called Makes Me Think Of Home and is some kind of a rockier counterpart. More information will be available in the forthcoming weeks.

published on 14.03.16 09:30 by Christian @ Ray Wilson

Ray Wilson: New album "Song For A Friend" Comments:

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