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Ronnie Caryl passed away

Phil's long-time companion died on 18 December

Ronnie Caryl, a long-time companion of Phil Collins and a member of his solo band since 1996, passed away on 18 December. Annie Callingham, who looked after Phil Collins' personal affairs for over 34 years, informed us in an email. Annie received this information directly from Ronnie's wife Melanie. According to the information, Ronnie was ill recently, but seemed to have recovered before his condition quickly and surprisingly went downhill.

Ronnie and Phil shared a long musical partnership and their younger years in particular were to shape both of their lives. Both were members of the bands Hickory and Flaming Youth and both auditioned for Genesis. Whilst Phil was given the position of drummer, Ronnie was unsuccessful as an auditioning guitarist. Around 25 years later, Phil brought Ronnie into his solo band and he also played on his album Dance Into The Light. Ronnie last appeared on stage with Phil on the (Still) Not Dead Yet Tour. Ronnie Caryl was 70 years old. R.I.P.

Photo: Vero Pelletier

published on 18.12.23 23:21 by Christian @ Phil Collins

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