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    Let Me Fly

    Mike + The Mechanics: Let Me Fly (2017)

    Mike and his Mechanics release a new studio album

    When Mike Rutherford decided to work under the name Mike + The Mechanics again in 2009/2010, nobody could have suspected that it would take six years to release the follow-up to the last studio album, The Road, which came out in early 2011. And even if looks like Mike has taken himself a lot of time with the new album, it probably wasn not the case, since the Mechanics played a lot of gigs every year (!) since their comeback in 2010. He eventually became one of the most active musicians from the Genesis family. A best of record was also released in 2014 (click here to read our review). Reactions to their last studio album The Road may not have been so positive, but due to the fact that the band has grown and a couple of years have passed, we can look forward to hearing the new album Let Me Fly, due for release on 7th April via BMG.

    When the time comes we will publish a proper review here, but in the meantime we focus on the facts about that album nand who was involved, besides Andrew Roachford, Tim Howar and Mike Rutherford.


    01 Let Me Fly [4:42]

    (Clark Datchler, Andrew Roachford, Mike Rutherford)

    02 Are You Ready [4:27]

    (Clark Datchler, Tim Howar, Mike Rutherford)

    03 Wonder [4:36]

    (Clark Datchler, Andrew Roachford, Mike Rutherford)

    04 The Best Is Yet To Come [4:00]

    (Clark Datchler, Mike Rutherford)

    05 Save The World [4:42]

    (Clark Datchler, Andrew Roachford, Mike Rutherford)

    06 Don't Know What Came Over Me [4:20]

    (Clark Datchler, Andrew Roachford, Mike Rutherford)

    07 High Life [2:49]

    (Ed Drewitt, Mike Rutherford)

    08 The Letter [4:55]

    (Clark Datchler, Patrick Mascall, Andrew Roachford, Mike Rutherford, Mark Taylor)

    09 Not Out Of Love [4:17]

    (Tim Howar, Andrew Roachford, Mike Rutherford)

    10 Love Left Over [3:27]

    (Clark Datchler, Tim Howar, Mike Rutherford)

    11 I'll Be There For You [3:31]

    (Patrick Mascall, Andrew Roachford, Mike Rutherford, Mark Taylor)

    12 Save My Soul [4:49]

    (Andrew Rochford, Mike Rutherford, Fraser T Smith)

    Mechanics 2017Let Me Fly, Are You Ready and Not Out Of Love were already performed live occasionally in recent years.

    So far, we do not have any information about the musicians involved.

    Involved musicians:

    Mike Rutherford: Guitar, Bass
    Andrew Roachford: Vocals
    Tim Howar: Vocals

    (to be updated)

    Pre-order "Let Me Fly"

    CD: amazon-uk
    Vinyl: amazon-uk
    MP3: amazon-uk

    The new "additional Mechanics" are worth a closer look:

    Clarc Datchler

    Born in 1964, Clarc may be known well as singer of the band Johnny Hates Jazz. Datchler has also worked in Peter Gabriels Real World Studios and parts of this output was eventually released on his Tomorrow solo album. During the last few years, Datchler and his old bandmates reunited for a tour and new album. Datchler is involved in eight of the twelve tracks on Let Me Fly.

    Additional information: Wikipedia | Discogs

    Ed Drewitt

    Born in 1988, Ed is a songwriter, who has worked for The Wanted, Olly Murs and One Republic. A lot of his tracks entered the UK Top 5. Occasionally, he has also released material under his own name, in collaboration with Professor Green ans they also launched a Top 5 hit. For Let Me Fly, Ed co-wrote the track High Life with Mike.

    Additional information: Wikipedia | Discogs

    Patrick Mascall

    Patrick was part of van Tramp - Tim Howars band before he joined the Mechanics. He also did some songwriting for people like Cher and Boyzone (besides a lot more). On Let Me Fly Patrick co-wrote two tracks.

    Additional information: Discogs

    Mark Taylor

    is a songwriter and producer and his references are stunning: He has worked for Tina Turner, Lady Gaga, Lionel Richie,was involved in Chers hit album Believe, worked with Rod Stewart, Ronan Keating, Britney Spears and many more - and he has also been working with the Mechanics in the past. The single Now That You've Gone was produced with his help. Taylor is listed as co-author for two tracks on Let Me Fly and was most likely also involved as a producer.

    Additional information: Discogs

    Fraser T Smith

    Born in 1971, Fraser is a British songwriter, producer and musician. He has worked for Adele, James Morrison, Craig David, Keane and also the Kaiser Chiefs (to name just a few!). On Let Me Fly he co-wrote the last track, Save My Soul, with Roachford and Rutherford.

    Weitere Infos: Wikipedia | Discogs

    Brian Rawling

    Brian is an English producer. He has worked for Cher (with Mark Taylor on her album Believe), Tina Turner, One Republic and also David Bowie. Rawling is the prodicer of Let Me Fly, possibly together with Mark Taylor.

    Additional information: Wikipedia

    More info to follow

    Compiled by Christian Gerhardts and Steffen Gerlach

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