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28.02.16 18:21 Peter Gabriel: So, US and UP (Half-Speed Masters) Peter Gabriel Christian
26.02.16 07:14 Phil Collins: No Jacket Required & Testify tracks and covers Phil Collins Christian
24.02.16 09:49 Anthony Phillips: "Sides" reissue with 5.1 sound (3CD/DVD) Anthony Phillips Christian
23.02.16 19:07 Steve Hackett: Individual releases of early albums in 5.1 Steve Hackett Christian
30.01.16 08:54 Happy Birthday, Phil Collins! (65 today) Phil Collins Christian
23.01.16 14:54 Tony Banks: Re-issues of first two solo albums Tony Banks Christian
19.01.16 11:14 Peter Gabriel: North American tour with Sting? Peter Gabriel Christian
18.01.16 07:00 Daryl Stuermer: Two new albums in 2016 Daryl Stuermer Christian
10.01.16 10:16 Anthony Phillips: 4-Disc Reissue (Wise After The Event) Anthony Phillips Christian
09.01.16 18:21 The Mute Gods debut album to be released this month Steve Hackett Christian
09.12.15 19:19 Phil Collins: FRIDA's first solo album reissued Phil Collins Christian
12.11.15 22:57 Peter Gabriel: Plans for live shows in 2016? Peter Gabriel Christian
31.10.15 11:15 Phil Collins: LDF Gala postponed Phil Collins Christian
30.10.15 19:59 Phil Collins comeback: Album and tour not likely Phil Collins Christian
17.10.15 15:01 Nad Sylvan: New solo album "Courting The Widow" released Steve Hackett Christian
16.10.15 11:01 Phil Collins: Reissue campaign postponed Phil Collins Christian
02.09.15 14:26 Phil Collins re-issues available for pre-order Phil Collins Christian
17.08.15 22:21 The Musical Box perform this November in Prague! The Musical Box Christian
13.08.15 20:29 Nick Beggs and Roger King form "The Mute Gods" Steve Hackett Christian
06.08.15 20:19 Peter Gabriel: New version of "Signal To Noise" released Peter Gabriel Christian
06.08.15 06:34 Steve Hackett: New documentary "The Man, The Music" Steve Hackett Christian
03.08.15 14:15 John Hackett: New rock album "Another Life" out soon John Hackett Christian
28.07.15 16:17 Peter Gabriel: I-IV to be reissued on high quality vinyl Peter Gabriel Christian
27.07.15 06:14 Tony Banks: Solo albums in 5.1 surround sound Tony Banks Christian
26.07.15 12:05 Steve Hackett: GTR album to be rereleased on 2CD Steve Hackett Christian
09.07.15 21:07 Anthony Phillips: Yet another 5CD-Set this August Anthony Phillips Christian
30.05.15 16:40 Steve Hackett: 14CD Boxset 'Premonitions: The Charisma Years' Steve Hackett THOM
29.05.15 09:15 Tony Banks contributed to John Potter album Tony Banks Christian
24.05.15 12:22 Steve Hackett: "Tribute" rereleased with bonus track Steve Hackett Christian
21.05.15 20:00 Chester Thompson Trio: Digital live album available Chester Thomson Christian

Ali Ferguson
The Windmills And The Stars (MP3)

Ali Ferguson<br>The Windmills And The Stars (MP3) Ali FergusonThe Windmills And The Stars (MP3) Verse kaufen bei
Ali FergusonThe Windmills And The Stars (MP3) Verse kaufen bei

Ali Ferguson's first soloalbum is now available in digital formats.

Mike & The Mechanics - M6 (CD)

Mike & The Mechanics - M6 (CD) Mike & The Mechanics - M6 (CD) kaufen bei
Mike & The Mechanics - M6 (CD) Verse kaufen bei

Self-titled album, though some call it M6. The last album with Paul Young, who died in 2000.
Review available

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