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published title Artists Author
17.11.14 18:29 Peter Gabriel: Last tour "for a long time" Peter Gabriel Christian
16.11.14 17:32 Gazzara plays Genesis: Play Me My Song Coverbands Christian
08.11.14 14:13 Peter Gabriel track on "2 Unite All" compilation Peter Gabriel Christian
02.11.14 00:04 Steve Hackett: New CD/DVD "Access All Areas" (live) Steve Hackett Christian
01.11.14 17:33 Daryl Stuermer supports 12 US Mechanics shows Daryl Stuermer Christian
31.10.14 12:49 Daryl Stuermer joins Mike + The Mechanics on stage Mike Rutherford Christian
30.10.14 22:24 Peter Gabriel: Encore Series for 2014 winter shows Peter Gabriel Christian
26.10.14 14:34 Phil Collins: New 4CD-Boxset (Brand X) Phil Collins Christian
15.10.14 08:25 Peter Gabriel to perform in Berlin on 9th Nov. Peter Gabriel Christian
06.10.14 09:25 Genesis: "R-Kive" enters UK Top 10 Genesis Christian
30.09.14 21:40 David Rhodes: RHODES to be released on CD soon David Rhodes Christian
29.09.14 07:33 Genesis: "R-Kive" released today Genesis Christian
28.09.14 20:54 Phil Collins: Miami rehearsal setlist revealed Phil Collins Christian
26.09.14 06:55 Mike + The Mechanics: "Living Years 25" 2CD (USA) Mike Rutherford Christian
25.09.14 07:10 Genesis: "Together & Apart" broadcast schedules Genesis Christian
23.09.14 23:20 Phil Collins will not play full concerts in the near future Phil Collins Christian
22.09.14 06:39 Genesis: Armando Gallo releases iPad Book-App Genesis Christian
14.09.14 15:45 Anthony Phillips: "Harvest Of The Heart" (5CD-Box) Anthony Phillips Christian
13.09.14 10:21 Genesis: "The Lamb Lies Down" book coming soon Genesis Christian
12.09.14 10:32 Phil Collins: Tickets for December show on sale today! Phil Collins Christian
08.09.14 19:29 Genesis: "Three Sides Live" in HD on Blu-ray Genesis Christian
06.09.14 16:27 Genesis: "Sum Of The Parts" on DVD and Blu-ray Genesis Christian
22.08.14 10:34 Genesis to release "R-Kive" 3CD-set Genesis Christian
21.08.14 14:11 Genesis: "Exciting News" tomorrow! Genesis Christian
19.08.14 22:13 Genesis: Stereo33Books announces book about The Lamb Genesis THOM
30.07.14 17:40 Phil Collins: Live performance announced for December Phil Collins martinus
05.07.14 19:06 Mike + The Mechanics: The HITS Tour also in North America? Mike Rutherford Christian
27.06.14 17:45 Mike + The Mechanics: New songs for new album Mike Rutherford Christian
25.06.14 21:08 Phil Collins: Leland Sklar confirms band rehearsals Phil Collins Christian
21.06.14 19:27 Phil Collins: Rehearsals for possible 2015 tour? Phil Collins Christian