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published title Artists Author
22.04.14 07:17 Peter Gabriel: Back To Front shows in the UK Peter Gabriel Christian
18.04.14 09:37 Peter Gabriel: More Back To Front screenings Peter Gabriel Christian
18.04.14 00:06 Ray Wilson to perform live with Steve Hackett again Ray Wilson Christian
07.04.14 21:03 Peter Gabriel: Kiev show moved to another venue Peter Gabriel Christian
05.04.14 16:21 Steve Hackett: Royal Albert Hall show on Blu-ray & DVD Steve Hackett martinus
04.04.14 19:14 Peter Gabriel: Back To Front concert film on Blu-ray/DVD Peter Gabriel Christian
27.03.14 12:02 David Rhodes to be in Kate Bush's live band David Rhodes Christian
27.03.14 07:13 Anthony Phillips: "The Geese & The Ghost" in 5.1 Anthony Phillips Christian
14.02.14 19:09 Peter Gabriel: New "So" iPad App available Peter Gabriel Christian
11.02.14 19:43 Ray Wilson: New 2CD and DVD/2CD set in April Ray Wilson martinus
18.01.14 10:10 Phil Collins to work with Adele? Phil Collins Christian
24.12.13 11:15 GNC wishes everybody a peaceful Christmas it-Website Christian
21.12.13 21:34 Genesis albums to be released on Pure Audio Blu-ray Genesis Christian
08.12.13 17:58 Mike Rutherford: 3 releases in January Mike Rutherford martinus
03.12.13 16:43 Phil Collins comeback: Official statement Phil Collins Christian
27.11.13 21:01 Mike + The Mechanics: "Living Years" 25 tracklist Mike Rutherford Christian
22.11.13 11:59 Phil Collins: New album possible Phil Collins Christian
11.11.13 19:53 Peter Gabriel: New iPad App "So 25th Anniversary" Peter Gabriel Christian
03.11.13 19:55 Peter Gabriel: New biography by Daryl Easlea Peter Gabriel Christian
01.11.13 11:41 Peter Gabriel: New single "Courage" out on monday Peter Gabriel Christian
29.10.13 18:36 Steve Hackett reaches #17 in German album charts! Steve Hackett Christian
28.10.13 15:45 Peter Gabriel: More cities for 2014 revealed Peter Gabriel Christian
24.10.13 18:35 Mike + The Mechanics: Update on "The Singles" Mike Rutherford Christian
21.10.13 00:04 Genesis: Mixup with the "Selling England" Picture Disc Genesis martinus
20.10.13 12:15 Peter Gabriel: "Back To Front" shows for 2014 announced! Peter Gabriel Christian
15.10.13 18:15 Gabriel's "Back To Front Tour" to be filmed Peter Gabriel martinus
10.10.13 23:59 Anthony Phillips Event 2014: extra date - 23rd March! it-Website Christian
05.10.13 11:50 Genesis: Two anniversary vinyls Genesis martinus
26.09.13 21:38 Mike + The Mechanics: "The Singles" release postponed Mike Rutherford Christian
26.09.13 07:46 Peter Gabriel: Encore Series 2013 announced Peter Gabriel Christian

Steve Hackett & Chris Squire
SQUACKETT: A Life Within A Day (CD/DVD)

Steve Hackett & Chris Squire<br>SQUACKETT: A Life Within A Day (CD/DVD) Steve Hackett & Chris SquireSQUACKETT: A Life Within A Day (CD/DVD) kaufen bei
Steve Hackett & Chris SquireSQUACKETT: A Life Within A Day (CD/DVD) Verse kaufen bei
Steve Hackett & Chris SquireSQUACKETT: A Life Within A Day (CD/DVD) Verse kaufen bei

The collaboration between Steve Hackett and Chris Squire is finally due for release. The SQUACKETT album comes in various formats, this includes a bonus-DVD with 5.1 Mix.

Genesis - Archive Vol. 1: 1967-1975 (4CD-Box)

Genesis - Archive Vol. 1: 1967-1975 (4CD-Box) Genesis - Archive Vol. 1: 1967-1975 (4CD-Box) kaufen bei
Genesis - Archive Vol. 1: 1967-1975 (4CD-Box) Verse kaufen bei

Archiv-Boxset with rare studio and live-recordings of the Peter Gabriel era. It also contains a complete live-recording von The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, wich was overdubbed by Peter Gabriel in the 90ies.
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