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published title Artists Author
23.01.16 14:54 Tony Banks: Re-issues of first two solo albums Tony Banks Christian
19.01.16 11:14 Peter Gabriel: North American tour with Sting? Peter Gabriel Christian
18.01.16 07:00 Daryl Stuermer: Two new albums in 2016 Daryl Stuermer Christian
10.01.16 10:16 Anthony Phillips: 4-Disc Reissue (Wise After The Event) Anthony Phillips Christian
09.01.16 18:21 The Mute Gods debut album to be released this month Steve Hackett Christian
09.12.15 19:19 Phil Collins: FRIDA's first solo album reissued Phil Collins Christian
12.11.15 22:57 Peter Gabriel: Plans for live shows in 2016? Peter Gabriel Christian
31.10.15 11:15 Phil Collins: LDF Gala postponed Phil Collins Christian
30.10.15 19:59 Phil Collins comeback: Album and tour not likely Phil Collins Christian
17.10.15 15:01 Nad Sylvan: New solo album "Courting The Widow" released Steve Hackett Christian
16.10.15 11:01 Phil Collins: Reissue campaign postponed Phil Collins Christian
02.09.15 14:26 Phil Collins re-issues available for pre-order Phil Collins Christian
17.08.15 22:21 The Musical Box perform this November in Prague! The Musical Box Christian
13.08.15 20:29 Nick Beggs and Roger King form "The Mute Gods" Steve Hackett Christian
06.08.15 20:19 Peter Gabriel: New version of "Signal To Noise" released Peter Gabriel Christian
06.08.15 06:34 Steve Hackett: New documentary "The Man, The Music" Steve Hackett Christian
03.08.15 14:15 John Hackett: New rock album "Another Life" out soon John Hackett Christian
28.07.15 16:17 Peter Gabriel: I-IV to be reissued on high quality vinyl Peter Gabriel Christian
27.07.15 06:14 Tony Banks: Solo albums in 5.1 surround sound Tony Banks Christian
26.07.15 12:05 Steve Hackett: GTR album to be rereleased on 2CD Steve Hackett Christian
09.07.15 21:07 Anthony Phillips: Yet another 5CD-Set this August Anthony Phillips Christian
30.05.15 16:40 Steve Hackett: 14CD Boxset 'Premonitions: The Charisma Years' Steve Hackett THOM
29.05.15 09:15 Tony Banks contributed to John Potter album Tony Banks Christian
24.05.15 12:22 Steve Hackett: "Tribute" rereleased with bonus track Steve Hackett Christian
21.05.15 20:00 Chester Thompson Trio: Digital live album available Chester Thomson Christian
20.05.15 20:03 Peter Gabriel: Back catalogue bundles on iTunes Peter Gabriel Christian
13.05.15 09:08 Phil Collins: Back catalogue to be rereleased Phil Collins Christian
07.05.15 21:59 Tony Banks: "A Chord Too Far" (4CD-Set) Tony Banks Christian
01.05.15 10:27 Genesis: New Vinyl-Boxset (debut album) Genesis Christian
30.04.15 20:21 Steve Hackett: "Spectral Mornings" Charity EP Steve Hackett Christian

Genesis - Genesis (SACD/DVD)

Genesis - Genesis (SACD/DVD) Genesis - Genesis (SACD/DVD) kaufen bei

2007er Remaster Edition on Hybrid-SACD/DVD - contains new Stereo and 5.1 Surround Mixes of the Mama-Album, as well as Bonus content on the Bonus-DVD.
Review available

Tony Levin - Stickman (CD)

Tony Levin - Stickman (CD) Tony Levin - Stickman (CD) kaufen bei

Soloalbum from Peter Gabriel's Bassist Tony Levin (2007).

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