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Orbiting planet Genesis | Armando Gallo

Interviews, information and reports about the Genesis photographer.

Interview, Welkers (21.10.2006)

After the good experience and feedback of having a Question Time with Richard Macphail at the Early Years Event 2005 we wanted to do it with Armando Gallo. He accompanied the band in a way different from Richard and much longer, too, so he had much to tell...

Armando Gallo Interview in Welkers (Oct 21, 2006) Armando Gallo Interview in Welkers (Oct 21, 2006)

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Genesis - 1976-1982 (5-LP-Set)

Genesis - 1976-1982 (5-LP-Set) Genesis - 1976-1982 (5-LP-Set) kaufen bei
Genesis - 1976-1982 (5-LP-Set) Verse kaufen bei

All studio albums from 1976-1982 on 180g vinyl ina slipcase boxset.

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Genesis - Duke (CD) Verse kaufen bei

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