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    German Genesis Fanclub: 25th anniversary

    25th anniversary Event feat. THE CARPET CRAWLERS

    The German Genesis Fanclub celebrates its 25th anniversary
    feat. THE CARPET CRAWLERS live (full show)

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    08.05.17: Genesis: Long lost 1968/69 mastertapes found
    Jonathan King releases new mixes of so far unknown recordings from the debut album sessions. » read more...

    07.03.17: Peter Gabriel writes preface for coffee table book
    A coffee table book contains all 373 album covers by the famous design studio Hipgnosis. Genesis and Peter Gabriel artworks are featured, too. » read more...

    27.02.17: Phil Collins: Summer tour kicks off in Liverpool
    There will be another additional concert taking place at Echo Arena on 2n June 2017. » read more...

    24.02.17: Phil Collins: Band line-up for "Not Dead Yet - Live" complete
    There will be three new band members in total and one to return after 27 years of absence. » read more...

    23.02.17: Chester Thompson Trio live in Italy
    Chester Thompson will perform a couple of Chester Thompson Trio shows in Italy with Alphonso Johnson and Frank Ricci. » read more...

    10.02.17: Mike + The Mechanics: "Let Me Fly" out 7th Apr
    The new Mike + The Mechanics album will be called Let Me Fly and is due for a release on 7th April. The tour starts tomorrow. » read more...

    26.01.17: Steve Hackett & Djabe: New Live CD/DVD out soon
    Steve Hackett and Djabe have collaborated on various occasions in the past. Recordings from 2011 and 2012 will now be released. » read more...

    26.01.17: The Mute Gods: Second album out next month
    The Mute Gods feat. Nick Beggs and Roger King will release their second album in late February. » read more...

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