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Peter Gabriel & Sting Rock Paper Scissors Tour 2016
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PETER GABRIEL Recording Compendium

PETER GABRIEL Recording Compendium 1974-2016

Overview | Updates: Part 7 (US: 1991-1994) and Part 8 (EVE/OVO: 1995-2000)


06.08.16: Ray Wilson: "Makes Me Think Of Home" announced
Ray Wilson has announced that his second studio album in 2016, Makes Me Think Of Home, will be released in October. » read more...

05.08.16: Genesis catalogue to be re-issued on vinyl
Universal will re-issue 13 Genesis studioalbums on 30th September 2016. Preorders are now availabke. » read more...

04.08.16: Steve Hackett: Limited live 2CD "Live In Japan"
Steve Hackett will release a special live album in Japan next month called The Total Experience: Live In Japan. » read more...

01.08.16: Anthony Phillips: "Private Parts & Pieces V-VIII" Boxset
Another Re-Issue Boxset by Anthony Phillips is on the way. CherryRed will release Private Parts & Pieces V-VIII (5CD-Set) this September. » read more...

13.07.16: Phil Collins: "The Singles" compilation on the way
Phil Collins will release a new hits compilation, The Singles. It will contain his single releases and comes in three physical formats. » read more...

29.06.16: Prog Awards 2016: Nominees from the Genesis family
The Progressive Music Awards 2016 have a lot of nominees from the Genesis family. Fans can also vote in some of the categories. » read more...

28.06.16: Steve Hackett: "Blues With A Feeling" with bonus tracks
Steve Hackett has just released a reissue of his 1994 album Blues With A Feeling. He has recorded two additional tracks for this release. » read more...

27.06.16: Anthony Phillips: "1984" reissue with 5.1 surround mix
Esoteric Recordings have just released a reissue of Anthony Phillips' 1984, including a brand new 5.1 surround mix. » read more...

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