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18.04.14: Peter Gabriel: More Back To Front screenings
A month after the Back To Front concert film appeared in cinemas, fans in North America and Belgium will get the chance to see it shortly. » read more...

18.04.14: Ray Wilson to perform live with Steve Hackett again
Following his four guest appearances in 2013, Ray Wilson will once more join Steve Hackett for two shows during his 2014 tour. » read more...

07.04.14: Peter Gabriel: Kiev show moved to another venue
The upcoming show in Kiev (Ukraine) will take place, but has been moved to another and bigger venue. » read more...

05.04.14: Steve Hackett: Royal Albert Hall show on Blu-ray & DVD
As expected, footage from the Royal Albert Hall 2013 will be published. There are plans for a standard DVD/2CD set and a box with a Blu-ray. » read more...

04.04.14: Peter Gabriel: Back To Front concert film on Blu-ray/DVD
The Back To Front concert film will be released on DVD and Blu-ray in four versions on 23rd June. » read more...

27.03.14: David Rhodes to be in Kate Bush's live band
David Rhodes will join Kate Bush's live band for a series of London shows in August and September! » read more...

27.03.14: Anthony Phillips: "The Geese & The Ghost" in 5.1
During the Anthony Phillips Event last weekend, Ant revealed that his debut album will be rereleased in 5.1 Surround. » read more...

14.02.14: Peter Gabriel: New "So" iPad App available
After a little confusion last November, a new App about Peter Gabriel's album So was released for free today. » read more...

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