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Phil Collins | Specials

Special reports about Phil Collins' solo activities

Tarzan - Musical

Tarzan - Musical

After the Disney soundtracks for Tarzan and Brother Bear Phil Collins fulfilled another of his dreams - he added a couple of songs for the musical adaptation. Tarzan - The Musical premiered in New York in 2006 before it went on tour around the world.

Phil Collins Specials | Tarzan - The Musical Tarzan - Musical

Phil Collins

Phil Collins - Testify (CD)

Phil Collins - Testify (CD) Phil Collins - Testify (CD) kaufen bei
Phil Collins - Testify (CD) Verse kaufen bei

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Brand X - Product (CD)

Brand X - Product (CD) Brand X - Product (CD) kaufen bei
Brand X - Product (CD) Verse kaufen bei

Phil Collins' Sideproject, the Fusion-band Brand X, released the album Product in 1979, on which Phil sings the Songs (Soho and Don't Make Waves.

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