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Leland Sklar - Not Dead Yet Bass Parts (home videos)

Lee shows his bass playing from the recent Phil Collins tour

In March 2020, most of the world is on hold and at home as a reaction to the corona pandemic. Some musicians have taken this "opportunity" to play some stuff at home and show it to their fans. Phil Collins' bass player Leland Sklar decided to show the bass parts he played during the Not Dead Yet Tour. Enjoy.

PS: Lee is playing to a recording from their shows in Adelaide

Last update: 2nd May 2020

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01 Against All Odds (23rd March 2020)

02 Another Day In Paradise (24th March 2020)

03 I Missed Again (25th March 2020)

04 Hang In Long Enough (26th March 2020)

05 Throwing It All Away (27th March 2020)

06 Follow You Follow Me (28th March 2020)

07 Can't Turn Back The Years (29th March 2020)

08 Inside Out / Who Said I Would (30th March 2020)

09 Separate Lives (31st March 2020)

10 Something Happened On The Way To Heaven (1st April 2020)

11 In The Air Tonight (2nd April 2020)

12 You Know What I Mean (3rd April 2020)

13 You Can't Hurry Love (4th April 2020)

14 Drum Trio Prague (5th April 2020)

15 Dance Into The Light (5th April 2020)

16 "No Song Today" (6th April 2020)

17 Invisible Touch (7th April 2020)

18 Easy Lover (8th April 2020)

19 One More Night [from 2004] (9th April 2020)

Editor's note: Leland claims the recording he plays to is from 1990 and Don Myrick is on Saxophone. Apparently Lee is playing to the 2004/5 version of the track. The sax solo you hear is played by Gerald Albright.

20 Don't Lose My Number [from 2004] (11th April 2020)

21 Sussudio (17th April 2020)

22 You'll Be In My Heart (24th April 2020)

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