DAVE KERZNER about TONY BANKS' equipment for the GENESIS tour

  • Dave Kerzner (Sound Of Contact) has helped Tony with some equipment issues in the past, and he has published some background story about Tony's equipment for the forthcoming Genesis tour in some Facebook-Groups.

    This is the text:

    For those of you interested in the technical side of things, I got the info on Tony's keyboard rig for the tour. I'll tell you a bit of background regarding my connection to Genesis as well.
    I missed a chance to visit rehearsals last year before lockdown when they were supposed to happen in my hometown of Miami. A lot has happened since then! I'm sure you've seen the video teaser of their rehearsals which look and sound awesome. I can't wait to see this show!
    Anyway, it's all running on a Mac with Mainstage and various software virtual instruments and sounds from companies like IK Multimedia (many of which I created). The only keyboard in his rig making its own sounds is the Korg Oasys. The rest are keyboard controllers (Roland A-88) and even the Korg Wavestation you see in this photo is actually just being used as a controller for the synth lead parts and things like that. The internal sounds aren't being used on that and it might even be replaced with something else by the time they play. There are a few synths in the rack like the Roland JD990. I don't know what's being used for what yet but when the tour starts I can find out more info.
    From IK the software Tony has is:
    SampleTank 4 Max https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/st4/... (this version includes drum sounds I recorded with Hugh Padgham at Genesis' studio The Farm btw in addition to Miroslav Philharmonik orchestra collection which Tony uses a lot)
    Syntronik Deluxe https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/syntronikdeluxe/ (this is a collection of hybrid sample/modeled synths including ones that emulate Prophets and Arps!)
    Hammond B3X https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/hammondb3x/ (this is a faithful recreation of the Hammond organ with Leslie speaker done officially by IK with Hammond. Tony has it! Don't know if he's going to use it or not on this tour. Hope so! It sounds awesome! You can download the demo and try it yourself if you're a keyboard player.)
    Tony, Mike and Phil all have various IK Multimedia software and Sonic Reality sounds in their studio rigs. My "day job" besides making my own albums and producing is (and has been for years) to create sounds for software and hardware keyboards that musicians of all styles use. I was invited to rehearsals for the 2007 Genesis tour to discuss using software instruments back then in Tony's rig (which is where I met Phil's son Simon Collins and a few years later we started our own band Sound of Contact). But, in 2006 it was perhaps too early for Tony to use a rack computer so he ended up using the set up he had for the CAS tour instead without my sounds and software. But, now that computers are faster and more powerful he's finally doing it live!