Which five bands?

  • Judas Priest. Never was a fan but the new album is a a great example of a late bloomer and Rob's vocal prowess, now well into his 70s, is astounding.

    Elbow. New album out and they've broken new ground. Besides I'm seeing them in a few weeks.

    Rush. Listening to the later albums at the moment and particularly liking The Garden on Clockwork Angels. And Neil Peart was a genius drummer.

    World Party. For no other reason than the thought entered my head of "I haven't listened to World Party in years". Some good stuff, some not so good.

    Marvin Gaye. The critics are right, What's Going On was a ground-breaking album.

    Oh, and lots of house music - usually mixes by David Penn (feelgood soulful house) and Carl Cox (total DJ legend and still smashing it in the house and techno arenas).