Genesis Ticket presale North America

  • I was trying to go to Columbus, my experience was less than pleasant. I was #2 in line for the presale (!!) But already many of the seats up front were higher than I could afford. I had budgeted 5-800 for a ticket. The ones I could afford were part of the "aisle presale" and since I only wanted one ticket, I couldn't purchase those.

    As I backed out of things and kept searching, I was having trouble with the filters. Things wouldn't sort properly and I had to really dig for affordable floor seats up front, but by the time I found some in my price range they disappeared. Dynamic pricing kept pushing the ticket prices up and up.

    After a while as the arena filled up and ticket prices reached $1725 I slowly gave up and forefeited my place in line. Went to Ticketmaster UK and bought a ticket right up front, for Glasgow, with zero issues. Row C for $500. Not bad at all.

    Ticketmaster US has a lot of work to do to make their experience better. :/

  • After a while as the arena filled up and ticket prices reached $1725


    I am so curious what these ticket buyers are expecting from the show. Are they idle fans who are astronomically wealthy? Go along to hear IT for kicks? Buy a ticket because they can? Or hardest of hardcore fans who will see them no matter what, and aren't broke.

    None of my beeswax at the end of the day I know.

  • This ticket sale happened under very special circumstances in our lives:

    during an extended concert draught going on 14 months, after a 14 year absence from live shows by a not-so-young band and during a difficult financial period for many fans.

    That said, I am surprised that ticket prices are so high for the North American shows that are cost prohibitive for the majority and will leave many out in the cold.

    However, it is your own prerogative to go or stay home, no one forces you to spend $800 or more on a ticket. But some bands have lower priced general admission ticket policies made available but to do this in an arena, is difficult to do. I think that it would have been more feasible and practical to schedule one stadium date instead of two nights in an arena like Genesis did in 2007 in Europe, Montreal and the Meadowlands, NJ for example. Then, cheaper tickets could have been made available for fans who can't afford the expensive ones. Just saying...

    One last thing: those of us fortunate to have a steady income and extra cash stashed aside and have not spent any of it on concerts or travel for so long, now have certain flexibility to spend it on a more-than-normal price to see Genesis. I am one of the lucky fans who took advantage of this opportunity to once again see the band live - maybe for the very last time I might add. :)