Is it Genesis? It must be it is so beautiful!

  • Folks - I am trying to find a song/ piece that I heard when I was a kid – in mid 1970s. I heard it only once from a Polish central radio station and never heard since, although I am quite a music fan. It sounds like early Genesis to me - a beautiful vocal, an el. piano and most importantly, a melody from heavens. I tried groups similar to Genesis but their styles are way off. I have been looking for this masterpiece for a long time - since Internet came around, all in vain. Maybe you can help to identify? I have recorded my arrangement of this melody - in the way I remember it, and ready to share. Apparently one cannot attach an mp3 at this forum ... (I am new here). Thank you in advance, Dmitri.

  • I am thrilled! Thanks guys!!! Wow, sometimes I feel I'm a caveman when it comes to computers ... Here it is, in zip form. If the quality is not to good, I can re-record this with a crisper sound (the file I am attaching was from 2013? I learned how to improve it since). OK, now - what do you think? Peter or something else? What is the name?

  • Ugh ... Well I will try to re-record it but I doubt I could "extend" it much. The thing is that it is the whole of the chorus/ melody phrase I recall about this piece. You don't think it is a "melody"? :( Sorry, this is all I remember anyway, man ... Look, it was abt 45 years ago, so my memory is as good as it is. Re instrumentation, it wasn't a piano, it was a kind of electric organ of 1970s. I also think there was a beautiful choir in that piece, kind of church singing, however definitely 1970s rock-style ... I pray it is something real otherwise I have to deduce I am a genius like Peter. Also, in context - music on Polish radio in 1970s was one of the best in the world then, in terms of creativity and freedom of choice and experimentation (I am not Polish), they used to pour out tons of avant-garde and "risky" stuff then. This is how I felt listening to this then. A am not religious but it was miracle.

  • I haven't heard the piece you uploaded yet, but it might be easiest to just listen to all of Genesis' albums through to whenever you heard the song you remember. From your description I'd think something like Entangled.

    Edit: ok, I listened and first of all, you are an amazing pianist! Second, it doesn't sound like any Genesis song to me, closest things might be firth of fifth or time table?

  • I don't think it's Genesis.

    I quickly listened to From Genesis To Revelation (very first album, it's the only one I don't know by heart), and I didn't recognise any song.

    But you were right in a way, it could have been them, in the very early years of the band. ;)

    Considering the years, there is very little chance it's coming from the West, don't you think ?

    How do you remember it ? Do you know the circumstances ? Any lyrics or words ?

    It's quite amazing that you remember the melody that well from hearing just once ! :)

  • Guys, many thanks to you all! Trying to respond;
    - I did listen to all Genesis albums, thanks to my "long play stick" in my car, twice - didn't hear this although re-discovered some very interesting compositions on the way. E.g. Los Endos - incredible harmonies and huge potential for further elaboration, I love this aspect in the music the most.

    - Thank you for praising my playing, yeah I did play not bad in the past ... There was time I could improvise at piano for hours. Worked exceptionally well when flirting with girls I should say. As to closeness to Firth of Fifth, yes to some extent but not too much. Same with Time Table. I actually think that the closest in Genesis to "my melody" would be Carpet Crawlers - tempo, style, vocal. My melody was very spiritual, though - maybe it was indeed a church psalm? Some churches allow for great music to be performed, as far I know. Ask Haydn.

    - Not coming from the West, are you saying "due to Iron Curtain" then? No, believe me or ask any Polish guy who isn't biased re Cold War past, he/ she would confirm that Polish radio of 1970s was a free mini-world despite proximity to a great small country in the east that starts with R. I think this phenomenon awaits its explanation still.

    - As to how I remember that melody - not trying to look smart, I have a very good musical memory. Once heard, I remember the piece forever and can reproduce it on piano. Let me say that this way (posting MP3s on forums or asking people around in general), I managed to find quite a few of melodies from 1970-1980s that I heard then but didn't have their vids or disks or sheet music for. From folk to rock. So, my renditions must be pretty accurate. Too bad that this one has been so elusive so far.

    - Circumstances? I am in grade 6 or 7 (1976-1977), sitting in our apartment in Kaliningrad (Russian city on Baltic sea) and listening to Polish radio. It could be anything - Bill Evans, ACDC, Sinatra, Croatian and Brazilian folk and then - boom, this incredible psalm-like opening to eternal music. I sat in my chair like a frozen stone for some time, so huge the impact was. Then I dashed to my friend who knew all (I mean - ALL) music in the world and played it for him on piano, he said he gets it but he never heard it before. So it has been going on since then, this search ...

    - No lyrics, not words, but I think it sounded like English to me. Could be "high German" as it is also very rich on vowels.

    Thanks all for your help and consideration. Well, I am still searching!